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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot To Release Time Machine Content This Month Along With Patch 1.05



Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

A whole new patch for Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been released, and the developer announced a brand new game mode later this month.

This patch, called 1.05, fixes some issues that players have been making since the game’s release in January. This includes ongoing issues in Android City Episode 10 as well as application errors while conducting training missions within Capsule Corp. in West City.

As if that wasn’t enough with the massive amounts of nostalgia Bandai Namco has unleashed in the hearts of many thanks to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot , the company plans to keep the title alive in the industry dialogue for days to come . Something that will be done by launching a patch that will bring with it a couple of free contents that, without a doubt, will be aimed at making the gaming experience that the work offers more rounded and have more options for players.

The thing is that the Twitter account of the English division of the company has released a post that has revealed what we will find in the next free update of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot , starting with a subplot that will lead us to help Arale and Gatchan on a totally new mission . But there is still more: if we have left an unfinished mission in some of the arcs that we have already crossed, we will have the option of resorting to the Trunks time machine to return to them and finish all the tasks that we have left slopes.

For the rest, it is necessary to mention that the publication issued by Bandai Namco does not leave us any clue of the date on which they will send the patch to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot . However, and considering that one of its additions will be aimed at making things easier for players, it should not be long that we would have to wait until it was available.

Therefore, from Areajugones we will be extremely attentive to the movements that the company gives in the coming days with the aim of bringing you any news that sheds a little more light on this matter. But, for now, you have our complete analysis of the title in case you want to know more about it while waiting for the aforementioned patch to arrive.