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Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!



Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!

Conversion rate is a powerful indicator of an e-commerce store’s performance. If you are finding a way to improve this number, upgrading your website to a Magento 2 PWA can be a potential solution.

Before going into details, we need to know what the conversion rate is and why it is so important to the business.

In simple words, the conversion rate is the number of customers that meet stores’ expectations such as signing up for events, placing an order,… out of the total number of visitors.

A good conversion rate is around 10% but achieving this number can be challenging.

Technology development has forced many firms to expand into e-commerce. With one product, customers can find so many providers available online. How to convince them to buy from a certain store?

This post will introduce Magento PWA as a tool to enhance customers’ online shopping experience and successfully convert them into buyers.

Let’s start!

Why Is The Magento Store’s Conversion Rate Often Low?

1/ Slow Loading Speed

Long waiting time can result in bad first impressions. If the loading time is longer than 5 seconds, customers may exit the site before seeing anything.

If they are patient enough to wait, the loading time still limits the number of products they can view. 

In the end, the waiting time causes buyers to feel like surfing the site time-consuming and unsatisfying with the browsing experience.

The conversion rate cannot be high when customers find the web performance of low-quality.

2/ Unresponsive Design

Generally, Magento websites are best used on laptops but consumers start to show their preference towards mobile phones. 

The reason is simple. Mobilephone is small and portable. We can bring them with us anywhere.  Besides, phones do not require so much time for turning on and off.

However, as most Magento websites have yet to optimize the mobile shopping experience, the conversion rate from mobile users is inferior to desktop ones.

3/ No News Updates

Promotion and sales events are the best time to get the highest conversion rate. Everyone loves buying products with discounted prices and has the desire to own limited items.

However, these events usually take place in a short amount of time and size can run out so quickly. Thus, customers need to be informed on time but a website cannot notify customers of the news.

Emails and messages are possible ways to send this information but it is costly. There are also high chances that customers consider this spam and won’t open it.

4/ Unstable Connection Quality

Incidents like suddenly lost connection or low-quality connection can negatively affect the site performance.

While this problem does not fall into merchants’ responsibility, it can still cause a poor shopping experience for customers.

Of course, we all know that in these situations, conversion cannot happen.

The worst case is that purchasers are about to finish their order when the connection gets lost and they don’t remember to refill the information after reconnecting.

So conversion rate might decrease with connection quality.  

5/ Irrelevant Traffic From Search Engines

To get a good SEO score, firms need time and expertise to execute an effective strategy.

Many firms have not worked on this stage carefully and got irrelevant traffic. This means they get the customers to the store but they are not the targeted customers.

As a result, they just leave the site without doing any further action and push the conversion rate lower. High bounce rate in turn causes SEO score to drop with Google ranking.

How Can Magento 2 PWA Solve The Puzzle?

With those problems the Magento website encountered, let’s see how Magento 2 Progressive Web App fixes those limitations.

1/ Less Waiting Time

Magento 2 PWA supports merchants in boosting the loading speed by 2-3 times faster than that of the original website. For a revisited page, it takes zero loading time. 

This function also makes it easy for consumers to memorize brand names and logos. Without extra fees spent on marketing activities, PWA has increased brand recognition just by a simple function. 

2/ Mobile-friendly Website

Magento Progressive Web App is the combination of a normal website and a native app. By converting the website to Magento 2 PWA, firms can enhance the store’s mobile-friendliness.

Magento PWA can adapt to different screen sizes. Whether buyers surf on tablets, laptops, or phones, they still have the best shopping experience. 

Besides, PWA provides consumers with app-like features: offline mode, push notification, and fullscreen display,…

3/ Better Communication Channel

Progressive Web App’s push notification function allows shoppers to get reminders from the e-commerce website just like any other native apps. Customers no longer suffer from disappointment for missing the sales promotion.

It also pushes the conversion rate to the highest when all targeted customers get the notifications.

This feature also saves merchants money on using other communication channels like SMS or email. 

4/ Less Dependence On Network Connection

Offline mode and background sync features of PWA let Magento store visitors enjoy browsing even without the Internet connection. This is applied to preloaded content.

With any orders that are completed during lost connection, the information will be recovered and sent to merchants as soon as reconnection takes place.

Moreover, offline mode gives customers more time to view the products and revisit the store. Thus, it also increases the likelihood for them to complete a purchase.

5/ Search Engine Optimization

Magento 2 PWA will help merchants in pushing the store to the first page on Google or other popular search engines.

With a better browsing experience, this also comes with a lower bounce rate and longer session duration. These two improvements can enhance the site’s ranking on Google search results.

Faster loading speed and high responsiveness are other criteria that are highly noticeable when Google ranks the sites.

By installing Magento PWA, all of these standards are met and merchants can see a rise in organic traffic and sales revenues.

Magento 2 PWA – The Answer To Conversion Rate Optimization

Clicking the website is not enough to raise store revenues. We need to form engagement and trust within customers before finally persuade them to place an order. Improving conversion rate is hard in the increasingly competitive e-commerce industry. 

With Magento PWA, it can eliminate most of the barriers preventing the store from reaching a higher conversion rate like long waiting time, mobile-unfriendly storefront, no news updates and heavy dependence on the connection. 

We hope that this post has provided Magento merchants with a solution to the unsolved problem related to the conversion rates.



Top 10 Coloring Pages for Preschool Kids



Top 10 Coloring Pages for Preschool Kids

Free Printable for Preschool coloring pages is a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills, and color recognition. Come and have fun with the top 10 printable coloring pages suitable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary kids.

Color by number is a simple coloring page for early kids, they choose numbers and colors easily. You can choose a lot of favorites and follow the numbers to bring them to life. Preschool kids totally love using the color key to guide them in their work. This activity will also help them review the names of the colors.

  • Coloring with Shapes

Shapes and patterns coloring pages to print, color, or make easy crafts suitable for preschool and kindergarten. They are helpful for children’s cognitive development and are great practice for basic geometry… All kinds of shapes make up the things we see every day.

  • Coloring Pages of Alphabet and Number

The preschool kids often learn Alphabet and Number in the early days. The alphabet coloring sheet is a good way to introduce your preschool children to the letters of the alphabet. And it helps your child to learn to count the numbers? Number coloring sheet will give him a fun way to do it.

  • Dot-To-Dot Coloring Pages

Dot to Dot printable is so easy coloring pages for preschool children. Dot to dot worksheets is great tools for children who are learning to count or read the alphabet. Use a dot to dot worksheets to learn, practice, and have fun with a lot of helpful topics.

Pikachu Dot to Dot
  • Flower Coloring Pages

The flower theme is loved mostly by girls, it helps kids to discover the beauties of nature: Rose, Sunflower, Lily and other beautiful flowers give them chance to play with colors. The free and printable coloring sheets look ready to get drenched with vibrant and radiant hues.

  • Princess Coloring Pages

Princess is widely depicted in fairy tales and defined as a woman who is the daughter of a king or queen. Princess coloring pages are one of the most favorite activities for kids of all ages, especially for preschool girls. You have the chance to travel through the world of beauty with so many popular princesses such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elsa, Princess Ariel, Mermaid, Barbie, Descendants, Moana, Jasmine, …

  • Animal Coloring Pages

Animal coloring pages are often for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school children to print and color. Children have a chance to learn animal names, shapes, and their featured colors. Some of the popular animal coloring pages are Lion, Monkey, Giraffe, Bird, Elephant, Dinosaur, Cow, Cat, …

  • Vehicles Coloring Pages

Transportation vehicles play an important role in society, so kids should learn them clearly. They learn all types of vehicles, know their shapes look like, search their parts and some basic function also. Finally, they can find favorite and suitable colors for coloring pages to print.

Pokémon is a series of Japanese video games published by Nintendo. Pokemon coloring pages are widely loved and searched by kids of all ages. You have a chance to travel through a fantasy world of hundreds of Pokemon characters: Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Chamelon … If you are a fan of Pokemon, you’ve got a ton of free coloring pages for you ready to enjoy. 

  • Disney Coloring Pages

A collection of coloring pages from various cartoons including Disney and vintage 80s shows. The Disney coloring pages are easy to print, and they will give your child a chance to get creative. Your kids can find a lot of characters such as Donald Duck, Doraemon, SpongeBob, Looney Tunes, Superman, …

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How to Prepare for Class 8 Maths Exams from NCERT Maths Book?



How to Prepare for Class 8 Maths Exams from NCERT Maths Book?

Mathematics is not an easy subject if you are not familiar with the concepts completely. Therefore, for a student, it is immensely important to do maths every day. Regular studies are the first step to scoring well in the exam. However, you can always take additional help from the NCERT maths books.

NCERT Books can be a great help as they offer exercises to solve, easy explanations, ncert maths book class 8 solutions pdf free download, and more. Referring to these books after your child has completed the said chapter in the textbook can help gain a deeper insight. Now, before you start preparing for the exam, it is extremely important to understand the number of chapters present in the syllabus and do them one by one.

Syllabus of Class 8 Maths Exams

Topic:  Rational Numbers


Properties of Rational Numbers

Representing Rational Numbers on the Number Line

Rational Number between Two Rational Numbers

Topic: Linear Equations in One Variable

Introduction to linear equations

Solving Equations

Some Applications

Solving Equations where there are Variable on either side

Some More Applications

Reducing Equations to Simpler Form

Equations Reducible to the Linear Form

Topic: Understanding Quadrilaterals



A few Measures of the Exterior Angles of a Polygon

Kinds of Quadrilaterals

Some Special Parallelograms

Topic: Practical Geometry


Constructing a Quadrilateral

Some Special Cases

Topic: Data Handling

Looking for Information

Organising Data

Grouping Data

Circle Graph or Pie Chart

Chance and Probability

Topic: Squares and Square Roots


Properties of Square Numbers

Some More Interesting Patterns

Finding the Square of a Number

Square Roots

Square Roots of Decimals

Estimating Square Root

Topic: Cubes and Cube Roots



Cubes Roots

Topic: Comparing Quantities

Recalling Ratios and Percentages

Looking for the Increase and Decrease Percent

Finding Discounts

Prices That Are  Related to Buying and Selling i.e.Profit and Loss

Sales Tax/Value Added Tax/Goods and Services Tax

Compound Interest

Deducing a Formula for Compound Interest

Rate Compounded Annually or Half Yearly (Semi-Annually)

Applications of Compound Interest Formula

Topic: Algebraic Expressions and Identities

What are Expressions?

Terms, Factors and Coefficients

Monomials, Binomials and Polynomials

Like and Unlike Terms

Subtraction and Addition of Algebraic Expressions

Introduction to Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions

Multiplying a Monomial by a Monomial

Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial

Multiplying a Polynomial by a Polynomial

What is an Identity?

Standard Identities

Applying Identities

Topic: Visualising Solid Shapes


 View of 3D-Shapes

 Mapping Space Around Us

Faces, Edges and Vertices

Topic: Mensuration


Let us Recall

Area of Trapezium

Area of General Quadrilateral

Area of Polygons

Solid Shapes

Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder

The volume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder

Volume and Capacity            

Topic: Exponents and Powers


Powers with Negative Exponents

Laws of Exponents

Using Exponents to Express Small Numbers and convert them into Standard Form

Topic: Direct and Inverse Proportions


Direct Proportion

Inverse Proportion

Topic: Playing with Numbers


Numbers in General Form

Game with Numbers

Letters for Digits

Test of Divisibility

Topic: Factorisation


What is Factorisation?

Division of Algebraic Expressions

Division of Algebraic Expressions Continued (Polynomial / Polynomial)

Can you Find the Error?

Topic: Introduction to Graphs


 Linear Graphs

Some Applications

When it comes to mathematics, skipping any chapter is never advised. However, you can make sure your child studies regularly to avoid any issues. Some tips will make studies for exams easier, read ahead to know more.

How To Study From Maths NCERT Books?

Using NCERT books is very helpful because;

  • The language used in the book is very simple, meaning, your child can read it himself.
  • Reputed experts and teachers with vast experience have written the books.
  • NCERT books are a genuine source of information.
  • NCERT books are great for understanding the concepts easily.

Start Chapter-Wise

One of the best ways to make use of NCERT books is to study them chapter-wise. It means, your child studies the chapter in the textbook once and then do the exercises and then move on to the NCERT books. This will ensure your child is completely prepared for the exams. It is important to give equal time to both books to ensure your child is completely prepared. Solving all the problems present in the book means more practice and more knowledge.

Make A Study Schedule

A study schedule is very important when it comes to studying for the exam. Now, you can make separate study schedules for your child- one for the textbook and the other for the NCERT book. Or you can have one study schedule including both. Don’t overburden your child, but make sure you cover all the chapters from both books. When it comes to Mathematics, practice makes perfect.

Focus on Challenging Chapters

Your child needs to concentrate more on difficult topics, but without taking too much time. Maths is a subject where your child can score full marks. Therefore, make sure all chapters are covered.

Sample Question Papers

Solving sample papers is another great way to make sure your child is thorough. It can also help you understand their strengths and weaknesses, and since you will have ample time before the exams, you can work on any weaknesses.

Always Clear The Doubts

If your child has any doubts regarding a concept, make sure it gets cleared immediately. You can either talk to the teacher or hire an online tutor. It is also possible to understand the concept clearly with the help of the NCERT books.

Finally, remember, make sure your child remains calm and panic-free before and during the exam as it will help him remember everything more clearly. Also, try to make learning more fun, with quizzes, interactive games, and more as this will help your child learn better.

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All You Need To Know About Molecular Spectroscopy



All You Need To Know About Molecular Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy involves the investigation and measurement of spectra produced due to matter interacting to give off electromagnetic radiation. In other words, it refers to the dispersion of light into component colours. It involves the interactions between molecules and electromagnetic radiation. Therefore that tells you that molecules oscillate from a lower energy level to a higher energy one and back repeatedly. In the process, the molecules absorb and radiate electromagnetic radiation. Here includes everything you need to learn about Molecular Spectroscopy.

Understand the meaning of a Molecule

A molecule is a group of positively charged atoms surrounded by a considerable number of negatively charged electrons. That explains molecular stability since there is a balance between the attractive and repulsive forces of the negatively charged electrons and positively charged nuclei. Moreover, a molecule is also characterized by the resulting energy that emerges from these interacting forces.

Types of Molecular Spectroscopy

The electromagnetic spectrum of a series of wavelengths is produced whenever a matter is exposed to any electromagnetic radiation. As a result, the Molecules will absorb a certain amount of wavelengths to the vibrational, higher electronic, and rotational energy levels. Therefore, the series of wavelengths a given molecule absorbs gives off a distinct molecular spectrum that lies in the specific region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here are three types of molecular spectra you should know:

  • Pure Rotational Spectra

Pure rotational spectra occur when a molecule absorbs the least amount of energy that compels it to transit from one rotational level to the next but within the same vibrational level. It is possible to observe rotational spectra using the spectral region of Far Infrared and Microwaves. Moreover, the energies in these types of spectral regions are very small. That’s why they are referred to as all rotational spectra, the microwave spectra.

  • Vibrational Rotational Spectra

Vibrational, rotational spectra occurs when a molecule absorbs sufficient energy that causes the molecule to move from one vibrational level to the next within the same electronic level. However, in this case, both vibrational and rotational transition takes place. That is how you end up with vibrational, rotational spectra. With vibrational spectra, it is easy to observe the spectra in the Near-Infrared Spectral region. That’s called vibrational, rotational spectra, the Infrared spectra.

  • Electronic Band Spectra

Lastly, electronic band spectra happen when the radiation’s exciting energy is large enough to aid the successful transition from one electronic level to the next. Both rotational and vibrational level changes accompany this transition. Additionally, a set of closely spaced lines appear for each vibrational transition. These closely spaced lines are known as bands Because the corresponding rotational level changes.

Molecular Spectroscopy primarily involves the excitation of atoms and molecules using photons. They are excited by either resonant vibrations or electronic transitions based on the induced quantum mechanical changes. While vibrational transitions correspond to changes made within the molecular vibrational states, they typically appear in the infrared region. On the other hand, Electronic transitions specifically correspond to changes in the electronic state of the molecules. Moreover, it often appears in the UV-visible region.

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