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Jackbox Party Pack 6 brings 5 new games to the PS4 on Thursday



Jackbox Party Pack 6 brings 5 new games to the PS4 on Thursday

Hi Bande [sitting in the backseat] Here at Jackbox Games we make five party games a year and bring them out in a package called ingeniously Jackbox Party Pack. I was in Party Pack 6 this year (available for PS4 tomorrow, October 17) and we’re more excited than ever for this series of games. How is that possible? Like a healthy marriage or a crispy vegetable in your fridge, we keep things fresh. Every game has a new mechanic, a new concept or a new feature that I have not tried before. And we would like to highlight some of them here!

I have brought the Trivia Murder Party and called them genius as Trivia Murder Party 2. I’ve added new news, lots of new minigames and a whole new set of scenery (has it ever been a murdered hotel?)? We’ve also listened to international audiences and we’ve had a new and exciting feature. You can disable questions in the United States! Yes, that means if you change the “Filter questions based on the USA” button in Settings you will not receive any questions about our weird football version.

Joke Boat is a competition where jokes are written on the head. Because there is much user-generated content, we wanted a feature that gave players extra privacy and control. Introduction: Passwords! If you choose the password protection, you can control who is allowed to play the game (writing jokes), while anyone with the room code can join the public (jokes). We’ve done this in particular to help our dear friends, the Streamers, keep the games safe, civil, and free of trolls.

Press the button by pressing the envelope in different ways. It’s our first isometric top-down game and has a continuous timer. Besides, our design of how the controller (your mobile device) looks and works is the most ambitious. Because this is a hidden identity game in which data about other passengers in space is collected, the controller keeps track of all the replies and makes them available for future reference. In this way, if you make the big accusation, you have left A-F to assist him. We want you to be the best alien detective you can do and create a controller to get you there.

Our goal at Dictionarium was to develop a fast game with a minimal learning curve. In three rounds, I designed a game in which you can get on and off in 10 minutes. We like the idea that you can use Dictionarium after a longer and more intense game as a Palace Cleaner (see: Press the button) or play a lot in a row. We have added a new feature that allows you to save your entries so you can view your file at any time. (Do not worry, you can also remove them if they are too tight!)

For the role models, I knew that we had to creatively deal with the controller. The purpose of this game is to give your friends strange roles (for example Grandma’s name?). Have I tried different ways to unite the role-players and the ones I loved the most? A drop for a sweetheart. Drag and drop your friend’s name onto your paper. Even if you have repaired all, you can change it. It’s very satisfying to reach your friends over the phone and we believe that even Meemaw will dig it out.

And one more thing: The five games in Jackbox Party Pack 6 have subtitles! We have wanted to add this feature for some time now and we are pleased to announce that this is the case this year. We would like to know what you think about this year’s package, so share your thoughts below. Happy party!