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Make a Difference For Yourself And For The Environment



Make a Difference For Yourself And For The Environment


Families around the country are exploring ways to live greener lives. One of the common strategies to reduce a family’s reliance on grid-based energy is to install solar panels. While residents in some regions benefit more from solar energy than others, residents of most areas will see tangible benefits from installing solar panels. Here are four significant ways solar energy benefits families.

Solar Energy Reduces the Nation’s Dependence on Non-Renewable Resources

Homeowners upgrading to solar panels reduce or eliminate their dependence on electrical utility companies. Because their electricity is not generated using gas, coal, or other non-renewable resources, property owners who install solar energy systems reduce their ecological footprint. As more property owners choose to install solar panels, the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels will inevitably be reduced. That’s good for everyone.

Remember that reducing the use of fossil fuels benefits human health. Cleaner air means fewer people suffer from health issues. Since water pollution is also reduced when the use of fossil fuels aren’t used, the water supply will be protected.

Utility Bills are Reduced

Homeowners using solar panels or solar roofing products reduce their energy bills, and some eliminate them. Properly designed solar panel installations, on average, produce enough electricity to run a home with three or four occupants. In areas with more hours of sunlight, more energy is produced than an average home needs, which means the power can be sold to the local utility company. While some utility companies restrict that practice, others welcome the extra production of electricity. 

One important thing to remember is that solar panels produce energy even on overcast days. While the panels may not generate enough power to run a home, they will produce enough electricity to reduce the need for grid-based power. The degree of cloud cover will determine how much power a system can produce. If you have questions about how much energy solar panels will produce in your area, contact a provider now for localized information. 

Enjoy Tax Credits or Rebates

While the availability of tax credits and rebates varies by location, most areas provide incentives that effectively reduce the cost of installing solar panels or roofing. Many states are renewing expiring tax credits or passing new ones to encourage residents to install solar panels. At this point, only about four percent of the nation’s homes have solar panels installed, but experts expect that number to increase substantially as the costs of grid-based power continue to rise. 

The Cost of Solar Power is Going Down

In the past, the cost of buying and installing solar panels was high enough that the payback didn’t attract many typical homeowners. Today, the cost of those panels is significantly lower, and the panels themselves are more efficient. That means the costs can be recaptured far faster. Again, the time required to recoup an investment in solar panels varies by region, so take the time now to reach out to a solar panel installation expert for the figures that apply to your area. 

Contact Installers Today to Reduce or Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

If you’re exploring ways to reduce your impact on the environment while also saving money, there has never been a better time to install solar panels or solar roofing. To get started, contact a solar panel installer today.