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iPhone 12 review



iPhone 12 review

The iPhone 12 moved Apple’s phones forward, even if it’s not quite perfect.

The iPhone 12 sports a gorgeous design, full 5G support, great cameras, and strong performance. However, the limited base storage is a drawback.

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  • +Attractive new design with MagSafe
  • +Comprehensive 5G coverage
  • +Impressive dual cameras
  • +Fastest performance in this price range
  • +Solid battery life


The iPhone 12 is one of best iPhone values around now that it has a discounted price of $699. Even with the iPhone 13 offering more speed, slightly better cameras and longer battery life, and the iPhone 14 promising to do even more of the same not too far in the future, the iPhone 12 is still among the best phones you can buy overall. You get an attractive design, full 5G connectivity, good cameras and better performance than most Android phones. 

There are some things we don’t like about the iPhone 12. There’s a low amount of base storage, and you don’t get a powerful zoom or fast refresh display, unlike the newer phones or certain Android devices of a similar age

The iPhone 12 mini is worth a look if you want something cheaper and smaller, and the iPhone 12 Pro series is better if you want a telephoto lens. But the regular iPhone 12 gets our nod for being the best all-around phone in the family.

If you’re deciding between the newer iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12, see our iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12 comparison for more info. 

Our full iPhone 12 review below shows why this phone is still very much worth your consideration.