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The new Half-Life movie is coming, and even if it’s not Half-Life 3 or even Episode 3, it gives a very good feeling. Half-Life: The spin-off of Alyx VR is a life of 2 in half, but what about the series and other platforms of the future? Although we probably do not see Alyx VR appear from outside, Valve has more half-life projects at the last release.(latest games news)

If it was a complete designer of Speyer, David asked the staff not to wait for the return of Half-Life, because they no longer played the serial distributor and finally had their habit. And this has been confirmed, adding that coverage had been found for the news in Half-Life games, so they continue to explore the development of Alyx.

“It’s probably not that many people want to stay in the half-life universe for a surprisingly long time, and this experience is exacerbated by the” says he “helping to create life. Alyx, we created a new story These characters and characters are exploring the world and we have discovered many new gaming experiences that no one doubted what we represent, but how can we sometimes expect Half-Life Alyx, but not always love to push? “

After years of waiting, we feel closer to Half-Life 3 than ever, but they are always happy that the check valve is a little different from what we wanted to follow. £ 300 in the thought of the shelling of some people is the respect of their time in the humility of a helmet can not finish, I wish Mr. Bishop to be selling it.



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