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Time is very valuable, for most people, this is because with the model of life that we lead we always have the feeling that we lack time to carry out all the activities or tasks that we want to carry out. When you dedicate yourself to studying an opposition, in your work or in your daily tasks, you become obsessed with the clock. That is, we time all our tasks to be able to do them in the shortest possible time and in the most efficient way, all this to be able to study as much as possible for our next exam. We are going to see a way to save time by increasing the speed of our typing for dummies.

Increase the speed on your keyboard

That is why in this case we will try to help you to better manage yourself with the keyboard of your computer to use it in the simplest and most agile way. When we are taking notes, doing the subjects of our opposition and even if we have to face a typing exam in our next call, it will be good to have the maximum command of this action. Therefore, the faster you can type with your keyboard, the more efficient you will be.

Basic notions

First of all, it is very important that you have basic notions of typing. With this, you can write faster and more fluidly, optimizing your time. If this is not your case, do not worry, there are many courses that can help you. You can find online or classroom courses that will help you write with the speed of light. Keep in mind that the more you write the better the progress will be reflected is reflected in the time invested.
On the other hand, you can also modify the speed of your keyboard in the control panel of your computer. In each computer it may appear expressed differently, so we will try to speak in a general way in order to help the vast majority:

  1. Go to settings or control panel
  2. Enter the keyboard or other hardware section (or it may also be that your keyboard settings are in the same tab as your printer, inquire!)
  3. Once we have found it we must look for an option that allows us to modify the speed of our keyboard, check all those options in which you find the word speed.

Hacks for quickly managing yourself with Word

Normally when we are doing our topics or summaries, the quintessential tool we use is the well-known Word. There are plenty of tricks that help increase the speed of our writing, and that a priori we do not know. Since we started using the computer as children, we have used this tool, but they have always taught us the most basic and superficial things.
But once you have followed all our advice, you will end up being a Word expert. Some tricks you can use are:

  • Pressing the Ctrl key next to any other we can perform tasks quickly. The most common actions that almost everyone will know are the typical Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V  which are used to copy and paste respectively. Beyond this combination, we can find many others with which we can change the type of our document, increase or decrease the font size, underline, or save all the work we have been doing. I invite you to investigate these tricks because they can make your life much easier.
  • Another good tip is to change the background color of your Word when you go to read what you have been writing. This will help your eyesight suffer as little as possible. We simply have to go to the view tab and give reading mode and change the color of the page to a sepia tone. This color helps reading and ensures that our eyesight is not impaired and delays tiredness.
  • When we go to rest or decide that it has been enough for today when we resume our task many times we do not remember where we have stayed and we can lose some very valuable minutes looking for the last paragraph where we were writing. A good way to convert this time and invest it in something profitable is to put a marker on the place where you stayed the last time. This is very simple, you only have to press the Shift + F5 key (the Shift key refers to the shift key, the one above Ctrl). With this, you can be efficient from minute one.
  • With so many different tricks it is normal that we do not remember how to carry out any of them. For this situation we also have advice! If you go to the tab above where it says what do you want to do? , you just have to write that action that you do not remember clearly and Word will automatically help you out.