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My No BS & Honest Review on ClickMagick [Mar-2022] By JusFaz



My No BS & Honest Review on ClickMagick [Mar-2022] By JusFaz

In this article, I’m going to show you the best elements provided by ClickMagick, showing who can benefit the most from it and how you can make the most out of it on the off chance that you decide to get it. I’ll likewise share some ClickMagick options and clarify on my rating for this software.

Note: I know that I’m in the minority of individuals who believe that tracking your links is incredibly invigorating. The point could exhaust some of you BUT I guarantee that assuming you ace the act of following your connections and appropriately breaking it down to bits of pieces, it will deliver you profits for the remainder of your advertising career! Get familiar with the cycle now and receive the rewards until the end of time.

How about we start…

So what is ClickMagick?

It’s an electronic programming/application that permits users to complete a few things with any of the URLs that they wish to share. As indicated by ClickMagick, they have over “120 unique highlights that will assist you with getting more cash on the web.” Yes! You heard me right – 120 unique highlights!

ClickMagick isn’t for the weak-willed and I wouldn’t fault you in the event that you experience some paralysis by analysis. I realize it could be like drinking from a fire hydrant. To make it a piece more straightforward for you, I need to feature what I feel are the 6 most significant highlights of ClickMagick. These are the highlights that the normal web advertiser will need to use most frequently.

#1 Cloaking Your Link

Whenever the situation allows (and with ClickMagick, it’s always possible) your tracking links ought to be “embellished” before you share them with the public. Presently, you don’t have to take the immediate action and purchase ClickMagick straight away, assuming this is everything you’ll require it for, yet this component is extraordinary and will make your tracking look less spammy.

Assuming you, in all actuality, expect your prospect to type in your link in the URL search bar, this method is a life saver. You can change long, terrible URLs into more limited, concise and more straightforward like

#2 Track Sources of User Visit to Your Link

ClickMagick permits you to make your very own unique ids that will assist you in tracking and narrowing down your prospects. Making it known precisely where your customers are coming from and where you should market your similar products in the future.

#3 Track Authenticity and Quality of Web-Traffic

Assuming you’re purchasing any kind of paid traffic to blog entries, items and so forth, you need to ensure that it isn’t phony. Bot traffic is famous in the solo-ads industry and ClickMagick will ensure that your traffic is genuine.

You can also see the IP locations of the individuals who clicked on tracking links. This will also enable you to know if your competitors are making you overspent your marketing budget by spotting the same IP address that’s been clicking on your links!


Do you suspect your competitor from XXXXX is doing it? Confirm your suspicions by running IPs that have a suspicious number of clicks on your tacking link into a free web tool like What Is My IP and you can get down as far as the zip code!

Assuming you’re running on Google Ads, you can pretty much add IP exclusions that will guarantee your advertisements aren’t showing up where your competition can see them.

#4 Create and Add Your Very Own Custom Tracking and Retargeting Pixel to Any Links

You can add following pixels from any 3rd party platforms and or app (Facebook, Google and so on) and retarget your audience who clicks on your tracking links.

The possibilities are endless. You’re not restricted to customers who land on your blog or click on your paid advertisements. You can pixel clicks from EDMs, social media, forms and anywhere you can think of.

#5 Create Your A/B Split Tests Links

ClickMagick enables you to use one tracking link to send your customers to a different web page in order to test your efforts for best conversion! (feature, button, and so on).

Decide how to adjust your traffic. You can send half of your customers to one page and the other half to the next or a combination of both! and ClickMagick will automatically alert you when there is a winner I.e. Best page.

Figuring out which page converts best will permit you to feel empowered on how you should be spending your money and sending traffic to it.

#6 Track Conversion Values,  Conversion Rates and Your Profitability

With ClickMagick, you can assign values for conversions and costs for traffic to any link. This allows you to get real time metrics and will be able to show you whether you are making money from it!

In the end, it’s all about what works and what’s not. You wouldn’t want to be spending needlessly on advertisements which you are unable to track and convert.

So Who Should Be Using ClickMagick?

Anybody who wishes to track and convert their prospects effectively to make profit can start with ClickMagick.

It’s especially valuable for affiliate marketer, advertisers and any individual who trades traffic. Tracking your advertisements are crucial to the success of your campaign.

As I referenced before, ClickMagick give’s a few workaround approaches in order to measure profitability. Experienced individuals understand the amount of a distinct advantage this is.

If you plan to use ClickMagick when buying solo ads, you can get a much better idea of whether or not your traffic is legitimate or bot traffic that isn’t going to convert at all and could possibly end up harming your business.

You can avoid being scammed!

How Do I Get the Most Out of ClickMagick?

Every major feature inside ClickMagick software comes with an in-depth explainer video that will guide you each step of your way. These are amazing free resources that will help you get up to speed much quicker.


Read this one hour guide and find out how you can get the most out of ClickMagick like I do. ClickMagick went above and beyond for their customers to be successful in advertising their products by providing a comprehensive guide to link tracking. It will be the BEST one hour informative guide to being a successful online advertiser you’ll ever come across.