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Call Of Duty League Players




Call Of Duty League Players

There is a league the games scheduled for the first part of the time was the time of the inaugural accustomed to the office of the late, report on them.

To the state of competition in at least two of the horses in the Christ, they should arrange between themselves the time. Since the pill of the four countries of the man is very long. But there is some part of the teams play in the game and to bring it to receive thousands of kilometers.

In the second week of the regular season for the Ravens organize the event in London Royal London for hunters to participate in Chicago.

You just have to play the game this weekend in the Legion of Paris. That is Chicago (4) km from London eight hours flying when there is no connection. Of course, part of a professional player about to be annoyed.

It is clear that what is called a joke has helped create dissatisfaction and know that this Tweet.

Eric “Muddawg” Cicero, general manager of the optic Gaming League teams, the formal tweeted:

Nutrition la optic in the fourth week in Paris receives Drop in Atlanta. Western New York than Los Angeles, which today does not exist.

Another Call of Duty for the league head coach of Minnesota, Rokko Brian “Saints” Baroska, announced the formal;

An action is a little and makes a right. Minnesota Rokko fourth week continues to play for the New York to Paris subline.

These three teams and members of other teams who do not have voting rights and can not be the same. Nearly all elements, that are from the powers of the international pilgrimage of the teams, as long as to deny himself away from the game.

Some Call Of Duty League Players Are Not Impressed With Official Match Announcements: including the integration of European markets.

Competitors will be faced with this problem, but it is good that the teams will be visiting places the new game is the game that I love.

Clearly makes a difference, whether one is to him displease them, or the score of this shall come to pass, for a variety of work.

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Meet OrbusVR, MMORPG in virtual reality




Meet OrbusVR, MMORPG in virtual reality

Meet OrbusVR

With time, the offer of virtual reality titles grows. More and more games are looking to explore and bring new genres to this style of entertainment. So, don’t be surprised to know that very soon you will be able to enjoy an MMORPG in virtual reality. This will be thanks to the independent studio Orbus Online, which is in charge of OrbusVR development.

The title will come to Early Access on Steam on December 15. The game will be compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s mixed reality devices. The study defined OrbusVR as the first game of its kind exclusively for virtual reality devices. The title promises a great world with many hours of gameplay.

MMORPG in virtual reality

Unlike other MMORPGs, OrbusVR will not require a monthly subscription to play. Additionally, the developers indicated that there will be no paid content or loot boxes in the game. The title will offer you a single-player experience through a campaign of approximately 20 hours. On the other hand, in OrbusVR there will be multiplayer content for groups of up to 5 warriors.

As in other games of the genre, you will have to complete various missions, face hordes of enemies and organize with other players to destroy powerful bosses. Here is an OrbusVR trailer

The studio promised future expansions with more content, quests, and dungeons to explore. The game will feature a voice chat, an interesting universe, as well as continuous updates to improve the game experience in virtual reality. At the moment, character classes such as Runemage, Ranger, Musketeer, and Warrior are contemplated. Each will have different abilities and will specialize in a unique combat style.

On the other hand, not everything will be fighting on OrbusVR. You can also become an expert in various disciplines, such as alchemy and fishing, that will help you in your main adventure. As if that were not enough, you can visit stores to acquire useful objects or improve your equipment.

In related news, Yoshinori Yamagishi, producer of Valkyrie Profile, also develops an MMORPG in virtual reality. For his part, Bandai Namco will launch a VR shooter from The Ghost in the Shell. Visit this link to learn more about this technology, such as our review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR.

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Ghost of Tsushima Calling Release Date on PS4; Trailers in Spanish and Edition




Ghost of Tsushima Calling Release Date on PS4; Trailers in Spanish and Edition

Ghost of Tsushima

Countdown to the launch of Ghost of Tsushima, the highly anticipated new Sucker Punch video game. Much has been said about the possibility of the title coming to light on PlayStation 5 instead of PlayStation 4, but the company has always been clear about it: it is still planned for the current generation of consoles. And so it has been. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the new from inFAMOUS parents will be ready on June 26. This has been announced by the Japanese company on the PlayStation Blog, where it has also shared a new trailer focused on history. The clip, available in Spanish from Spain, can be viewed on these lines.

Ghost of Tsushima tells the story of Jin Sakai, the hero of the adventure. Shimura, one of the lords of Tsushima, is a father figure to Jin. He trained him from his childhood in the ways of the samurai, but over the years, he abandoned those teachings to become a ghost. Khotan Khan, a personal care trailer in the heart of Divine, is an unconventional Mongolian Ferro, based on the BBC’s nature disguised as a nail-biting grandchild, “Sono us Kikuwatan Tax Gene Apprentice Kathy Fast Eying Substheimer”, says the study on the Official PlayStation Blog.

Digital and physical editions

Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PS4 with numerous editions. By pre-ordering any of them, you’ll receive some special extras, such as a Jin avatar, the digital edition of the game, which will include selected themes, as well as a dynamic Jin theme based on the cover art. If you buy the digital edition on the PlayStation Store, you can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, which incorporates the game, a set of skins for the Hero of Tsushima, which comes with a horse, mask, sword, and armor for Jin. Also, you can enjoy the dynamic Samurai theme, a Hachiman’s talisman, and an additional technique point. As if that were not enough, it includes a mini digital art book of Dark Horse, in addition to the director’s comments, with the game’s creative team chatting with a renowned Japanese historian.

As for the physical format, the Special Edition comes with a metal box and a code that allows you to download the mask of the Hero of Tsushima and the skin of the sword. It will also include Hachiman’s talisman of favor, a technique item, director’s commentary, and mini digital art book. The La Collector’s Edition includes Macera’s Quanto Sopra and figures. The shashimono, a kind of mat with a print, is also one of the included objects, as well as a Furoshiki and a mini art book in physical format.

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Final Fantasy 7 Notes: How to unlock the presentation




Final Fantasy 7 Notes: How to unlock the presentation

Final Fantasy VII Replay Replay is now available on PS4

We tell you how to get the secret ending by following some simple steps

The free trial of Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. Thanks to the demo we can enjoy the first chapter of the game, which includes the mission in which the rebel group Avalanche infiltrates the Mako Reactor n * 1 to make it fly through the air. In this segment, we play Cloud and Barrett and we must learn the playable fundamentals of Square Enix’s work. On the other hand, we can obtain a secret ending if we follow the steps indicated below.

How to unlock the secret ending of the demo

To enjoy the alternate ending of the demo we must advance to the moment when Cloud and Barrett place the bomb in the reactor. At that moment, the Avalanche leader will ask us if we want to set the detonation time to 20 minutes or 30. Our answer should be the shortest time, as that is the key factor in unlocking the secret ending. Also, the dialogue with our partner will change depending on the option we choose. Do not worry about selecting the 20 minutes, since you will have enough time to escape from the place (it takes about 15 minutes).

On the other hand, the demo has opened to all PS4 users the possibility of testing the game and getting an idea of ​​its plot and playable approach. Despite being based on the original title in 1997, the remake has twisted history to extend it and thus have more than one part. From Square Enix, they have ensured that each of the parties will be independent and will last long enough to justify the full price at which they will arrive.

We remember that Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on PS4 on April 10 and that if we download the demo before May 11 we will get an exclusive dynamic theme to enjoy the iconic characters of the work that concerns us as the background for PlayStation 4.

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