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How to Make Your Hair Removal Look Best and Last Longer



How to Make Your Hair Removal Look Best and Last Longer

If you no longer wish to tolerate unwanted skin hair, laser hair removal can help you permanently solve your problem. When you consider the laser hair removal cost, you ought to ensure that you get the most out of the treatment. Scheduling a consultation appointment with your doctor beforehand is vital in helping you evaluate your options and understand what you can do to improve your experience and boost the efficiency of your treatment. You can do several things before and after your laser hair treatment to help you enjoy maximum benefits. Have a look herein.

Shaving Beforehand

As you prepare for laser hair removal, it is crucial to shorten the hair in the treatment area to about grain size for maximum benefits. Generally, you will need to shave the treatment area about three days before your treatment. Understand that laser technology will not work on long hair. Therefore, shave your hair to about the size of a grain of rice and allow it to grow for about a day or two before going for your treatment.

Avoid Tanning

If you use self-tanner or tanning lotion, it would be better to avoid it when you have decided to go for laser hair removal. The laser can work poorly on tan skin, making it less effective. Stop using any tanning a few weeks before your appointment to help laser distinguish between your hair and your skin. Also, do not seek natural running from direct sunlight or tanning beds.

Discuss Your Current Treatment with Your Doctor

If you are under any medications, it is crucial to let your doctor know. Medications like blood thinners can compromise your laser hair treatment by making your skin more sensitive. Also, ensure you understand the side effects of other medications like typical Retinols that make you more sensitive to light. Such medications can cause extra sensitivity and increase your discomfort during the treatment. You will need to avoid taking those medications before your treatment, and discussing it with your doctor will make you get alternatives.

Give the Laser Time to Work

Laser hair removal is not a miracle treatment. It targets the roots of your hair, weakening it and allowing slow growth. You might need several treatments to enjoy maximum benefits, and you ought to leave the roots intact and allow the laser to work. Therefore, avoid tweezing, waxing, or plucking after laser hair treatment. But you can shave the treated area if you want.

Minimize your Sun Exposure

After your laser hair removal, staying out of direct sunlight is critical. Remember that your skin will be light sensitive and requires some time to heal. If you must be outdoors, ensure you use sunscreen to secure your skin and avoid damage from the sunlight. Also, you can cover your skin with long pants and sleeves and wear a hat or shade if you were treated on your head or face. Remember also to avoid tanning beds. Generally, you are to avoid sunlight for about two weeks.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Your doctor will guide you in your recovery after laser hair treatment. Please ensure that you follow every detailed instruction and consult your doctor for clarification. Also, remember to call your doctor if you experience anything out of the normal. Additionally, go back to your doctor for additional treatments for better results.

If you think laser hair removal can benefit you, it is time to confirm your thoughts. Contact the Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center laser hair removal specialists for help. Make a call or book your appointment online to know if you can gain from the treatment.