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Most Famous Durian



Most Famous Durian

Famous Durian

Durian is regarded by many as the last eating encounter, the iconic tropical fruit. It looks like a strange medieval football, coated with a thick brown spiky husk. But the treasure of this world is in there! Durians can be sourced primarily from Asian food stores in the US and Europe. If your Asian grocer has no knowledge of the name Durian, ask the “monthong” with the name of its most famous variety in Thailand. They are produced and exported, to a lesser degree, from the Malaysian, Philippine, Vietnamese, Australian North, Central American and Hawaiian countries. Visit SS2 Durian stalls for Durian Hunt. They know the season of your coming and many durians hunters are searching for the best durians in the region. The Durian SS2 is one of the most common and famous hunting grounds in the Klang valley, looking for many durian lovers.

A healthy durian has a sweet, fruity aroma but it can also be nice to eat a durian with a repulsively harmful aroma. The husk will break down and release sulfur gasses to create the usual rotten aroma of the egg. But don’t give up indoors paradise! The sulfurous odor is the normal disinfectant of the body, since it is a good source of sulfur. Cruciferous vegetables are the other dietary source of sulfur to most people, but they have some harmful qualities, so durian is a favored sulfur source.

Durian has usually five inland chambers with one or two large seeds, each one with a soft creamy yellowish fruit. There is an invisible seam at the center of the each chamber or pod, which can be found if you know what you want. As the seams grow naturally on the tree, they break up, carrying fruit for happy primates or people who are familiar. Because almost no Durians come open on the market, you should try to feel the seam and break your fingertips between the pods. When it fails, the trick is made by a sharp knife.

Durian is semi-frozen and is a treat reminiscent of banana ice cream but like all cold foods, when at room temperature, the flavor is more prominent. The fruit is astonishingly silky and smooth, eaten at a room temperature after thawing. This makes it unrivaled and naturally sensual. Mild to moderately sweet, the durian is oh so satisfying with around 8% of fat content. The trick, however, goes far beyond the sweetness of the Durian. The natural hormone of food, hormonal protein and a forerunner to our brain functions is found in all tropical fruits, and it helps to foster a feeling of well-being. The durian is obviously the best source of food for such hormonal protein and most eaters are euphoric and satisfied, loving and caring! In reality, durian is popular as an aphrodisiac. However, don’t be afraid if you’re uncomfortable, because it’s normal and relaxed.

Unlike the thick, fresh (unfrosted) durian ice cream, which is a texture of freezing, is sweet, reminiscent of whipped milk. Here’s hope it is a perfectly mature one when you can shell off, for a fresh durian! Durians, each of them differ in flavor and texture, are available in various tropical countries.

Typically speaking, a small proportion of the durian we buy isn’t entirely mature. They can be tough, unpalatable and rubbery. It cannot easily be discerned what the quality of the fruit inside is, making durian buying a little of a game, but it has a good aroma of fruit and a light brown husk. They were usually thawed out and cooled once or twice to minimize its scent and produce its characteristic rotten egg scent, avoiding dark brown husks. Don’t give up if you have one or more wrong durians! The next one will have your life’s best eating experience! In my opinion, the ultimate mono meal is a healthy durian. Share with your companion and enjoy this treasure of nature. Each new day the Durian delivery is served from Durian Bear farm. They have chosen King of Fruit of the highest quality with their hands and work just for the durian, which is wonderful and beautiful. You make sure you get yours this morning!