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High School Student Makes $100,000 Online At 15



High School Student Makes $100,000 Online At 15

High School Student Makes $100,000

Most of them have heard stories before. An Australian boy succeeded as an online entrepreneurial 14 years ago. Ruslan Kogan founded one of the largest e-commerce stores to date.

3 years after graduating from the University, Ruslan founded and became CEO of Kogan to establish an e-commerce empire. Soon after, Ruslan Kogan expanded Kogan to retail, internet marketing and insurance companies.

Fast forward to February 2019 and Marcus Pereira, another Australia, has released his first six images from his e-commerce store. Except Marcus didn’t graduate from high school. In fact, he was still in his senior year at just 15 years of age.

At the end of the year, the internet was full of buzz about drop-shipping. ‘Is it a scam?’ Fake Is it fake? sustainable Is it sustainable? ‘Drop-shipping Too Saturated ” Drop-shipping is Dead ‘

For Marcus, 15 years old, drop-shipping is not dead

In fact, he went from launching his first e-commerce store in February 2019 to earn more than $ 100,000 in August 2019.Just 6 months later, this is his first six months.

But his story doesn’t begin there. Marcus claims that his success is due to work ethics at a young age. While most 15-year-olds play Fortnite or Call of Duty after school, he works on his business and educates himself.

Marcus established and operated the YouTube channel throughout his school years, focusing on creating viral videos and on-demand content. He expanded the channel to more than 6,000 members and made money before retiring.

A few years later he started creating an Instagram page that will focus on a specific niche. He saw that there was a bigger account, created a six-digit account, and Marcus wanted to be part of that.

After expanding his niched page to a large audience, he began to sell promotions to companies with brands. He noticed that these stores sell products directly from China and mark the price.

After further research, Marcus stated that these companies operate a drop-shipping business by selling products in their stores and shipping directly from China to customers.

A year later, on the 15th, he decided that he would try e-commerce himself with his own drop-shipping business. This time, he will be the person who buys shouts from influencers and Instagram pages like himself.

While he worked at an e-commerce store, he knew that advertising expenses, fees and Shopify expenses were high for his budget.

Marcus knew that he had to open a new business to cover the money in his Shopify store. He started selling products on eBay. He would find sources from local retailers and list them in his eBay store at a predetermined price.

He continues to expand the eBay business and has sold over 360,000 dollars this year. He takes profits from his eBay store and invests in his Shopify business.

As a high school student, Marcus thinks that business and e-commerce can help him pay for the university. He doesn’t want to carry a piglet from his parents. He wants to be financially independent from the start. He doesn’t want to ask for money from his parents or let them buy anything, and e-commerce gives Marcus the opportunity.

He works relentlessly in the next few months to resize eBay stores to earn more while building a Shopify side.

“I didn’t expect much. I would be happy to make $ 500 in my first month.”

In December 2019, he adjusted his eBay business to a satisfactory level, earning more than $ 30,000 a month.He continues to focus on this business model. But at the end of the year 2019 he launched his Shopify shop.

Entering 2020, Marcus has a number of businesses operating that have earned him significant revenue. His main income comes from eBay but earns monthly income from his Instagram account and Shopify store.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe it has changed my life ever since. I’ve never seen these numbers. I think the $ 25,000 is a lasting and lasting blessing. But in January I made an income. Another 30,000 dollars ”

As he progressed for many months, Marcus developed internet marketing skills, especially on Facebook. He knew that this was the future of his e-commerce store, and the power of advertising could help grow his business to six digits per month.

Marcus used these skills to expand his store and now runs both eBay and Shopify drop-shipping.

Marcus attaches great importance to his success in watching online business owner’s YouTube videos when he was young.

“Growing up, I always like to watch this type of video where people do my own business and show that it truly inspired me and made me want to follow their footsteps.”

Fast forward to the present, and now Marcus teaches others how to create his own profitable Drop-shipping store through YouTube channel and his Instagram page.

“If I didn’t watch these videos when I was young, I didn’t think that would be what I am today. I owe everything to the entrepreneurs who taught me and I feel it is my duty to Do the same ”

Marcus also offers Instagram e-commerce and marketing courses to teach people step by step how to start their business and follow in the footsteps that Marcus uses.



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