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Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!



Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!

Conversion rate is a powerful indicator of an e-commerce store’s performance. If you are finding a way to improve this number, upgrading your website to a Magento 2 PWA can be a potential solution.

Before going into details, we need to know what the conversion rate is and why it is so important to the business.

In simple words, the conversion rate is the number of customers that meet stores’ expectations such as signing up for events, placing an order,… out of the total number of visitors.

A good conversion rate is around 10% but achieving this number can be challenging.

Technology development has forced many firms to expand into e-commerce. With one product, customers can find so many providers available online. How to convince them to buy from a certain store?

This post will introduce Magento PWA as a tool to enhance customers’ online shopping experience and successfully convert them into buyers.

Let’s start!

Why Is The Magento Store’s Conversion Rate Often Low?

1/ Slow Loading Speed

Long waiting time can result in bad first impressions. If the loading time is longer than 5 seconds, customers may exit the site before seeing anything.

If they are patient enough to wait, the loading time still limits the number of products they can view. 

In the end, the waiting time causes buyers to feel like surfing the site time-consuming and unsatisfying with the browsing experience.

The conversion rate cannot be high when customers find the web performance of low-quality.

2/ Unresponsive Design

Generally, Magento websites are best used on laptops but consumers start to show their preference towards mobile phones. 

The reason is simple. Mobilephone is small and portable. We can bring them with us anywhere.  Besides, phones do not require so much time for turning on and off.

However, as most Magento websites have yet to optimize the mobile shopping experience, the conversion rate from mobile users is inferior to desktop ones.

3/ No News Updates

Promotion and sales events are the best time to get the highest conversion rate. Everyone loves buying products with discounted prices and has the desire to own limited items.

However, these events usually take place in a short amount of time and size can run out so quickly. Thus, customers need to be informed on time but a website cannot notify customers of the news.

Emails and messages are possible ways to send this information but it is costly. There are also high chances that customers consider this spam and won’t open it.

4/ Unstable Connection Quality

Incidents like suddenly lost connection or low-quality connection can negatively affect the site performance.

While this problem does not fall into merchants’ responsibility, it can still cause a poor shopping experience for customers.

Of course, we all know that in these situations, conversion cannot happen.

The worst case is that purchasers are about to finish their order when the connection gets lost and they don’t remember to refill the information after reconnecting.

So conversion rate might decrease with connection quality.  

5/ Irrelevant Traffic From Search Engines

To get a good SEO score, firms need time and expertise to execute an effective strategy.

Many firms have not worked on this stage carefully and got irrelevant traffic. This means they get the customers to the store but they are not the targeted customers.

As a result, they just leave the site without doing any further action and push the conversion rate lower. High bounce rate in turn causes SEO score to drop with Google ranking.

How Can Magento 2 PWA Solve The Puzzle?

With those problems the Magento website encountered, let’s see how Magento 2 Progressive Web App fixes those limitations.

1/ Less Waiting Time

Magento 2 PWA supports merchants in boosting the loading speed by 2-3 times faster than that of the original website. For a revisited page, it takes zero loading time. 

This function also makes it easy for consumers to memorize brand names and logos. Without extra fees spent on marketing activities, PWA has increased brand recognition just by a simple function. 

2/ Mobile-friendly Website

Magento Progressive Web App is the combination of a normal website and a native app. By converting the website to Magento 2 PWA, firms can enhance the store’s mobile-friendliness.

Magento PWA can adapt to different screen sizes. Whether buyers surf on tablets, laptops, or phones, they still have the best shopping experience. 

Besides, PWA provides consumers with app-like features: offline mode, push notification, and fullscreen display,…

3/ Better Communication Channel

Progressive Web App’s push notification function allows shoppers to get reminders from the e-commerce website just like any other native apps. Customers no longer suffer from disappointment for missing the sales promotion.

It also pushes the conversion rate to the highest when all targeted customers get the notifications.

This feature also saves merchants money on using other communication channels like SMS or email. 

4/ Less Dependence On Network Connection

Offline mode and background sync features of PWA let Magento store visitors enjoy browsing even without the Internet connection. This is applied to preloaded content.

With any orders that are completed during lost connection, the information will be recovered and sent to merchants as soon as reconnection takes place.

Moreover, offline mode gives customers more time to view the products and revisit the store. Thus, it also increases the likelihood for them to complete a purchase.

5/ Search Engine Optimization

Magento 2 PWA will help merchants in pushing the store to the first page on Google or other popular search engines.

With a better browsing experience, this also comes with a lower bounce rate and longer session duration. These two improvements can enhance the site’s ranking on Google search results.

Faster loading speed and high responsiveness are other criteria that are highly noticeable when Google ranks the sites.

By installing Magento PWA, all of these standards are met and merchants can see a rise in organic traffic and sales revenues.

Magento 2 PWA – The Answer To Conversion Rate Optimization

Clicking the website is not enough to raise store revenues. We need to form engagement and trust within customers before finally persuade them to place an order. Improving conversion rate is hard in the increasingly competitive e-commerce industry. 

With Magento PWA, it can eliminate most of the barriers preventing the store from reaching a higher conversion rate like long waiting time, mobile-unfriendly storefront, no news updates and heavy dependence on the connection. 

We hope that this post has provided Magento merchants with a solution to the unsolved problem related to the conversion rates.



WwwDadeschool Net Guide for Student Login



WwwDadeschool Net Guide for Student Login

The WwwDadeschool net Student Login button on the house page might seem troublesome, yet it’s actually terribly easy. For your convenience, we’ve enclosed most official links for simple access below, and take care to verify them every time you visit therefore we will make sure the correct functioning of your login! If you would like facilitate, please check our troubleshooting data on this web site.

Step 1: If you’d wish to notice data concerning accessing WwwDadeschool Net Student Login, merely head to this link. Clicking thereon can transport you to a unique tab, wherever you’ll discover some useful tips and answers to ordinarily asked queries concerning login access!

Step 2: Enter your user name and parole wherever acceptable. take care you save them once sign language up or use the e-mail provided, because of you’ll want them to log in when requesting computer network Dadeschool Student Login.

Stage 3: Once you receive the “properly signed in” plan, it implies that your computer network Dadeschool web Student Login program is activated.

Step 4: Troubleshooting Manual: we have a tendency to area unit sorry that you’re unable to access the Dadeschool net Student Login page. we have a tendency to area unit aware that glitches will occur, and that we are victimisation troubleshooting directions to help you resolve the difficulty as fleetly as possible!

Employee Login – Miami-Dade County Public faculties

Adult / line of work / advanced internet sites 2020-2021 twenty first CCLC internet sites Employment Jobs M-DCPS Parent Portal Manual to form and Miami-Dade Coalition Goal What’s Neighborhood Education area unit the 3 2019-2020 twenty first CCLC internet sites which will have Adult / line of work / advanced Employment Opportunities. The DCPS Parent Portal Manual to form and Miami-Dade Coalition Goal What’s Neighborhood Education area unit the Miami-Dade Coalition Goal What’s Neighborhood Education web site and 3 2019-2020 twenty first CCLC internet sites which will have Adult / line of work

Miami-Dade County faculties –

Email: E-mail [email protected] Phone: X 2345 Log in information (Slide 5) • Log in MDPS workers web site o Programs, Companies, internet sites Bill o Unified Testing Platform MYUNIFY (40 min) MYUNIFY (Slides 6-10) • Upon beginning Unify, educators are going to be able to see all students to that they subjected access.

Miami-Dade County Public faculties

Miami-Dade District Public faculties is within the North American nation and is currently the fourth largest public establishment within the country.

M-DCPS Students Page – wwwdadeschool net

You can specify your initial parole victimisation Student Portal information in parole Management/P-Synch, and this alteration can take twenty four hours to complete.

Dadeschools net

Queensland Portal Demonstration from 2008; SharePoint Portal Demonstration; CGCS & June nine Demonstration; North America ISU FY07; Microsoft All Arms Conference; federation Authority Discussion; SharePoint Demonstration – St Patrick’s Day, 2008 ; workers Portal Demonstration; Key Portal Demonstration; pedagogue Portal Demonstration; Parent/Student Portal ….

Logon – Miami-Dade County Public faculties

Your web site doesn’t support cookies. this is {often|this can be} often because of anybody of a mess of alternative reasons: Your browser cannot support cookies.

Login to your Dadeschools net Account …

You’re a parent, student, worker, or voluntary member of society that desires facilitate with the dadeschools registration web site. Get connected with North American nation concerning the web site therefore we will assist you start victimisation it. Dadeschools net Registration registration web site is employed by Miami-Dade District Public faculties for tutorial functions.

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Students Receive Money for their Student Loan Debt



Students Receive Money for their Student Loan Debt

Pursuing higher education is the dream of every student, but only a few of them achieve their goal, while the rest are left behind under the pressure of debt. No matter what career you choose, you need loans to finance your education, as a part-time job is not enough to pay the high tuition fee.

Randa Taha, the rising Tiktok star and current Miss Supreme America, brought this problem to light after a video to help students get out of loans went viral. She decided to launch a campaign where students get help from ordinary people to pay off their debts.

The amount of debt can range from $6,000 to $100,000, including interest. So far, more than 1,000 students have registered on the forum, where they have provided information about their university, the amount of debt they owe, and their means of payment. The campaign has gone viral, and students have received as little as $50, while some students have received over $300 via their cash app, Venmo or PayPal.

Whether you are a student who has student loan debt, or a donor looking to help students, don’t hesitate to participate in this campaign. We have not set a donation amount; you are all free to help with the amount you can handle because we believe that “every dollar counts.”

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Top Educational Toys for 2-3 Years Old Kids



Top Educational Toys for 2-3 Years Old Kids

How to choose educational toys and a list of educational toys for 2 to 3 year olds kids and many more? There has been an increasing trend in educational toys during the previous decade. With a host of online and physical options on the market, it’s challenging for parents to find the right toys for their children. They must be picked in the light of the child’s age and interest. Present items that enhance your presentation skills and promote independent learning. It should be low-tech and able to concentrate and improve alongside its fine motor abilities. Wonderlearns the best preschool online classes in India for kids the toy should be safe for the usage of the children and should stimulate growth by playing.

1. Magnetic & Writing Board

A magnetic writing board is a fantastic combination of fun and educational support. It invites the youngster to play with the colorful letters and it is fascinated by the magnetic board. It’s long-lasting and also features a whiteboard. Now you may purchase magnetic slates (like these) on your budget, magnetic boards, or magnetic stables (like these).

2. Colouring MATs for Kids 

Nobody needs to explain the enthusiasm for colors and paints. This mat is both a pleasure for parents and children. It’s also reusable and washable. For a while, the child can be left alone. Good value for money. Good value for money. Enhances focus and inventiveness.

3. Classic Wooden Toy

Abacus is a terrific toy and educational tool for bringing your youngster into the number and counting world. The beads of wood are vivid and appealing. Improves a child’s logical reasoning. Learn to recognize and count numbers. A good toy to keep the kid out of devices.

4. Colour And Shapes Sorter

This Color and Shape sorter is another useful toy preschool online classes India that has been quite helpful in educating your youngster interestingly about forms and colors. It keeps the youngster busy for a few hours and the child can play alone after a little coaching. It boosts the ability to discriminate visually. Develops coordination hand-to-eye. Can be played to keep the child interested in different ways.

5. Mini Puzzle Foam Mat for Kids

This colorful foam mat is essential for all children. I mean children love them. Children love them. It is also used as a construction block. Can be used as a jigsaw. It is created from non-toxic substances and is also antifreeze. It improves the interest of a youngster to learn alphabets and numbers. Helps develop fine engine skills.

6. Play dough pack for kids

Play dough is another children’s educational toys for 2 to 3 year olds. Usually, I receive this brand and colorful little playdough tubes. This playdough set is available in various sizes. This box has twelve color tubes. Let the child discover his originality. It strengthens the muscles of his hands and fingers. Rest assured of his decisions and work.

7. My First Animal Sticker Book: Exciting Sticker Book With 100 Stickers

This book features 100 plus colorfully drawn stickers to enjoy the basics while learning. Colorful stickers increase the learning experience of your child and help them develop their creativity and fine motor abilities


Educational toys are both entertaining and educational toys. Research demonstrates that playing learning is a crucial aspect of a child’s development. Educational toys for 2 to 3 year olds involve the youngster longer and stimulate the brain. The lessons given through preschool online classes inIndiaeducational toys last a lifetime and offer the child a start in life. You never know what could ignite the interest of your child. The perfect educational toy could only begin your child’s lifetime love or career.

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