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Factors to consider when buying a Generator



Factors to consider when buying a Generator


A generator is a machine that converts motive power into electric power for use in the external circuit. They come in different sizes and specifications to meet everyone’s needs.

This article focuses on the Honda generators, which have an excellent reputation for generators. It also illustrates the general overview of the generator in the market and what to look out for before purchasing it.

Noise Level

The Honda generator is very quiet, which makes it efficient for use. It is a recommendation for anyone who is noise intolerant. It is good for domestic or vacations use


Honda generators are made of good quality material that withstands different environmental conditions. They are built to last with a life span of approximately twenty years and a warranty of four years on purchasing.

Transfer Switch. 

It is an electrical switch that shifts load between two sources. Honda generator transfer switches can be manual, requiring an operator to switch them, while others are automatic and are triggered by sensing electricity presence or outage. 

Generator fuel type

The size of your generator will determine how much fuel you will be spending. When shopping for the right generator, ensure the type of fuel you will need is available.


Generators come with different specifications to meet different needs. Always research the machine that meets your requirements. 

Your required specifications determine the prices of generators in Kenya are quite high compared to their counterparts in the market.

Parts Accessibility

Honda spare parts are available worldwide, which is great for maintenance. Nobody would be interested in owning it if the spare parts were hard to find.

Fuel Capacity

The size of its fuel tank determines the Honda generator’s fuel capacity. Commercial and industrial generators tend to have higher fuel capacity because they serve powerful machine loads compared to the smaller ones, which serve a few loads at home.

Power Output

Calculate the watt of everything to be powered using your Honda generator. This will serve as a guide to the specifications of the generator to purchase. The generator must offer consistent power to meet all your needs.

Honda has been in operation since the 1940s, making it a worldwide household name. They have the best generator technology in the market and offer exceptional reliability. Moreover, they rank high due to their good designs, quality, and reliability.

Recent market research shows that many households in Kenya are purchasing generators to curb the high cost of electricity and frequent power outage. For many years electricity has been the major source of power and lighting.

The inverter technology in the Honda generator takes the raw power produced by the generator and uses a small processor to condition it through several processes.

Honda generator powers almost every electronic. Some that have passed the test include refrigerators, freezers, computers, coffeemakers, printers, fans, garage door openers, lighting, air conditioner, and power tools like drills and grinders. They also power kitchen appliances like the microwave and electric frying pans.


The Honda generator is a must-have in every household and business as it comes in different sizes. Its durability has made it survive the Kenyan market despite many competitive brands in the retail stores. Buy a Honda generator today, and power blackouts will be a thing of the past.


Why Food Labeling Is Crucial



Why Food Labeling Is Crucial

Consumers are provided with the knowledge that is necessary to know exactly what they are consuming by reading the labels attached to all packaged items. Labeling food is a legal requirement that food manufacturers must meet. Naturally, being aware of the components of the food you consume can assist you in making decisions that are better for your health.

In addition, you will find that comparing the nutrient profiles of various options is significantly simplified when you read the labels on the food you purchase. The nutritional value of various foods is typically tested at food nutrition testing facilities so that researchers may determine the nutritional worth of these items. Here are reasons why food labeling is important.

  1. It is a legal requirement

The labeling of food using prep-n-print direct thermal printer is considered to be a legal requirement for packing. If you are a food manufacturer, you must identify all food items by law. If you do not adhere to this, you could find yourself in some serious trouble. If the authorities discover that you are not complying with their regulations, they will first give you an improvement notice. This notice will explain what you are doing incorrectly, which regulations you are violating, the necessary steps you need to take to adhere to those regulations, and when you need to take those steps.

Even though you have been given an improvement notice, you are allowed to continue with your production; nonetheless, you must complete the measures outlined to bring your company into compliance within the allotted time. You will be committing a crime if you ignore the notification or continue to not comply even beyond the date provided, and this offense can lead to you being prosecuted.

The following information is required to be included on the labels of all pre-packaged foods in the United States:

• The name of the food product

• A list of all of the contents

• The percentage of particular ingredients

• Any directions for usage, such as cooking instructions, if applicable

• The “use by” or “best before” dates

• Instructions on how to properly store the product

• Contact information

• Origin of the product

  1. It helps you to practice good health.

One other compelling reason for labeling food is that it improves one’s understanding of the components that make up the food they eat. You will know the proportion of various nutrients, such as vitamins, fats, calories, minerals, etc. This information is, of course, essential since it enables you to increase the likelihood that you consume the foods that are beneficial to you. Labels make it simple to keep track of the number of various micronutrients you consume, which is especially helpful for preventing deficits in essential nutrients like vitamin D and iron. In addition, you can reduce the amount of sugar and salt you consume and ensure that you are eating a well-balanced diet. This can aid in preventing diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and specific forms of heart disease.

  1. Prevents you from purchasing foods that are not authentic.

The prevention of fraud is one of the primary goals of labeling requirements placed on food products. Without internationally recognized labels, food manufacturers and retailers might willfully mislead customers by putting misleading claims on product packaging and selling it to them. As a customer, you want to ensure that what you are getting is consistent with the advertised features of the product. When you buy chocolate, for instance, you want to ensure that what you are getting is genuinely chocolate. Food labeling using prep-n-print direct thermal printer comes into play at this point since it assures that the product is, in fact, the same as what is mentioned on the label.

  1. It aids in the prevention of allergic reactions.

Consumers who suffer from food allergies risk experiencing life-threatening symptoms if they consume foods to which they are allergic. Because of this, they need to exercise extreme caution regarding the food they are consuming. If a person mistakenly consumes a meal to which they are allergic, they will have an allergic reaction to the food, which in some instances can be so severe that it threatens their life.

Therefore, you should examine the product’s labeling and carefully read the list of components before using it. Have a look at what’s in it to determine if any of the components trigger an allergic reaction in you. If you are allergic to most substances in a food product, it is in your best interest to avoid eating that food.

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