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Luis Angel GDD



Luis Angel GDD

An inquiry a significant number of the adherents of Luis Angel GDD are asking themselves is “Would he say he is still near?” The nearby Puerto Rican, Houston TX craftsman has not been dynamic in the previous three months. The same number of ought to recall before COVID-19 pandemic he was all over town in most Wepa related occasions as their MC. Because of that and his melodic ability he increased nearby notoriety among the Houston people group. In any case, since the time the entire world began to isolate themselves, so did his music; leaving his supporters pondering where he is at. The last he has imparted to his adherents is his latest single “Flotando Como Nube.” Is that all he will discharge for 2020? Stay tuned!

Luis Angel GDD is a young Latin city artist from Puerto Rico, also known as a stage name for Louisa GDD, who lives in Houston, Texas.
As a junior high school student, Louise has been passionate about music since she played the trumpet and, as she has shown for many years, has always been passionate about music. In 2020, he officially became the owner of his own record label GDD Records LLC.

Rich Creative Lua GDD publishes unpublished music previews on its Instagram page. His most recent release of these is Hip-Hop Trap Number, “Flatando Como Newb.”
Lewis’s latest work is a fascinating blend of reggaeton vibrations, featuring charming, fresh, and contemporary sound. With a self-proclaiming mood, keen lyrics, and a strong bar, Louisa GDD bring to the table her life experience and her work inspired by her freedom and style floating in the clouds.
“Flatando Como Nueb” impresses with danceable beats and round melodies and plunges into playful decor with bright highs and catchy lows. An eclectic artist with more music to come, Louisa GDD has come out with a personal touch that can be given to her stream, a mix of genres, and many organically assembled. The elements find their way in an innovative way.