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How journalists work each day




How journalists work each day


An information professional and writing specialist, the journalist searches for subjects, collects information for a selected audience, checks it, sorts and writes it. There are several facets in the journalist’s profession: he can go from the editor of the sports section of the local newspaper to the great reporter travelling the world, passing by the cultural critic working on the radio or the presenter of the newspaper at 8 p.m. But whether he is a columnist, editorial writer, reporter, journalist, image reporter (JRI), editor, editorial secretary (SR), agency, investigator or even correspondent abroad, his role clear publicist is above all to transmit information to its audience.


Whether in a newsroom or as a special envoy, each journalist begins his day by peeling the newspapers, selecting subjects, learning the news, attending editorial boards, all with the aim of defining the information that will make the headlines, special files, scheduled interviews, etc.

Information is gathered through interviews with targeted people, the organization of press conferences or by participating in demonstrations. It’s a job that requires a lot of monitoring, research and making contact. In this context, mastery of the Internet is becoming increasingly important.

Once all the elements in hand and before writing his article (or his radio or television intervention if applicable), the journalist checks his sources and the reliability of the information collected so as not to disclose incomplete or erroneous elements to his readers. He is the guarantor and the vector of the good transmission and the good comprehension of information by his public and of this fact can profit from a position of expert or referent.

Next comes the stage of writing, fast, clear and respecting the tone used by the medium. It must capture the reader’s attention quickly. The journalist can convey neutral information, but he is also perfectly capable of giving an opinion, making a comment or criticism.

Finally, he transmits his articles to the editorial staff for editing and printing the support. The pen having been replaced by the computer, we can ask the journalist to send articles ready to be edited, namely already illustrated and laid out (so he needs to know a bit about the technique ;-)).

To date, it is the periodical press and, second, the PQR (regional daily press) which employ the most journalists. 60% of them work in Ile-de-France. The other journalism professions are much less represented, for example, there are 450 journalists in image reporting (TV) in France.


Great writing skills and speed of writing.

Curiosity and general knowledge.

Analysis and spirit of synthesis.

Dynamism and flexibility.

Know how to assert oneself and a critical mind.

Sense of contact and creativity.

Type of employer and work environment

After their internship period (longer and longer), journalists can work in an agency (press, corporate communication for example), or directly for the media: professional, daily, regional or local press, but also for magazines or for the specialized press. They are also found in radio stations or on certain television programs, and increasingly on the web.

The daily life of the journalist is very different depending on whether he is a salaried worker or “freelance”. This second mode of operation consists of being paid for each “paper”, survey or article. It is of course much more precarious but many professionals hold on to this status which allows them autonomy and freedom and which calls upon the famous “press card”.


In addition to working in an extremely competitive environment, the journalist must know how to work in stress and in urgency, because he must finish everyday articles that are no longer current the next day. It is a profession that requires almost total availability, as well as a reactive and adaptable mind: it can happen that it stops at any time its work to devote itself to an unexpected event.

Required training

In terms of studies, there are establishments which issue diplomas recognized by training, such as Celsa in Paris and the famous journalism schools in Lille, Toulouse or Strasbourg.

But it is also accessed via a university sector (of which 80% of journalists would come from): studies of letters, law or especially political science (Sciences Po Paris and its Masters in journalism for example), or even with licenses / master’s degrees in information and communication.


Compensation can range from 20 to 40 K € gross annually, depending on experience and type of business (national press or regional press for example) and status (employee or freelancer). It is with the number of years that we can evolve in terms of function and therefore in terms of salary.

Note: These averages are based on Elaee figures cross-checked with annual French studies on our businesses.

Comment Elaee

A job that dreams of many young people, motivated by films like “Citizen Kane” by Orson Welles (inspired by the life of the press magnate Randolph Hearst) or better still “The men of the President” where the valiant journalists Redford and Hoffmann denounce the Watergate.

However, we discover with amazement that this job, even if it is difficult to reach, is one of the lowest paid in the profession. In fact, this situation is historic and it is not only due to the crisis in the press world with the loss of its paying readers.

In any case, the Internet is revolutionizing both the function and the way of working and it is certainly on this new medium that we will see the most job creation tomorrow.

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The Story Behind Nilam Coaching Mental & Physical Transformation




The Story Behind Nilam Coaching Mental & Physical Transformation

This week we had the chance to get to talk to one of the most inspiring health coaches on the internet, Nilam Coaching. If you haven’t heard of her yet, now is the time to learn some stuff from her. By the end of this article that will be a blast from the past…  

Nilam is a passionate health coach who loves to inspire and help other women from all around the world to become the best version of themselves. She had a mental & physical transformation herself so she knows what she is talking about.

Nilam The world wants to know, who are you, and what exactly is it that you do? :

Thank you for asking me these questions. I am a simple soul who just wants to help others to become healthier and more aware… I love to help women out to love themselves more and more every day. To help them out with their health, with fun workouts, and with upgrading their self-love and mindset. I truly believe that when you take care of yourself your life will be so much better. I am alive to inspire. Alive to show women that they can become anything they want in life and that they deserve it all!

Nilam Transformation

That’s Awesome Nilam, How exactly did you get started? :

Well, personally a few years ago I was super insecure and not feeling good in my skin. I was overweight and I didn’t know how to live myself. So I decided to change myself physically and mentally. I had a lot of ups and downs during my process but I appreciate all the lessons.

After I helped myself out I coached many women from all around the world. I helped them to achieve their (body) goals and helped them to accept and love themselves the way they are. I showed them that a transformation is about them… You don’t change yourself for another person, you do it for yourself! The smile we created together on their faces is priceless. It gives me the energy to see them happy!

So Nilam as I can see you’ve been able to accomplish quite a lot in your career so far, what’s the most challenging stuff that u had to deal with? :

I won’t lie… It was hard in the beginning to make my lifestyle changes. I’ve made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t had the right education and knowledge about how to change my life forever. But I am very happy that my clients don’t have to make the same mistakes which means they save a lot of time and energy!!

I find it also super challenging to see that in this world we live in right now a lot of people feel the pressure that they need to live a ‘perfect’ life. But life isn’t perfect. It comes with ups and downs, what you see on social media are just highlights of someone else’s life. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent and your life will change.

The last big challenging thing I find is all the supplements people are promoting to grow their business. When someone wants to change their body you don’t need them. If you like it it’s fine Of course, but you don’t need them. It’s about naturally creating a healthy lifestyle! There is no quick fix, no magic pill. Just you who needs to put in the work with the right knowledge and good support is always a plus.

Amazing Nilam, Love the motivation you have, so do you teach others how to achieve with their body what you were able to do? :

Thank you, I’ll try to inspire them that if I can do it, they can do it too. Even better! I want to show all those beautiful women that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background or age. The only thing that matters is if you want to make the lifestyle change. Nothing dramatic. You just need to be willing to make tiny changes that will lead to remarkable results.

 What makes you different from other Health Coaches? :

Well, I don’t want to compare myself to other coaches. I just hope everyone is doing the best they can for other people. I’ve seen many great coaches which is great. I just want to show women that a transformation is not only about the outside. It’s about the inside as well. It’s about to look at yourself in the mirror and love yourself.

Work on your mind first and your body will follow!

I want to show those amazing woman that you don’t have to be so hard on yourself.. you don’t have to starve yourself or cut any food group. I want to show them that you can still enjoy the foods you like and achieve your goals.

They just need to know that it’s important to keep your body moving.. to keep their body moving in a way they like it. That you can lift weights at home or the gym it doesn’t matter! And that you don’t have to be scared to lift some weights, lifting will make you feel stronger, you will create that amazing body shape this way and you will still look super feminine.

Last but not least, I want to show how to create a lifestyle change. how to achieve your body goals and how to keep them as well! I think that’s so important. Long term results.. that’s what it’s all about.

How Hard You Think it is for a new person to get into this? :

It might be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but that’s normal because your body and mind resist everything new automatically, but if you are willing to change then there is nothing to worry about.

Just remember that you don’t have to be perfect. Some days will be better than other days and that’s fine. Just keep believing, keep pushing and you will get there.

Just know that you got this, If I were able to have the transformation you will be able to as well!!

And not to forget to mention the Nilam Coaching community. Women from all around the world who are supporting each other. We are in this together. Together everyone achieves more.

 Nilan, Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me, wish you all the success. Anything you have to add for the end and where people can find you :

I don’t think I would add anything else for the moment, just want to tell all the women from all around the world! That you can do it!!

And for everyone who want to connect with me you can check my website : as well as my Instagram Page @nilamcoaching

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The top myths about auto insurance




The top myths about auto insurance

The complexities and lack of clarity about the methods of calculating premiums and including certain exceptions in car insurance policies have left people guessing and this has resulted in some myths that float in the air. No one knows for sure as to what can qualify for an insurance claim and what might be debarred from claiming. Myths are often considered to be true and this leads to misunderstandings.

This article attempts to break some myths and throw light on facts and actual conditions that are applicable for car insurance. This should help car owners to know their limits and avoid being on the wrong side of the law that can even result in rendering car insurance policies invalid. Let us see what the truth really is.

Specific colors of car can make insurance expensive

The color of cars does not matter to insurance companies in working out the cost of insurance.  The type of vehicle is the main concern of insurance companies as it relates to the safety record of the category and how attractive it is to thieves. The cost of repairs that the type of car might entail is also what is looked into. History of accidents, total distance driven in a year, driving preferences – during the day or night and the preferred driving routes are all considered to work out the premium but never the appearance of vehicles.

Accidents from others’ fault would exempt the payment of excess

In the event of any claim the insured person has to pay a certain sum of money that is known as excess. This condition is built into the agreement that a car owner enters with the insurance company and it has to be honored regardless whether the accident has happened for the fault of someone else or even if the car is stolen.

Prior driving conviction disqualifies the driver from getting auto insurance

Click4Warranty says car insurance companies have factored the risks of driving conviction into the insurance products that they offer and does not disqualify a person who has been convicted for some reasons of breaking the road rules from obtaining car insurance. However, the record of driving conviction would make the policy costlier except for speeding conviction that does not entail any extra cost of insurance. Even if you have been convicted for driving any other types of vehicles likes van or motorbike it is better to disclose it at the time of taking the insurance so that you are not taken by surprise at the time of settlement of claims.

No claim bonus is affected by windscreen claims

Claims pertaining to windscreens only do not impact the no claim bonus status of the policy in any way. Only the insurer has to pay his or her share of excess as per agreement.

The insurance company takes the liability of loan repayment when the car is written off

This is not true as the written off value is lower than the outstanding loan. To make the insurance company repay the loan you have to get cover of GAP insurance.

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Maintaining A Good Work Reputation




Maintaining A Good Work Reputation

It is very important to have a good professional reputation. Your life becomes a little easier when others think highly of you. Your ideas are going to be ushered in more easily because people believe in you and your contributions. When you make a mistake, it is going to be a little smoother because you have the benefit of the doubt. With a positive professional reputation, you are able to make important connections, earn a promotion, and strengthen the network connections you have.

Below are some great tips that will go a long way in helping you manage your reputation -no matter where you are getting started. TRS Staffing discuss the engineering jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

Putting in the effort to improve your professional reputation is going to be worth it because it will help you with your career.


It is not that hard to manage your professional relationships and how you are viewed by others. Your first step is going to be doing things that are going to earn you a positive reputation. You should always try to do the right thing at your workplace, especially when dealing with other people. If you are looking to prove that you are hardworking, considerate, etc. then you need to be actually hardworking, considerate, etc. You shouldn’t shirk a duty or put something past someone else. Your goal needs to be acting with integrity. If you want to improve your professional reputation, then act like it.


There are some certain behaviours you have to avoid if you want to improve your professional reputation. You can’t go far when you are doing the wrong things, no matter how much good you are doing. Negativity is the most toxic behaviour in any setting. If you were to look closely at negative people, then you will realize that most of them don’t have a great professional reputation. You should try your best to avoid negative behaviours no matter how frustrated or tired you are. Your focus should be on finding a solution to problems or looking at things from a different angle.


Everyone makes a mistake at one point. If you happen to make a mistake (you are a human), then the best thing to do is apologize. You should take full responsibility for your actions because it gives you the chance of making lemonades from lemons. For a person to own up to their mistake and errors, it takes a certain confidence and maturity.


If you are interested in a great professional reputation, you need to be willing to go the extra mile and not just do a good job. Always look for the extra step because it can make a lot of difference. Sticking around a little late to help a fellow employee, or leaving a thank-you note after a meeting, will help in improving how others see you, which is going to improve your reputation. If you want to improve how others see you, then you need to more than expected.


The process of building trust is no simple or easy. You need to look at your words and actions because they are very powerful and can determine whether other people trust you or not. You also need to think about how you carry yourself physically. There are some behaviours like eye contact, an open stance, and a smile that can help you let others know you can be trusted. You need to be sending out the right signals.

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