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J-Lo & Ben Affleck Rare Fancy Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring



J-Lo & Ben Affleck Rare Fancy Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez is back in the news, but it isn’t for her music or acting. She recently got engaged to former Batman actor, Ben Affleck, and the engagement ring became a center of attention for paparazzi and fans alike.

Some love it, and others think it’s an eyesore—especially compared to her first Harry Winston pink engagement band from the Argo director. But what does the jewel say about her relationship with Affleck?

Lopez’s new ring is an 8.5-carat emerald-hued masterpiece set in a platinum ring. The specimen’s estimated cost is somewhere in the neighborhood of five-to-ten million dollars. Sources say the gemstone came from Ilan Portugali of Beverly Hills.

Despite the controversial hue, apparently J-Lo couldn’t be happier. According to the “Jenny from the Block” singer, green is her lucky color, and bears special significance in her life.

People think about the Four Cs when talking about precious diamond stones. While underground, the rock lied in proximity to a natural source of radiation, and therefore gives Lopez’s engagement diamond a rare green hue.

The stone absorbed the radioactive bombardment, leading to an emerald transformation. People sometimes assume that a white stone is considered more precious, but clearly this green gem proves otherwise. 

When it comes to determining cut, clarity, color, and carat size, also known within the industry as “The 4 C’s”, human gemology inspectors rely solely on a microscope to grade and certify gemstone value.  In contrast, official jewelry stores turn to labs like Sarine Technologies.

Sarine is a publicly traded corporation (SGX: U77) that develops, produces, and sells technologies for the diamond industry. The company’s hardware and advanced artificial intelligence driven software is used to analyze over 100 million diamonds annually and subsequently upload their characteristics to the blockchain.  

Sarine’s high-tech laboratory enhanced scanners are used by jewelers globally for the purpose of producing reports and certification.  While the 4Cs primarily rank gems by their white clarity, the market has a very special appreciation for rare stones of fancy colors. 

John Wellen is the owner of Wellen Jewelers. He explained how the market operates in relation to quality and price. “You’ve probably heard the term ‘fancy’ in relation to gemstones.  A fancy ‘cut’ is any shape other than round. These are typically less expensive gemstones. Then you have fancy colors, of which blue, green, red, purple, pink and blue are the most sought-after.”

Mr. Wellen went on to explain pricing. “Unlike white diamonds which are at the top of the color scale, fancy diamonds can often be more expensive depending on their strength of their color”.

When choosing a fancy diamond, it is crucial to consider every characteristic of the gemstone such as the purity of the color, carat weight, and clarity.

Couples looking to get engaged will eventually have to go through the diamond shopping process, and therefore it’s a good idea they request a Sarine Diamond Report of their chosen gemstone before having it placed into a ring.  The Sarine certificate will ensure they are receiving the equivalent value for their money spent. 

Experts in the field of gemology agree Sarine’s high-tech technology far supersedes the abilities of human eyes under the best microscopes. 

Claire McKenzie is a gemologist at Forence, a company specializing in designing expensive jewelry. She claims, “The GIA 4Cs are the industry standard, but you wouldn’t want humans issuing certifications.”  Claire explains, “Labs are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable. Digital analysis is a game-changer in our field, and every piece that passes through our labs undergoes deep scanning performed by Sarine’s labs.”

J-Lo’s new treasure is not only a powerful statement about Affleck’s love and devotion, but it also symbolizes a special, personalized meaning to the singer.  Gemstone shoppers should always make their engagement gift extra special by attaching a meaning of endearment to it.

So, whether it’s a white or colored stone, getting the right engagement diamond for a fiancé should be carefully explored and considered.  More importantly, a certification of the gemstone from Sarine Technologies or an authorized jeweler using their hardware and advanced AI software should accompany diamond purchases to validate the 4C characteristics of the gem and its’ subsequent intrinsic value.