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The 2019 League of Legends World Championship starts on October 2 in Berlin, Germany. Find out all the details of the biggest and most prestigious LoL tournament.

What is the World Championship about?

The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) is an annual international tournament that attracts the best teams in each league, who will compete to win the Summoner’s Cup and win the World Champion title. The host country of the event changes every year. This year, teams will meet in three cities in Europe.

When will Worlds start?

Worlds will begin with the Play-In phase on October 2 and will conclude with the final on November 10. At the end of the article, we show you the dates of each phase.

What are the competing teams?

Participants from each region are based on previous international performance. Consistently strong regions send some or all of their representatives directly to the group stage, while other regions have fewer representatives or start in the Play-In phase.

Korea (LCK)

First representative: SK Telecom T1

Second representative: Griffin

Third representative: Damwon Gaming

Korea (LPL)

First representative: FunPlus Phoenix

Second Representative: Royal Never Give Up

Third representative: Invictus Gaming

Europe (LEC)

First representative: G2 Esports

Second representative: Fnatic

Third representative: Splyce

North America (LCS)

First representative: Team Liquid

Second representative: Cloud9

Third representative: Clutch Gaming

Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao (LMS)

First representative: CTBC J Team

Second representative: AHQ E-Sports Club

Third representative: Hong Kong Attitude.

What changes will there be in 2019?

China (LPL) will receive three quotas for the group stage based on their competitive performance over the past two years in international tournaments, such as the Mid-Season Invitational 2018 and the 2018 World Championship.

This year, Vietnam (VCS) will have two representatives. They obtained a quota for the first representative last year, after their appearance as an independent region. They obtained a second quota due to their positioning in the Mid-Season Invitational. Your first representative will start in the group stage, while the second will do so in the Play-In phase.

Also, this year the teams may have up to 7 players in their active lineup. This change arose as a result of the evolution of this sport and the increase in the number of lineups that include substitute players.

What is the format?

Worlds have three phases: the Play-In phase, the group phase and the elimination phase (quarterfinals, semifinals and the final).

Berlin (LEC Study)

There will be 12 teams divided into four groups. Each group will play a double round-robin style tie, which means that all teams will face each other twice.

The two most prominent teams in each group will advance to the play-in elimination phase, where the best team in each group will face second place in another group. These games will determine the 4 teams of the Play-In phase that will advance to the group stage.

Berlin (Verti Music Hall)

There will be 16 teams (12 that went directly to the group stage and 4 from the Play-In phase) divided into four groups. Each group will play a double round-robin style tie.

There will be 8 teams that will advance to the knockout phase, which is divided into quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. In this phase, the tournament will go to a section of direct elimination in which all the games will be played in the format of the best of 5. The opponents are decided by a live draw at the beginning of each day of clashes. The team that wins will become the 2019 World Champion.


WHAT IS SNOWFLAKE SECURITY: This Is What Professionals Do

Umar Nisar



WHAT IS SNOWFLAKE SECURITY: This Is What Professionals Do

Snowflake is the only platform which is committed to the security for its customers and their data all around the world. Snowflake has become one of the best leading SaaS companies in the field of storage. Snowflake gives industry-leading features that guarantee the most significant levels of security for your account and clients, just as all the information you store in Snowflake. 

Features of Snowflake security

A high- level summary of features gives you the following categories; 

  • Group Administration 
  • User security / Account authentication 
  • Give controlled access to all objects 
  • Encrypted data security 
  • Validation about security which is linked to the users
  • Private communication between Snowflake and VPCs networks
  • Metadata Management

Snowflake is the only one software which is not offering to be installed by users. It manages all aspects of installations and updates regarding to their fields and terms. 

Architecture of Snowflake Security

It is extremely important to make sure you keep your snowflake security in check. Snowflake uses a central information warehouse for flowing data that is available from all process hubs in the field.

Snowflake measures questions using MPP (massively parallel processing) register bunches where every hub in the group stores a bit of the whole informational collection locally. This methodology offers the information the executives of a shared-plate design, yet with the presentation and scale-out benefits of a shared-nothing architecture.

Cloud services give the accessibility of Infrastructure manager, metadata manager, gives you the access control with optimizer and security. For queries, Virtual warehouses are to be used for query processing. 

Snowflake deals with all aspects of how this data is being stored- the association, document size, structure, pressure, metadata, measurements, and different parts of information storage are taken care of by Snowflake. The data objects stored by Snowflake are not accessible nor available by clients; they are just open through SQL question tasks run using Snowflake.

Access Manager in Snowflake security

Managing access for undertakings often starts basically, it can rapidly heighten in complexity as users move from project to project, group to group and position to position. 

Consequently, managing access at scale can form into an exhausting and time-taken task for those answerable for completing these changes which can mean security groups, IT, information designing or different groups, depending upon the association.   

The more information is not covered, the more possibility of undesirable results like information penetrates, information holes and exposure of more people to delicate information. This contention sits at the core of data approaches.

Snowflake as Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) envelops an exhaustive arrangement of features that helps to secure data stored in Snowflake against human error, malicious acts, and programming or hardware failure. At each stage inside the information lifecycle, Snowflake empowers your data to be open and recoverable in case of coincidental or purposeful alteration, expulsion.

It includes organizational strategies for giving or confining client’s access to the site dependent on their IP address. Security parts for controlling client access to all articles in the system.

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Comic Book Mystery Boxes Make Great Fun!




Comic Book Mystery Boxes Make Great Fun!

Comic Book

Multiverse Comic Box has a comic book subscription for all kinds of comic book collectors. In every subscription box there is something to read and something to collect. You can gift a cool monthly comic book subscription box gift to someone you love! They have 9 monthly subscription options for comic books! Rough and graded books!

Each month you will be given a random assortment of what could be the Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and / or recent comic books every month! Multiverse mostly puts Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Valiant, Dynamite and Dark Horse comics in our unrated boxes! Some randomly generated comic book subscription boxes include major issues, rare variants, and signed comics! Multiverse comics try to direct our unclassified boxes to readers, not speculators.

All rated and unclassified Monthly Subscription Boxes include 3 bonus items! Reward items in a monthly box can be tile stand, stickers, superhero shirts, business cards, mini toys, key chains, stickers, etc., monthly chests are shipped out on the 20th of every month! More information here. Comic gradient mystery boxes are available for one-time purchase on our online store. Multiverse Comics also sells comic book shirts! Multiverse Comics’ mission is to donate a portion of our proceeds to Project Cowabunga, a non-profit organization that offers free comics to children to encourage them to read.

Contents of a mysterious comic book box

What is a comic book mystery box? A comic book mystery box is literally a box that contains randomly inserted comic books from a stock of books. Some sellers guarantee that certain types of picture books are in their mystery boxes or give odds if they will include certain types of picture books such as classified comic books, assorted covers, or signed picture books to name a few. You can watch a review of this comic book puzzle box on YouTube.

Picture books can be investments

Why invest in classified picture books from online comic book store? Comic books have become the new hot investment for individuals who are skeptical of the stock market and find no interest in investing in gold. Many comic books outperform the S&P 500 and gold every year, and some have as much as $ 5 that could increase 200% in value in just one year. Graded picture books maintain the status of books and take any guesswork with regard to grade so that they get a bonus compared to raw, unclassified picture books. Multiverse Comics offers mystery boxes with both options, so you’ll never know what you’re getting into!

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A Quick Guide about High Popularity of Lotto in Nigeria

Umar Nisar



A Quick Guide about High Popularity of Lotto in Nigeria

We all know that lotto is a fun game to play with all the time. This game was developed for the very first time under the development of that country that actually ran it. Yes, you heard it right; it was all started from China where they started the set-up of state funded national lotto of China. Its overall funding will got of Nigeria which will be used for the state and defense purposes.

With the passage of time the popularity of the Lotto Nigeria has been gaining a high importance and significance over the online sector. It has been all partly down to the great winnings for the people of Nigeria and lotto in Nigeria. It would not be wrong to say that it is wining the status like the sports of football where millions of people have been playing it all the time.

As this game has been backed by the support of the Nigerian Government therefore, they have included a set of safety for the people to play this game as both shops and online. Its ability to play online has grown at a massive level in the last few years.

It would not be wrong to say that this Lotto game has provided the employment option to millions of people in Nigeria. Plus, it has even introduced various opportunities for the people of Nigeria.

Through a small research, you will get to know about the varied unconfirmed reports which are based on the emerging value of this lotto industry all over the world. This whole figure is around $70 billion. Hence the overall estimate of how much the Nigerians have been spending on the betting is at the average level of N154bn daily. This lottery game is making around 7.5 million and around 22 million on the sports betting. This is probably due to the vast increase in the popularity of the gaming apps.

This game is running in Nigeria on weekly basis. They will arrange two draws as per week which is done on Saturday and one is done as midweek on Wednesday. It was run and has been produced by National Sports Lottery or NSL plc. Both of these jackpots has the capacity where they can reach at the excess range of around N5 million. If you want to play this lottery successfully, you should know the rules and basic concepts of playing this game.

To win this Nigeria lottery, you should choose 6 numbers which will cover from 1 to 49. For some of the people it is not possible to hit all the numbers. But this will make the chances of winning the lotto so much high.

It is being expected that in the coming few years, the popularity of western lotto offer will grow even more high. And once you would start playing it, you would love to play it all the time.

Play it now!

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