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Fans from NYC to LA Ask: Is Kim Getting Plastic Surgery to Be Beyonce?




Beyonce Knowles is a pop megastar and is single-handedly responsible for some of the most iconic pop singles of the 21st century. Hits like “Single Ladies” have broken musical records and swept a wave of euphoric hysteria across the world. Alternatively, tracks like “Lemonade” have inspired women empowerment and promoted female independence. Beyonce is a figure who is equal rights human and mythical, pop idol and feminist icon. Her music and image have together cemented a place in history for her, and it will be a long, long time before her or legacy is forgotten. 

Throughout Beyonce’s long and distinguished career she has attracted many fans and admirers who have used her image for their own benefit. Among these is another icon in her own right, Kim Kardashian West. From the iconic Jenner and Kardashian households, this beauty guru has established herself as one of the most recognizable faces in the world, appearing in headlines and on tabloid news stations through sheer will, seemingly. The Kardashian brand seemed to rise out of nowhere, and within a decade, every member of the family has roots in some form of business.

Kim’s Business Ventures

 Kim’s own business roots lie in beauty and fashion. She has made a name for herself due to her daring fashion shoots and styles. However, fans and reporters alike have noticed that over the years, Kim has taken some inspiration from Beyonce’s own iconic outfits. Sometimes months, years, or even decades after Beyonce has sported an outfit, Kim has debuted a similar and sometimes identical look. Whether it’s sunglasses, crimped hair, or covering herself in glitter, Kim has again and again proven herself to be a devoted Beyonce fan. 

However, fan accusations now are causing some to question whether Kim’s imitation is merely a form of flattery. Though Kim has often batted off accusations of stealing outfits, she has had little to say about her robbing Naomi Campbell’s looks again and again. And now after debuting a new makeup look on her Twitter that makes her look eerily like Ms. Knowles herself, some are asking the question of whether or not Kim is trying to steal Beyonce’s physical looks as well. 

Is Kim Using a NYC Plastic Surgeon to Be Beyonce?

On Twitter, rapper King Gage tweeted out a side by side comparison of Beyonce and Kim KW, with a funny caption that pokes fun at the reality that Kim’s face seems to be changing on the daily. 

As of yet, there’s no proof of whether or not Kim has had any of the alleged clone plastic surgery work done.  It’s a long-shot thought she did this to look specifically to look like the hip hop and R & B infused music genius. However, the pop culture celebrity has admitted to having fillers and Botox put in, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that she wants to look like somebody else. While it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Kim wanted to cash in on a more diverse market, this kind of surgery would be a pretty underhanded way of going about it.


4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Clothing with Bold Styles and Fun Prints

Bobby Jansson



4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Clothing with Bold Styles and Fun Prints

The clothing that you wear is a perfect reflection of your personality and who you are. Most women carefully choose their outfits every day because it enables them to show their sense of fashion and style. However, nowadays, most women resort to choosing mainstream clothing that is worn by the majority. Thus, forgetting about this aspect called uniqueness.

The clothing that you choose tells your story and creates a non-verbal means of communication and expression. This is why wearing unique clothes, such as augustine clothing that has bold styles and fun prints, has recently become a trend. Here are four compelling reasons why you too must start wearing them.

Make a Statement

Having a sense of style is more than just wearing the appropriate clothing. A sense of style means you are aware of yourself, and you can express yourself through clothing. This is why wearing expensive dresses made by designer brands does not guarantee that you will become stylish. Fortunately, wearing dresses with bold styles offer a better alternative.

According to an article by College Fashion, wearing dresses that come in colourful designs and styles will set you apart from everybody else. This is because these types of dresses allow you to make a fashion statement that can easily catch other people’s attention. If you want clothing that channels your personality with style, choose dresses with this kind of design.

Attract Attention

According to experts, colour is often the primary reason why people are attracted to something. This is because colour helps in creating an emotional connection, which leads to better attraction. Colourful dresses made by companies, such as augustine clothing, can better capture a person’s interest because bright clothing is easily distinctive and recognisable.

If you want to improve your aesthetic appeal and attract more attention, you should consider wearing more colourful dresses. You will instantly become more attractive when you choose to wear distinct clothing compared to plain-coloured clothes.

Be Unique

Most women resort to wearing classic outfits or mainstream clothing to easily fit in with other people. However, women with good fashion sense don’t settle for what is common; instead, they are courageous with their style and are not afraid to wear unique clothing.

Wearing dresses with fun prints and bold styles ensures that you stand out among everyone else because you are unique. You will be looked up to by your friends and peers because you are brave enough to wear something daring that is out of the norm.

Look More Creative

If being creative is an important trait that you need to display, there is no better clothing to choose from than colourful dresses. When you wear colourful dresses, you will avoid getting into a colour rut, which creatives should avoid.

By wearing colourful clothing, you continually change up your style and outfit. This way, you won’t be labelled as the person who always wears one-dimensional clothing. You wouldn’t want to be someone who only wears dark and muted colours.


From the reasons mentioned above, clothing that has fun prints and bold designs, are, without a doubt, beneficial. If you are looking for clothes that you can add to your wardrobe collection, these are worth considering. Check out a reputable provider of these types of clothing, and look good every day.

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Choosing The Best Fashion Accessories




Choosing The Best Fashion Accessories

Would you like to better and update your visual aspect at the lowest degree in your fashion clothing and style? If you are, you may not only need to face the current fashion movement, as far as clothing, but you may also like to analyze the current trends in fashion clothing Fashion-related accessories are rapidly gaining in quality. However, many people static have no actual opinion in best what they are.

About fashion items, you will discover that a broad collection of various items are enclosed. Fashion accessories, such as fashion clothes and such different items, come in several various sizes, different shapes, and beautiful styles. You can discover fashion accessories made for young kids, teenagers, men, women, small-sized, large size, sized men and women, and others. Some of the more fashion products you might search at one of your localized fashion markets or on online stores are presented at

The fewest famous fashion add-on products and items are jewelry. As previously discussed, fashion clothing is organized for entirely different individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teens and children, fashion jewelry items and other fashionable products often exclude pieces of different colors, excluding charm necklaces, rings or charm bracelets, etc. In terms of men, a very famous jewelry item often includes big pendant necklaces, most of which show a cross or other famous or significant signs. As for women, trendy products of fashion jewelry lie in earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, bob pins, etc.

Another kind of fashion accessory that you may wonder about buying is a purse or pouch or even a handbag. Teens and women almost usually personal purses and handbags. A purse or handbag is often used to identify a little or heavy bag in size, and handbags tend to be a small bigger. Handbags, purses, and pouches come in several various styles; therefore, it’s average for more ladies and girls and teens to have more than one purse or handbag. In reality, many individuals out there choose to match their fashion clothing, excluding their purses and handbags, with the clothes and shoes.

In unification with handbags and purses, travel bags and purses can be thoughtful a fashion accessory. Travel bags are purses and handbags, except you will search that they’re rarely made for both females and males. A travel bag must include a little bag that can be utilized as a carry-on bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case, and so on.

Shoes and boots and others like high heel shoes are also considered fashion accessories, although most do not needfully consider them. Female shoes, including heel shoes and boots, are almost as thoughtful fashion accessories like men’s shoes and boots and others. For certain, one of the reasons for that is owing to the big selection of females shoe different styles that you’ll search acquirable for sale. For example, it’s much than possible to discover athletic shoes, simple sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, high heel boots, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, some women have multiple couples of shoes, and some endeavor to organize their footwear, especially for work, with their ensemble’s comfort.

Another one of some various kinds of fashion accessories acquirable for buy is belts. For a batch of men and boys, belts are not needfully thoughtful a fashion accessory, as such as they’re a way to catch pants up; though, the identical does not really ring real for females. Females belts come in several various sizes, shapes, and different styles. That is commonly one of the faculty why females belts and belts, which may organize for children and teens, are often thought of as fashion accessories. One can search belts out there that are made for wearing with a casual pair of jeans and a pair of formal khaki pants for a piece of work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and shoes and boots are only some of the numberless fashion accessories that you may be capable of searching for sale at one of our localized fashion markets or even nonlinear a guardian; fashion accessories are a large way to preservative up any wardrobe, particularly one that can usage an updating.

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Be the Center of Attention in a One of a Kind Maxi Dress

Umar Nisar



Be the Center of Attention in a One of a Kind Maxi Dress

There are some occasions and events where, well, you just want all eyes to be on you. And there’s nothing wrong with that, many of us want to stand out from the crowd from time to time. Sometimes, however, you may not be sure exactly how to do that. If you’re not necessarily into bling and sparkles, or super high heels, you may be searching for another way that you can set yourself apart at your next event.

If you want a unique way to become the center of attention at the function, you may want to try a maxi dress. 

Why a Maxi Dress Draws Attention

How exactly does a long dress make you more noticeable? It works in a few different ways. Here are some of the reasons you may want to let a maxi dress work its magic the next time you’re craving the spotlight.


The length of a maxi dress is one of the biggest reasons why it’s a great centerpiece of the party. The longer the dress, the longer it can make anyone appear. If you’re on the shorter side, it can stretch you out and make you seem taller. If you already have some good height, a maxi dress can accentuate that. Plus, more dress means more opportunity to show off those beautiful fabrics and patterns your dress is made of.

A Bolder Choice

Many people tend toward a shorter dress for less formal events. You can really look like a star if you go against the norm and spice things up by wearing a maxi dress instead. Your unique choice to go instead with a longer gown will make all the difference and definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Style Ideas for a Maxi Dress

So, you’ve decided to make the decision to go with a fun maxi dress to switch things up a bit, but with great length comes great style variety. So, which one is right for you? Here are a few different ideas for the hottest maxi dresses.

Tulle and Ruffles

For some extra dramatic flair, you can get a maxi dress that features tulle, a light, gauzy, flowy fabric that gives the dress some great movement. Or, take it up a notch, and try out a dress that has ruffles all the way down. More room to play with means more room for more ruffles. Who doesn’t want to feel a little bit like a princess at the ball?

Pleated Satin

If you’re going for a polished, ultra-classy vibe, try a floor-length pleated dress made out of high-quality satin. The pleats expand and contract as you walk, which gives it an extra dimension as you make your social rounds at the party. This silky fabric can catch the light at different angles as well, drawing all eyes on you.

Look for a flattering color on your skin tone. If you have cooler undertones, you can bring out your complexion with blues and purples. If you have warmer undertones, look stunning in reds and yellows. For a classic color that will look sophisticated on anyone and everyone, go with a solid black gown that you can pair with pearls (and even gloves, to take it to the next level) for extreme drama.


Maxi dresses aren’t just for the winter. If your event is taking place in the warmer months, try a light cotton or linen dress with embroidered embellishments. Eyelet lace paired with a light blue floral fabric and a tank-style sleeve can be a breezy way to shine at the family cookout. With lighter-weight fabrics, you won’t feel extra hot in a maxi style during the summer. 

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