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Footwear You Must Have



Footwear You Must Have

In this article, I’m going to go through my top 4 Footwear Staples for autumn and winter. These are the shoes and boots that I wear the most this time of year, and also the majority of them are really classic timer Styles, so I bring them out year after year

4 Essential Shoes In Your Wardrobe

I will share 4 essential shoes, including loafers, thigh highs, boots, and sneakers. Hope you find it is useful


I’m going to start off with one of my most worn styles, particularly in autumn: a pair of classic black loafers. Mine are from other stories, I got them a couple of years ago, but they do bring out the exact same style each year, and I just love the style of these I love how classic they are. They’re very similar to the Gucci loafers, but obviously a fraction of the price, I think they’re A really lovely classic pair of black loafers. I know chunky loafers are very in at the moment very on trend, and I do like how they             look. But I think for me a pair of classic slimmer black loafers are very timeless and they’re not going to kind of date within a couple of years.

Thigh High Boots

I have a few faux leather thigh-highs. There are so many outfits you could style by using suede thigh highs. My favorite plus size thigh high knee high boots outfit is a knit dress with thigh-high boots and then a black shoulder bag, and then I am going to add on to the outfit with an oversized biker leather jacket, which I had for two years. I am so obsessed with this outfit, I have gotten so much wear out of it. Another outfit is a black rib turtleneck and then matches cute faux leather shorts. You could wear it when it’s chillier out because then your thighs are actually covered.

Thigh High Boots

Carmina Shoe Makers Block Heel Chelsea Boots

The next pair of essential shoes that I want to talk about is a cute pair of ankle boots, which can be dressed up or down, and for me, this tends to come into something that’s a little bit of a heel, maybe like an inch and a half. It is something really comfortable and walkable, but also something that I can wear a little bit casually. And why I love this for my personal style, I really love the versatility. It goes with so much in my closet, and it gives me enough of a polish for a casual look, but then kind of dresses down a more formal look.

Carmina Shoe Makers Block Heel Chelsea Boots


Last but not least, my essential shoes also include pair of comfortable sneakers, and this is something that I kind of neglected for a     long time. When I redid my style, I was thinking, my style doesn’t really suit sneakers, there weren’t a ton of really cute outfits surrounding sneakers at the time. And I always felt personal like when I put on a tennis sneaker or a running sneaker I looked really juvenile, and it gave me the effective counter to what I was going for, I just excluded sneakers altogether and that was definitely a mistake. Over the last few years. I’ve been really trying to lean into sneakers and try on different ones and not exclude the category without being experimental, and seeing what I actually liked. I am so glad that I did that               because sneakers have become such an important part of my style. I have chosen a sneaker that doesn’t look like a traditional running shoe that just works for my style, it’s a little bit chunky and like a slip-on style those are perfect and I can wear them in so many different ways. There is the first choice when I want to feel comfortable.


Those are my top 4 shoes, hope you can get some inspiration. Thanks for Reading!