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Emmanuel Whajah – How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer



Emmanuel Whajah- How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer

Emmanuel Whajah is the person today we are talking about. He is a highly inspiring and motivating personality, especially for teenagers and youngsters of today’s age. He has already come a long way in his successful life. This is not an easy task, but it is the result of the ultimate hard work and dedication of consecutive years. Haven’t known much yet?

I got you! Let us help you explore more about him and that how he got the chance to work with so many inspirational and big names of industry:

About Whajah:

Well, Emmanuel Whajah was born on August 18th, 1993 in Hanover. He is a German – Ghanaian photographer, videographer, and creative director. He is undoubtedly a multi-talented person. He is equipped with the true essence of self-determination and effortless hard work. It was at his very young age when he discovered what his passion for life was. He was barely 5 when he used to be enthusiastic about music stuff. Mentioning the name of Michael Jackson here will be fair enough as Emmanuel discovered his true passion because of his immense and legendary artwork.

Collaborating with Keke palmer:

He worked with many big artists. They are Rita Ora, Eric Bellinger, Keke Palmer, Tyga Ella Mai, Les Twins, Lauryn Hills. Not only that but also he has collaborated with Burna Boy, Jorja Smith, and Migos. He works in the field of photography and video making on the national and international levels. Isn’t that amazing already? He owns professional experience of working with many big names as well. One of the most prominent names here is Keke Palmer.

Emmanuel Whajah- How he became official Graphic designer of Keke Palmer:

How Keke Palmer met him:

It was about 2017 when Keke palmer met Emmanuel Whajah during a music tour with Eric Bellinger. At that time, Keke palmer was in Berlin for a film role For Netflix. She was working for “Berlin Station” at that time and was looking for a perfect photographer in Germany for her work. Unluckily she couldn’t find anyone as per her standard. Luckily her Good friend Eric Bellinger suggested she collaborate with his videographer/ photographer Emmanuel Whajah who was from Hannover, Germany.

A dream coming true:

Eric Bellinger in the next day contacted Emmanuel Whajah that he would like him to contact Keke Palmer which Emmanuel did not realize much and did not take seriously. It was about the next day when he faced the group chat that said: “Emzy!! Wanted to link you guys! Emzy had the eye of the tiger and undoubtedly Keke is the walking art! Hope you guys make some magic! To this, Keke palmer replied: “Aye!!! Yes!! I’m so excited. “

Emmanuel Whajah woke up to this conversation at 07:00 am and could not believe what was going on. He was excited beyond limits to have a chance to work with a megastar like Keke palmer. Soon he met with Keke for her shoot in Berlin.

Appearing in Keke’s feed:

Emmanuel and Keke had a very successful shoot and after that even Keke posted pictures of Emmanuel on her social media platforms which went viral in no time. All the other artists liked those pictures like Queen Latifah and Christina Milan.

It was a golden chance for Emmanuel and after that, he worked on multiple projects with Keke palmer as it was until the 2020 summer that Keke contacted him to tell him that she would like him to join her media team as a graphic designer/ content creator which Emmanuel Whajah accepted without wasting a second. Since then he has been officially working with Keke palmer as a graphic designer and content creator.

Catch him on social media:

People frequently ask how they can get back to approach Emmanuel Whajah on social media. So they can discover more here. Also, he is available on these platforms Instagram, FaceBook, Youtube Twitter, & Vimeo.



Michael Chasteen is helping children around the world through his project Kaito.



Michael Chasteen is helping children around the world through his project Kaito.

“Your success depends on how badly you want your dreams to come true” these are the words of Michael Chasteen. Michael is a Writer and Art Director who has traveled around the world and has lived in 3 different countries. Michael Chasteen is the founder of Project Kaito which is an official IMDb Anime Series. Michael’s main vision with Project Kaito is ending world hunger and giving hope to the hopeless. Michael’s currently living in San Francisco, California.

His creative side knocked the door when he was just 5 years old and found a piano and vocal mic from his parents. Michael’s project Kaito has launched a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, which features an anime series. “This project is bigger than just a buy and sell NFT. Michael and his team have a higher purpose: to give hope to the desperate and show the world that we can unite through our different visions.

The team behind Project Kaito aims to implement the power of the law of attraction, going beyond and giving back to those who need it most.

A superior future for youngsters begins with a dream and obligation to help them develop and take care of their emotional wellness needs. Hunger and food frailty are rising, and kids are forced to bear this large number of difficulties. That is where Project Kaito comes into the picture, to take away the problem faced by the kids.

Through all his work and experience,Michael figured out how to adapt to the troubles of life at an early age and consistently investigated the chances as the sky’s the limit assuming you put all your energy into it. Michael battled in his initial youngster years on finding what his identity was and what he needed to do throughout everyday life except he realised that he was bound to impact the world. His initial motivations with music, writing and staring off into space before long turned into the initial way to the fixation of creating art unboundedly.

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‘RoboCop Actress’ Nancy Allen is planning to release a book about her memoirs



‘RoboCop Actress’ Nancy Allen is planning to release a book about her memoirs

Best known for her roles in important De Palma films such as Carrie, Blowout, Dressed to Kill and the hyper famous RoboCop film saga, retired actress Nancy Allen is still a public figure that could have a come back to the screens sooner than what we may think.

Nancy Allen is well known in the SCI FI fan groups for her recurring portrayal of officer Anne Lewis in the three consecutive films of the saga (1987, 1990 and 1992), opposed to Peter Weller and Robert John Burke in them.

Officer Anne Lewis, RoboCop’s dedicated partner, fills a spot in the iconic list of SCI FI and action heroines from the 80’s, 90’s, that brought ‘girl power’ to the screen such as Lt. Ripley, (Sigourney Weaver, Alien 1979), Sarah Connor (Terminator, 1984), and opened way in Hollywood for more female action leads in forth coming years.

So, for the RoboCop fans, we have exciting news. On April 14, 2022 Nancy agreed to be live-interviewed by writer Eva Rojano on her RoboCop fan fiction dedicated Facebook page “RoboCop Enhanced Reality” revealing that although she has a full schedule working as an executive director for the American organization WeSpark, she is not entirely dismissing the idea to return to the big or small screen, if a good script/project is presented to her.

Eva Rojano who is also known in the RoboCop fan groups for her ongoing RoboCop fanfiction series and for creating original characters for both screenwriter and producer Edward Neumeier and Nancy Allen in her bestselling novels, was in charge of bringing the news to us.

Mrs. Allen was live on Facebook on a zoom stream for almost an hour answering questions from active viewers and letting us know that she is up to adapt to modern times and TV on demand systems such as Netflix or Disney +. She also revealed she’s proud of having worked in France, filming “Les Patriots” back in 1994 and she saluted her French fans on screen.

Finally, the long-loved officer Lewis revealed to us she is working on writing her memoirs! Although there is no release date for her autobiography, she promised to keep us posted about the plans to release a book that will tell the real story of Nancy, written by herself. Perhaps a biopic can come after. Everything can happen these days.

If you want to watch the complete interview, click on the link below.

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The Rise of Woren Webbe Hits 100 Million Views Reported 173 Million Dollar Net Worth



Woren Webbe hit 100 million views on YouTube with his first album emotions

Woren Webbe, is a singer-songwriter and melody maker. At the age of 11, Webbe joined an English music choir where he got a massive opportunity to work with Indian jazz music legends like Laura Santana and Babush Santa. He started working for theatre groups, doing jingles, advertising and music scoring. In 2004 he left the music because he was more interested and focused on his studies.

During 2006 Webbe got over his broken love life, after having been inspired to write sad heartbreaking music which reflected his own situation. This changed his attitude making him more devoted to his music. In 2008 he sent his music to one of the most popular DJ’s in India, “DJ KARMA”, who was the only person playing Hiphop and R&B music in India at the time.

Woren Webbe debuted in the Asian Underground scene for his own new debut album, totalling over 1200000 views on MySpace and gaining over 120,000 fans on Facebook. Webbe reached #1 all over Asia in 2009.

Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Dubbed the “King of Pop”, he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. Over a four-decade career, his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture. Jackson influenced artists across many music genres; through stage and video performances, he popularized complicated dance moves such as the moonwalk, to which he gave the name, as well as the robot. Woren Webbe is also one of them who is inspired by the creations of Michael Jackson.

From beginning to end, this is quality R&B; some upbeat, some soothing, some thoughtful, some nostalgic, but all worth listening to. In general, I find it difficult to find a male vocalist who delivers melodically; with lyrics you can understand, and play around people of all ages, sex and creed. Webbe’s lyrics, tempo, and sound is also relevant to many, varied emotions and moods.

Woren Webbe delivers on all counts and could easily become one of the top, lasting performers in the R&B genre. He’s a soulful crooner and he gets you hooked in the emotions of his songs, like on “What About Us” performed together with Efinxcase. The tears just may fall on this one as you feel the boy’s pain. The song takes it back to the origins of R&B lyrically, pain and heartbreak and most of all, relativity.

Woren Webbe’s voice smooths over every track he does, proving to past fans and newcomers alike that he is here to stay. Listen to “Dreams” and “Don’t Walk Away” where he infuses pop melodies with rich, soulful productions. His vocal range and timbre, creates both strong emotion and sentiment for his songs.

Like many of his contemporaries, Woren Webbe seems to possess some love and respect for old-school R&B, and it shows through his solid song-writing skills and his soulful, melodious vocals. This is certainly among the best indie R&B I’ve heard in a while. Webbe is the real deal. He mixes a bit of the 80’s and 90’s R&B and Soul, with today’s modern urban sound, and it comes out sounding great.

Woren Webbe is a significant artist who certainly has a passion for music and best of all, anybody can enjoy his songs, regardless of genre, because they are truly beautiful, and that’s what music is: an art form able to motivate and uplift, with the beauty of its melody and rhythm. Few do it better than Woren Webbe!

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