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Furkan Aibani ( savagenewsfurkan ), Conspiracy expert in Hindi



Furkan Aibani ( savagenewsfurkan ), Conspiracy expert in Hindi

Furkan Aibani

Much like on social media while lip and dance sync, Furkan Aibani makes plot and horror stories in Hindi.
To get a name as a social media star, it takes years, then your business notices you, and if you are loyal and constantly working, success is guaranteed in this field.

Furkan Aibani also known as SavageNewsFurkan is the popular social media star for his plot stories. He made many people enjoy his new style of editing and amazing horror stories.

Furqan Aibani is a multi-talented. He lives his dream and deals with his responsibilities with amazing ease. His family has always supported him in everything he does.

There was a time when he felt that it would not be possible for him to pursue his dreams, but he was mentally strong overcoming every hurdle that came his way and began as a story with horror stories and conspiracy in Hindi.

Knowing the importance of technology nowadays, he started posting his work on social media accounts like Instagram reels, Tiktok, and YouTube. With each passing day, he was approaching his destination and his popularity was increasing day by day.

Furkan Aibani is now a big social media star with 1.1 million TikTok followers and 52,000 Instagram followers with 30,000 YouTube subscribers in just one month.
You can visit his profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok where he is very active and regularly post videos and photos of his work. He also posted his daily stories on Snapchat as well.

We wish you all the best for Furqan Aibani in the future