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Idan Ben Eliyaho Musician and Entrepreneur



Idan Ben Eliyaho Musician and Entrepreneur

Idan Ben Eliyaho is a Musician of all genres. He has recently found his love and passion for music. He has mainly spent his time as an Entrepreneur, but this newly found talent has brought him to a higher level. He believes that music is his calling. Not many people have heard this side of Idan yet, but he has a big fan base on the Entrepreneurial side of his agenda. 

Idan Ben Eliyaho who is from Israel is a Full-Stack Developer and Digital Marketer at the age of 21 and at this rate is destined for greatness. Back in 2018, Idan created a fashion company called “Vivalawear” in which the company closed after Idan joined the Army in 2019 before he finished developing his company. From 2020 until 2021, Idan started to study Full-Stack Development at INT college. In 2021, Idan created a crypto-financial website called “Financialvotes” and this website is about voting for cryptocurrency projects. During the same time, he was part of a team that created a new coin called “Save animals”. It was a donated coin in which they donated $5,000 to what is known as the “Elephantjunglesanctuary” and he left the project after a month because he began his studies at the Open University at Israel. Now Idan is working on a new application for helping a business and working on a web application that can help people find products they want for a cheap price as well as he’s helping businesses with digital marketing, manage their page and teaching people how to drop-ship with Shopify and eBay, free of charge while he’s been the owner for a couple of stores. Idan saw people selling courses for money but he decided to do it for free and this we can expect great things from him in the future.