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How Rodney Foster Is Inspiring The World To THRIVE-2



Rodney Foster

Rodney Foster is leading people on HOW TO THRIVE every day through his entrepreneurial spirit, experience, business ventures, and leadership skills.

We had the privilege of interviewing Rodney! Rodney Welcome to Hear Up!

Where are you from?

I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK by way of Dallas, Houston, Tallahassee, Long beach in California, Atlanta, and now I reside in Miami.

What are your goals & aspirations?

My goals are to continue to be an example of what happens when you don’t life defeat you.

My aspirations are to impact lives all over the world, become the best version

of Rodney, help kids in the community who don’t see a way out, and to also come out with a few books.

Rodney Foster

How did you grow up to Rodney Foster?

Basically single mom household, I’m the oldest of 2 boys. I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK by way of Dallas, Houston, Tallahassee, Long beach in California, Atlanta, and now I reside in Miami.

What are your top achievements to Rodney Foster?

Some of my top achievements would be playing a role in helping ppl over thousands of ppl earn a FULL-TIME income working from home.

Also being featured in Success from Home Magazine twice. Becoming one of the millionaire earners in the company.

What is one quirky thing about you?

One quirky thing about me… The fact that I’m a private person and don’t like sharing my birthday with ppl…LOL!!

What Are Some Of The Mistakes You Wished You Could’ve Avoided?

Yes, I’m happy and I wouldn’t change anything Some of the mistakes I wish I could have avoided were taking too long to believe in myself.  Most of the times we are basically just living out a life that was taught to us from an early age.  What we believe in and how we should live was all taught to us by our parents/guardians before the age of 7.

We kinda didn’t have a choice to be honest because if we didn’t do something they said we got in trouble right…LOL.  So once we become of age and we start to see the world from a different set of eyes through our friends, television, traveling, and music… we start to be like wow I didn’t know that or I’ve never seen that.  Then once we become of legal age the world is just thrown on top of us to deal with and we’re forced to learn things on our own most of the time.  So I won’t say those were mistakes, they were basically learning lessons through life.

How Did You Know When You Had The Right Idea?

Well the company I’m in wasn’t my idea… but I learned years ago that you can get rich off of O.P.I.’s(OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS)

How Did You Handle Adversity And Doubt?

How did I handle adversity? I don’t know if there is a simple way to answer that.  I believe the only way to get through adversity is to just keep going and never quit no matter what.  Make a decision and stick to your guns.  Most people have a minor setback or a small distraction and they want to throw in the towel.  My mindset was I got to make this happen, I will make it happen, I don’t care what happens to me, that was my mindset literally.

I didn’t care who talked about me, who laughed at me, who wasn’t supporting me or anything.  I just knew it was possible for me and that’s all I needed to know.  Doubt tried to creep in here and there but I knew I was being tested by the universe to see if I really believed what I was claiming and speaking into existence.  Especially when you have family and close friends who weren’t supportive.  But all the personal development I was doing helped me through my transition.  I knew if I got my mindset in the right place everything else would take care of itself because business is mostly just a mental game.

 How Do You Plan On Growing Your Business?

The only way to grow any business is to keep your VISION, stay consistent, and never let the economy or the media dictate how much activity you’re putting into your business.  I’ve always been a pretty simple guy.  One of my strengths is staying focused on what I want.

Once I make up my mind to do something there isn’t too much anyone can do that can distract me ‘if’ I’ve made a decision.  But also, more importantly, the team I have around me plays a huge factor in our growth, I’m not a one-man show by any means.  I’ve had a strong team and mastermind group for years now so it’s been a learning process but the growth of myself as a man, leader, friend, and mentor has elevated over time.  Nothing comes easy, and I’ve never expected it to be easy.  I just wanted FREEDOM… I  was never chasing money.

How Did You Build Your Team?

The way I built my team was staying FOCUSED… keeping things as simple as I could and making sure I created something that could be duplicated by anybody.  Everybody knows business is a numbers game and I was willing to go through 100 people to get 1… most people won’t do that.

How Can I Be A Good Leader?

Being a good “Leader” is basically leading by example.  I learned from another mentor years ago that people don’t do what you say, they do what you do.  So from there, I knew the speed of the team was determined by the speed of the leader so I basically had to show everyone it was possible and from there we never looked back.

Everything rises and falls on leadership and that includes everything from our country to all the businesses/companies in the world today.  I never wanted to be or tried to be a “leader”… it basically was just something that got put on me as years went by… I was never trying to be that guy or anything in that space.  I was just wanting to show people if you put your mind to something and never quit you can do whatever you put your mind to… and I’m living proof of that.

Where can we find out more about you?

Thank you for your time! We appreciate you for sharing your story and your knowledge.