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Jenna Fischer, The Office’s lead actress, responds to Chrissy Teigen’s theory that Jim and Pam are divorced



Jenna Fischer, The Office's lead actress, responds to Chrissy Teigen's theory that Jim and Pam are divorced

Jenna Fischer has a message for Chrissy Teigen: How dare you? The funny talk started on October 13, when Chrissy retweeted the theory that pairs from The NBC Office, which ended her nine-year career in 2013, will still be together today and separated.

According to Chrissy, Jim Halpert (played by John Krasinski) and Pam Beesly (played by Jenna), despite the love affair of the couple in the hit sitcom, would not make a happy marriage a decade later. Chrissy thinks the couple separated.

A TMZ cameraman approached Jenna on October 16, leaving a video with the program “Today.” She and Angela Kinsey, co-star of The Office, are promoting their new podcast, Office Ladies, which debuted on October 16 and is filled with a behind-the-scenes look at the show, to ask them, as they do. She heard what Chrissy said.

Jenna started laughing and then playfully replied, “Oh, I have words, I have words! She will listen to my words!”

When the cameraman asked him if he thought Jim and Pam were still together, Jenna replied, “Of course!” When the TMZ employee asked, “How can you get a divorce?” Jenna again pointed to the model theory: “Right, Chrissy!”

Chrissy questioned her followers three days ago. “It’s been 10 years since Jim and Pam got married, so I think they’re still together, separated, divorced or in open marriage,” said the cookbook model and author. Over 235,000 people took part in their survey and 70 percent of Chrissy’s supporters said they think Jim and Pam are still together. 10 percent considered that they were separated; 9 percent said they were divorced. and 11 percent estimated that they are now in an open marriage.

Chrissy then scolded her fans for being so positive. “Guys, I love their endless love optimism here, but I didn’t ask them what they were expecting, I asked them what they think!”, Chrissy replied, “I think they are together, but Philly Jim knows well, though it offers athletes a high level of quality of life and glass service, and Pam still can’t decipher her cellphone, so FaceTimes should never answer and never get caught. ”

He then continued with his detailed theory: “Pam is unhappy but happy with her income and her children, she likes everything and attracts things for Etsy as comfortable house signs (wait, that’s me),” he wrote, adding: “You never went there Austin, you know and I know, I talk about going to Austin every day and here I am, not Austin. ”

Chrissy said she thinks the other big couples in the series have done it and then decided that Jim and Pam just can’t stand it. Phyllis and Bob are still together Dwight and Angela are still together Michael and Holly are together mathematically (I have a C +) someone has to divorce Jim and Pam here, “Chrissy wrote.