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Lockdown Interview with Ikon Man UK




Ikon Man Uk

So peeps, Today we had an  opportunity to take an interview of a globally renowned Hair and Make up inspiration, Ikon Man UK, let’s take an insight of crazy gossips we had with him during this short time.

Please tell people about yourself !!!

Well, I am Jeet Savani from the Midlands, England , United Kingdom. You can also be knowing me with the names “Ikon J”, Barber J, “Ikon Man” or “Ikon Man UK”. I am a Men’s hairstylist and men’s makeup artist. Hair and beauty is my profession and my first love. I have been into the “Hair and Make up industry for like 10 years doing everything in the field but my eternal craze is doing Men’s hair and make up. My business name is Ikon Man UK” with the artist name “Barber J”.

So at what age ,you broke into the fashion industry?

“I started my career at the young age of 16. At that time , I used to work in a hair and beauty Salon. I started by learning hairdressing. I learnt everything from cutting and colouring hair to basic beauty treatments. I kept doing this for several next years. After that , I started focusing on Men’s hair and grooming for almost a decade. I did this until I broke into the men’s make up industry, this happened a few years ago. ”

People have been hearing you have numerous certifications in your field, please tell us more about that ?

“yes, that’s true !! I have multiple certifications from some multi-national companies that are known to be leading ones in fashion industry. One of them is L’Oréal Cut and Colour Technician Certification , the other is London school of Barbering Masters, similarly I have NVQ 2 & 3 in Hair and Barbering, I also have an IMA Certification in makeup taken at London school of makeup. Other than this work, I’m also Certified Pro artist with brands such as MAC, Nars , Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and Tom Ford.” He further added : “I specialize in Male grooming, everything from Hair, beards, cutting, colouring, skin care, facials and make corrective makeup.”

How many years of professional experience do you have now ?

“From the starting point to now, it’s almost been 10 years that I’ve been working in hair and male grooming industry. During this working period, I have taught students over last few years being a qualified Educator and Assessor in Hair and Beauty.”

You have sharpened yourself into best of what you do, have you something to tell people from the latest 2019, 2020 career highlights?

“yes, I have a lot to tell in this regard,  I was honoured to be the brand Ambassador of Kenchi Blade  ”  Ikon Man also added to some highlights of his professional career, “I was honoured to showcase my talent at India fashion week 2020, I have also judged various barbering competitions and also showed my work at International hair show called HairEvo Jam 2019. I also got a chance to fly to Dubai for my clients wedding and also some other Counties for other clients . I was also privileged to be internationally chosen as the dedicated Hair and Makeup Artist for India Fashion Week-2020”

Ikon Man Uk

So sir how do you feel when you’re appreciated for your work?

“Well, I’m already doing my dream job and I love doing it , in addition I always feel very appreciated and encouraged by my clients as they receive their treatment and when the results are at their best.  Moreover, it the best feeling ever that I have never looked at this as “work”, it literally feels just like being paid to chat with people and getting them to look better than what they were like before. It feels like ultimately I’m making somebody feel better about themselves, about their looks and about their being who wouldn’t appreciate this job.”

So what do you prefer doing when you are free?

“Well, In my free time I like listening and mixing to music” !  Ikon Man further said : “my other hobby is DJing and I did this alongside this industry and just like hair and beauty it has taken me to other countries in the past so I like to keep up to date with latest music and practice mixing.”

What Jeet Savani has to say for beginners?

“My advice for people who are recently trying to get into this industry is don’t wait ! just start ASAP with just practicing on dummy heads or family and family to see if you really enjoy it , If you do , then take it further!” This shows that it is a kind of job which one can do only if they enjoy doing it , this is something that comes from inside undoubtedly.”

Any specific tips for beginners?

J Savani further added when we asked him this : “ Another very great tip for starter is the platform of Instagram, as back in the days we had to buy magazines to look for inspiration or keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and fashions, but the new generation has a way more stronger weapon for that in their hands, their mobile phones, the social media sites  and stuff is all available to them on fingertips , you just have to search and follow your favourite designers and see what and how they do it for hair and make up . try how to see their work from learning point of view and have a deep insight with the details, that would be pretty helpful for you to learn and try it by adding your own twist in that work. Also in the journey , make sure that you keep taking photos of your work, do that always as photos add to your portfolio and your portfolio is what gets your work.”

How can people find Ikon Man UK online ?

“Ammm, if people want to approach me , they can use my website for that and also I’m frequently available on Instagram so keep up with me on this platform.”



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How to Get Accurate Information About Vets Online

Umar Nisar



How to Get Accurate Information About Vets Online

Trusting any person to take care of your pet is difficult, because of the strong bond you form with your pet. Trusting a vet to keep your pet healthy will usually require that you have enough information about the vet to trust them.

Finding accurate information on the internet is a difficult task unless you know where to look and what information to seek.

This article is an attempt to give you tips on how to find accurate information about veterinary practices online.

Keep an eye out for a secure website.

In the internet age, data breaches have become a growing threat. If the vet you are considering has a website (and, in this age, that’s far more likely than not), keep an eye out for the URL; if the URL begins “https,” that indicates that the website is secure and that the website is protected against outside attack.

Most medical facilities use some form of encryption to ensure that their data does not leak. While this may seem like common sense, some websites will not use HTTPS for ease of access to those who cannot visit secure websites (being on a public Wi-Fi network may prevent this, for example). If a vet’s website does not use some form of encryption that can be seen in the URL, be wary.

When it comes to ratings, trust the middle.

While the natural inclination is to always gravitate towards something that has the highest star rating available, that isn’t always a sign of quality. Vote brigading, which is the act of artificially increasing a service or product’s online rating, can be employed by unscrupulous bad-faith actors to make a product look better than it is.

Instead of looking at five-star or one-star ratings for a vet, look at ratings that fall in the middle. These ratings will best indicate how real customers feel about a vet, as vote brigadiers are less likely to use any rating other than the highest or lowest ratings available.

Also, don’t be scared off by a low rating; vote brigading can also reduce a good product’s score due to bad-faith actors giving poor scores. Keeping an eye out for the medium scores will still give you a better idea of what to expect.

If you’re skeptical, you can look it up

While this is not always a concern, you have the ability to look up if a vet is truly certified if you see any flags raise. The American Association of Veterinary State Boards has look-up services for individual vets, which you can use if you sincerely believe a vet may not be legitimate.

Hopefully, this is not a situation that you encounter, but don’t forget that this is an option.

Concerning online vets

While the prospect of having any sort of medical appointment online is still new, seeing an online vet is a safe, convenient, inexpensive way to get your pets checked out. While online vets do not have as many options for emergency care as an in-person vet will, they can still provide essential services, helping with behavioral issues among other things.

The same rules apply; keep an eye out for security on the website (especially important if you’re seeing an online vet), check the ratings in the middle to make sure you aren’t being fooled into trying a service that may not be as good as you think, and, if you don’t trust the vet you’re given, check with the AAVSA; while online vets have a process they use to determine the validity of their vets, contacting the AAVSA is always an option.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you have any questions about a veterinary practice, don’t be afraid to call and ask. While this article is related mostly to looking online, calling is always a good option to consider, if you have any questions about the practice that are not addressed online.

If a vet’s website has an e-mail option, don’t be afraid to use that to ask questions. This article has said “don’t be afraid to ask questions” in some form several times, but remember that, in regards to your pet’s health, you are their most important (and sometimes only) advocate, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure your pet gets the best treatment available.

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What Are The Pros Of Buying Term Insurance Plans Online?




What Are The Pros Of Buying Term Insurance Plans Online?

Insurance Plans

A term insurance plan caters to many families by assuring you to protect your loved ones even when you are absent. You get several additional benefits in the form of riders that protect against critical illnesses and accidents. The best term plan online not only has an affordable premium rate but is easy to avail as well.

The current pandemic situation is reasoning enough for you to get hold of the best term insurance online. While you buy a term insurance plan from the insurer’s website, the policy contract remains intact, and nothing changes. However, the only difference or change you will notice is that there won’t be any intermediary or insurance agent.

Your loved ones and you as nominees will connect directly with the insurer for changes in claims and policy. Do you see how convenient it is to buy term insurance online? Well, there is more to this process. That is because you not only enjoy the usual benefits of speed, convenience, and 24/7 availability but many other things mentioned below.

Security, speed, and simplicity

Paying for the premiums is an easy process online. That is because you get to select from a host of secure and fast options of payment that include credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. The insurance companies instantly process your payments through a secure payment gateway to ensure you face no worries. The process of settlement is hassle-free, quick, and you get an instant receipt for payment. This online payment of premium works as a boon when you have to claim tax exemptions and furnish documents quickly. Online policy buying has its benefits but make sure you contact your insurance company through its phone or online assistance channels to get your concerns addressed at the earliest.

Choose and compare

All the major life insurance companies have the provision of offering term plans online.  You can easily access many customer reviews, educational videos, case studies, calculators, and informative articles. This access lets you gather information about the benefits of the offers, and features. Always make well-informed decisions, and compare policies before buying.

Pay lower premiums

Research has shown that an online term plan is 40 percent less costly than offline plans with the same benefits and features. Here are the following reasons for that.

  • When you buy online, you represent yourself as a responsible, well-informed, and educated individual. Thus lower premiums are a result of a contrast in profiles.
  • The insurance companies pass on the savings from overheads (stationary, logistics, documentation, etc.) to you.
  • Since there is no insurance advisor, there is a stark cost difference between an offline and online term plan. That is because you save on the commissions and distribution costs.

The Bottom Line

Buying a term plan for an assured appropriate sum is one of the right steps to ensure your loved ones’ goals, aspirations, and dreams. Therefore, go ahead and purchase the term online because a term insurance plan works best as a tool for income replacement.

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How to Establish Your Brand And Engage in Contextual Targeting




How to Establish Your Brand And Engage in Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

When you start a new company, the one thing you will want to do is to establish an identity for your brand. That is an essential element of defining your target market, which is an essential element of any advertising you will do, especially when it comes to your contextual targeting campaign, which is he most effective strategy available.

The process that is essential t any marketing campaign is to market your product to the people who want or need it most. That is the only way to make them feel as if your marketing is speaking directly to them. In order t do that, it becomes necessary to identify the specific market you are going for, and avoid traditional scattershot delivery.

Knowing Your Target Market is Essential to Effective Branding

No matter which type of business you decide to establish, marketing is an essential element of business success. That means identifying your target audience and working hard to gain their loyalty and support. The key to business success is finding your niche and getting as much repeat business as possible. 

By knowing everything you can about the people you are trying to attract to your product or service, you will know more about their interests and what attracts them in the first place. That is how you devise a strategy for selling more product without wasting capital advertising to people who will never be interested in your product.

Knowing your target audience is the most important aspect of any effective marketing campaign. Any market analysis you do must gather data having to do with your primary audience, so your marketing will be as effective as possible. The effectiveness of your marketing will determine the success of your brand.

The Effectiveness of Contextual Marketing Depends on You

The first thing you need is a message, of course.  Your message should identify who you are and why your product or service is different and better than everything else in the same market. However, just as important, if not more so, is the efficiency with which you deliver the message.

Contextual marketing is more targeted, which means it is more likely to reach your target market without reaching thousands of people who couldn’t care less about what you have to sell them.

A lot of businesses spend a lot of their ad money to get hundreds of thousands or millions of pairs of eyeballs to see their ad, but if 90% of those eyeballs don’t care, what have you gained? Through the use of contextual media targeting and planning, it is possible to maximize any ad’s impact.

Best of all, there have been a large number of studies proving the effectiveness of contextually targeted marketing. In one study, ads that were carried on platforms that were able to ensure the target audience was being met were shown to be far more effective when sales figures were tallied after the ad.

More importantly, the same study showed a much higher brand awareness among the target audience, which is even more important because it means continued repeat business is more likely. With high brand awareness, you will be able to tell when business is dropping off slightly, and make more and better adjustments to recover.

The Bottom Line on Contextual Targeting

One thing that has been proven is that brands do better when their marketing is targeted to those potential customers who are most likely to buy tur product or service. Therefore, if you want your marketing campaign to do the most good and build your brand into a powerhouse, consider targeting your advertising to content that is relevant to your business.

Again, if you’re attracted to advertising platforms that promise to deliver millions of people to see your ad, ask yourself if the extra cost is delivering brand recognition, and thus sales. If it isn’t, try targeting your ads to fewer people, but more potential customers, through contextually targeted ads with relevant content.

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