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How to Decorate a Loft: A Beginner’s Guide



How to Decorate a Loft: A Beginner's Guide

Artists need a lot of space to do their art. So during the 1800s, in Paris, artists began to purchase a type of apartment with a room known as a loft. These days, that upstairs room is a popular place for non-artists, too.

A loft apartment is a lot like a studio: an open, multi-use living area that’s excellent for decorating. Living in a loft, after all, lends itself to a more artsy, free-spirited lifestyle. Learning how to decorate a loft can help you to make the most of this wide-open space.

Keep reading as we discuss the best decoration options for all types of lofts.

How to Decorate a Loft: Focus on Natural Light

Large, open spaces lend themselves best to natural light. Think cathedrals and upmarket homes. Because of their high ceilings and sweeping walls, the light has a lot of surfaces to bounce off.

Plus, setting up a dedicated lighting rig can be quite expensive. You’ll need to block out the natural light coming in from outside for the best effect. Instead, include some curtains as decorative pieces, and let that light in.

Visit for loft options that come with lighting installed already if you need it.

Keep the Color Scheme Neutral or Warm

Just as they go best with natural lighting, the loft is a muted space with less aggressive–i.e. more natural–colors. They excel when you decorate them with beige, grays and soft whites, and natural wood paneling. Having bright reds or yellows would be too kitsch for our taste.

This keeps down your decoration budget for loft options, too. It’s much easier in the future to add on more when you have this simple color scheme.

Focus on Cozy, Not Spartan

Lofts are a lot like attics and balconies: we imagine relaxing in them. We picture hammocks, beanbags, and big mushy mattresses. The thought of reading in a loft library is an opportunity many would die for.

So, build your loft with that design philosophy in mind. Include armchairs, reading alcoves, or anything that inspires the human desire to kick back. Adding a fake fireplace or some dim evening lights would not be out of place.

Give Space to Mother Nature

No loft is complete without a bit of green on top. Include some hanging pots, wall-mounted vines, and other collections of plants.

If you have a balcony, extend the gathering of greenery to the outside. Make sure to keep the doors open when you can to get some fresh air. Fresh air will be a welcome contribution to the “fresh” design aesthetic you have cultivated.

Decorate Your Loft Today

Now that you know how to decorate a loft, it’s time to put these decoration options into practice. Living in a loft is a lot better with natural lighting, warm color palettes, and plenty of encircling nature. Remember, this began as an artistic space, and should remain one.

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