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Kronia DAO – The First Virtual Nation



Kronia DAO - The First Virtual Nation

Although it’s a relative new concept, Crypto Cities and Dao Cities get more and more focus online, among the topics of crypto coins and NFTs.  What is DAO? DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization meaning basically that you get a transparent, decentralized, assets driven ownership inside of a self-sustained organization. In addition, the community’s members have equal rights and democratic voting power, preventing fraud and corruption. It’s a newer and improved democracy type of government, one that cannot be achieved in real world due to greed, corruption, and other factors. So, what about a proper Crypto Society ruled by its members? A DAO Nation government?

Imagine for a second a city put together by a small group of people. All decisions about the city are taken by the small group in the beginning, backed up by new members. In time, after the city grows and achieves a desired number of citizens, the decision making is transferred to the community.  There is no “parliament” that takes decisions anymore, there is no “higher power”, all decisions are put up to a vote and the member of the city decide if it’s a good project or not. This is the future of Kronia DAO, a well-rounded organization ruled by its members. 

       The innovative project will allow its members to own Castles and Real Estates in the Real World. Once they are built and replicate them in its digital world, the Metaverse will be built around the castles. Kronia’s ultimate goal is to create a unified strong community and to make business together via its investments and future projects. Kronia puts forward a project of millions of euros as an investment opportunity for its early investors and believers. Simply back up the project and get a piece of what is to become the best online community.

        Kronia will have its own crypto currency, its own Metaverse and a generous Play2Earn MMO AAA game. The crypto token called Kron, will be put in circulation in September 2022 for the price of 0.12$ per Kron. Yet, a few months earlier, on the 12th of June 2022, Kronia will host a 3-day presale where anyone can purchase Kron for the price of 0.012$. There will be a limited number of coins per buyer to avoid the token to crash or fluctuations on the sale day from “pump and dump” movement.

                Kronia Metaverse will also be accessible via Augmented Reality glasses. Put your glasses on in the real world, or simply use the phone app once that will be available, and hunt enemies around the Castle. In the Real World, search for legendary gear and unique items for your in-game characters. Or how about putting up your VR glasses and become a powerful werewolf or vampire from the comfort of your living room. All is possible in Kronia Metaverse, a rich and immersive world built in Unreal Engine with hyper realistic graphics.

       Kronia Royal Castle, the first castle of the organization, will be built under the administration of Aiming to be one of the most beautiful castles in the world, Kronia Castle will be built in a strategical location in Transylvania, Europe. In a “vampire free” area, how the founders like to joke, the castle will host the Headquarters of Kronia.

       However, the Castle from Transylvania will not be the only one that the community will own. Kronia aims to purchase more castles and fortresses around the world and replicates them as new cities / citadels in the Metaverse. The next Castle can be right next to you, in your own city.

                As mentioned in the beginning, besides the Castles and Metaverse, the aim of Kronia is to become a self-sustained DAO, ruled by its citizens. In order to become a citizen of Kronia, a one-time purchase of “citizenship NFT” membership is required. There is a limited number of citizenship certificates offered by Kronia, all with equal voting power. Once all citizenships will be sold and Kronia will have the required members, Kronia DAO will be born, and the community will start to flourish. Becoming a “Citizen of Kronia” will also make you co-owner of ALL the assets of the real and digital world. The Kronia Castle, the Transylvania Park, the International Institute of Vampirology, the Metaverse, as well as all the future projects and investments of the organization.

                 Besides ownership of the real-life assets, Kronia puts forward nobility titles. Every citizen of Kronia DAO will also get a noble title in the real-life project, such as Knight, Lord/Lady, Count/Countess of Kronia from Transylvania. All titles are coming with perks in the Real Life as well as the Metaverse. Free entry to all attractions, for life, free stay in the Castle for a limited number of nights, and many more.

                The Kronia Castle will be opened for visiting and also double as a hotel for its guests. You can’t live at the Castle but for sure you can spend a few nights in it. Besides, the Kronia Team is building the Metaverse around the real-world Estate. Take a tour of the Castle from the comfort of your couch by using a classic laptop or a set of Augment Reality or Virtual Reality glasses. Kronia is also developing its own AAA game that will allow us, the players, to create characters in game, personalize them, play with your friends, or fight others, join guilds, do raids, kills mobs, and many more. Even if Kronia doesn’t exist yet as a DAO, the complexity and the business plan is all set up.

                If you got this far and are not yet a member of Kronia, take a break from reading and go to the website,, in order to understand better the project. Complex, ambitious, innovative, yes. But all great projects are. I am for sure looking to become a citizen and start voting for my future virtual nation. See you soon Lords of Kronia!