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G.Skill Combines Low Timing, Speed, And Capacity In New 32GB DDR4-4000 Memory



G.Skill Combines Low Timing, Speed, And Capacity In New 32GB DDR4-4000 Memory

Everything related to the new G.Skill Combines Low Timing, Speed, And Capacity In New 32GB DDR4-4000 Memory raises expectations, especially related to its performance or compatibility. In this regard, there are two key points, UEFI and RAM. Today we will talk about the second one in relation to G. SKILL since they have just presented their faster DDR4-4000 RAM, which manages to exceed 61 GB / s in AIDA64 and its cache and RAM test.

G.SKILL manages to reduce the latencies in its DDR4-4000 modules as standard

Although Samsung has announced what should be the substitutes for the already famous B-Die, the truth is that we are not seeing any demonstration of its overclocking potential, not even a manufacturer that carries the new A chips.

Meanwhile, the B-Die continues to give joy to manufacturers based on a very high performance that is increasingly squeezed by them, to the point of what G.SKILL just presented today, its first DDR4- 4000 CL15-16-16-36.

In addition, it does so in a capacity of 32 GB in 4 X 8 GB configuration and within its acclaimed line of Trident Z Royal RAM memories, which include a new RGB system by including a kind of crystals. Knowing that this lighting system may or may not like all users, G. SKILL also includes its RAM within the Trident Z series, which are its basic versions in terms of the heatsink.

This series does not include any lighting system, it simply includes Trident Z heatsinks in black, something that users who do not need lighting in their systems will appreciate. Obviously, both kits have the same characteristics in terms of performance and performance.

The new latencies for this speed mean a giant step of the brand since currently, the modules I had for that frequency were CL17. Two lower clock means that there is a great job behind these new kits, which have not taken long to emerge, as is logical.


Lower voltage, lower latency, and more performance

Another of the improvements that will include these new modules of G.SKILL is that they manage to improve the latency at the same frequency and also with a lower voltage, which will have less jitter and a lower operating temperature.

Although the brand has not specified the specific voltage at which they will work if it has commented that this will be less than 1.5 volts, an achievement more than evident within the current modules at that speed.

To show the performance they can get, G. SKILL has shown what these new modules can do in terms of the resulting bandwidth. The data speaks for itself: more than 60 GB / s on X570 platforms and more than 400% coverage without errors in RunMemTest Pro 4.0.

This yields a performance not seen so far in modules of this speed, where to approach this data we had to resort to an aggressive to overclock that could compromise the stability of the system and that required aggressive voltages in the RAM.

With these new kits, we will only have to apply the XMP or DOCP profile (or the relevant one on our AMD motherboard) to enjoy this performance, of course after adjusting the IMC voltage.


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