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Seventh Hill Productions gears up for a new style of Film with “Chal Bhai Light Teesko”



Seventh Hill Productions gears up for a new style of Film with “Chal Bhai Light Teesko”

Chal Bhai Light teesko is the new upcoming movie from South India. This movie is somehow about to depict the reality of 20th-century living while coupled with the individual struggles in trying to keep up with the rising cost of living. Storyline of the movie will be a light-hearted comedy about the socioeconomic realities of life in a middle-class family.

The director of the movie is Sriram Vegaraju. According to Sriram Vegaraju, he draws his inspiration from Satyajit Ray, Vittorio De Sica from films such as Apur Sansar, Bicycle Thieves. This movie is produced by most popular production company named Seventh Hill Productions and Rolling Reel Productions. Chal Bhai Light Teesko will be in both languages Hindi and Telugu. The film stars are Adi Naidu, Harshita Sista, Anjali Challa in leading roles.

And the Cinematographer is Abhinav Mellacheruvu on the Alexa XT camera. Locations of the shooting are Seattle, New York, and New Jersey.

This movie is going to be most popular because the producer is Seventh Hill Productions. You they did best of the best work in the past. They have seen success with Ori Devudoy which cross 2 million views and  Firangi Rambabu which got 300k plus views and many more like Neeku Teldu Bammardi(tv series 350k views), Rukmini Rusa-rusalu( tv series 300k views) all of which are available on Amazon Prime which is India’s most popular streaming service.

So, if you want to see more information and movies of Seventh Hill Productions, you can visit their YouTube and Facebook for more updates and upcoming movies like this.