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Digital birth certificate: solution for authorities and citizens



Digital birth certificate: solution for authorities and citizens

Paper documents are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, we can use digital versions of ID documents in most countries. One of the primary documents that can help you verify your identity is your birth certificate. However, obtaining a copy of your birth certificate is not easy. To get it, you need to go to the office in person or order it online and wait for the delivery. However, public administration can improve the process by using a digital birth certificate.

Digital birth certificate for citizens

Using a digital birth certificate will make life easier for citizens. This solution gives them quick and easy access to their primary document. With the help of appropriate solutions, the birth certificate can be made available immediately, for example, on the phone. Notably, a reliable provider will also ensure that all citizen data is protected.

Another advantage of the virtual birth certificate is its durability. Digital documents do not deteriorate and cannot be lost. Additionally, you can not destroy them. That is why they are ideal not only for offices but also for citizens.

Savings for the public sector

As we have already mentioned, the birth certificate is the primary document for every citizen. Therefore, every office must have permanent access to all birth certificates of its citizens. If the pool sector uses paper birth certificates, the office must physically store them in the archives. Additionally, officials have to issue birth certificates to citizens. It is also necessary to verify the authenticity of these documents.

Using a digital birth certificate solves all the problems mentioned above. Electronic documents are stored in databases. This way, they are safe and do not need to be physically backed up. Additionally, a citizen can access the virtual document at any time. Thanks to this, officials will no longer have to deal with issuing paper versions of birth certificates. Importantly, it is almost impossible to counterfeit the digital version of the birth certificate. Therefore, it takes much less time to verify the applicant’s identity.

If you want to learn more about the functioning of the digital birth certificate from the office’s, please visit the website: TrustGrid is an experienced and trusted provider from whom you can learn helpful information.

In short, digital transformation requires changes to be made from scratch. Therefore, a digital birth certificate is a must-have in modern public sector institutions.