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Communicating with the dead, whether it be a spirit of a family member or a spirit that haunts part of your house, is not an easy thing to warn you about. However, this is not impossible, as long as you think you can do it. 

There are also people who can help you get there if it seems like you are not winning on your own. There are different ways to try to communicate with the dead. Today, I offer you some tips to help you successfully how to communicate with spirits in the water from there. 

Talk to the dead yourself 

 If you want, it is entirely possible for you to get in touch with someone who is already dead, but who you really want to talk to for one reason or another. So you can talk to the dead directly, but beware, it is not as easy. You have to start doing some work on yourself to find the right frame of mind in order to be successful and do some sort of uplifting your spirituality. 

What I advise you is to learn to focus, to concentrate as much as possible. It is necessary to put yourself in a quiet place where no one can disturb you. Sharpen your mind and making sure you focus more and more with each passing minute. In the end, you should no longer be aware of the physical world around you. If in this state you start to feel a presence, I advise you to start asking questions. 

Talking to the dead asking for help 

To speak to the dead, you need to embark on an important, long and tiring spiritual work, it is not easy and you will have to exercise as often as possible to get there. 

You can also try EVP for example. It is actually a process in which you are going to record the noise in the room where you think you are with your mind using magnetic tape. You must believe it is in the room for it to work. 

You can try a spiritualism session if you want. It is actually a gathering of several people at the same time. They will thus join their energy to be able to reach the deceased with whom they want to communicate. It is necessary that at least three people gather around a table for this to work. But beware, people who have an open mind, capable of carrying out this kind of experience. 

Talking to the dead using a property 

You can also try to communicate with a particular spirit if it haunts your house or if you wish to communicate with a particular spirit, a person who mattered to you, by making use of an object which belonged to him. to which it would still be connected. 

Talking to a spirit using a mirror 

It is also possible to communicate with a spirit by using objects such as the mirror. Before, they could only use water. In this case, the mirror thus serves as a connection between the two worlds. It is not enough to just stand in front of the mirror, however. 

Start by calming your thoughts, clear your mind. Stay in a quiet room where no one can disturb you. You have to be calm to do all of this. Then focus your thoughts on the image of the deceased to whom you wish to speak. 

 You must keep his image in mind and make it appear later in the mirror. Open your eyes slowly and imagine that the image of your mind is in the mirror whether it is blurred or superimposed on the image of your mind. Once you see her, you can then start asking her any questions. 


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