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Artificial Intelligence Engineering is one of the most lucrative careers in the world, with the demand for certified AI engineers expected to experience a stupendous growth of 21% during the projected period 2021-2031. Creating a human-centered design to bring AI systems in sync with human needs via software engineering, and computer science; the field of AI engineering research has experienced a significant rise.

AI engineers are popular problem-solvers who are masters at developing, testing and applying different models of Artificial intelligence to practice. They are also efficiently equipped to handle AI infrastructure and use machine learning algorithms to bring forth useful AI models. No doubt, this level of expertise and skill would require a structured curriculum and plan of action to build a thriving career. This clearly calls for an industry specialist to chalk out the same. This is where eminent AI certifications provider USAII™ plays a pivotal part. They are the world leading name in providing the most sought-after industry-specific AI engineering skills; that cater to the widest marketspace, wooing recruiters at every pedestal.

Mark 2025 in your name by beginning right with the most credible names among the Artificial Intelligence certifications providers worldwide. It is a big shout-out to student AI enthusiasts, aspiring AI institutions, and academia to level up their AI game manifold.

In order to amplify your chances to further your AI competitive streak, it is time to understand the most coveted offering from USAII™; which is the International Scholarship Exam (ISE) 2023. A comprehensive guide to this incredible scholarship is sure to open humungous gateways to the world of AI.

About USAII™:

Ranked highly among the pioneer players in the field of AI certification providers worldwide, the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute is a name AI aspirants vouch for globally. They offer the most market-centric future-proof AI engineering skills that help you soar in your AI career in possibly no time. They allow you to settle with the most suited AI program, that complements your existing skillset and offers enough space to master newer skills with finesse. They have the highest success record with the highest number of aspirants reaching their career goals with raging success.

What is ISE 2023?

International Scholarship Exam (ISE) 2023 is a beautiful offering as it allows an AI aspirant to make their way smoothly into the humungous industry that AI is. This fully paid scholarship assistance is a great bonus for equipping yourself with AI engineer target skills with CAIE™ as the prominent courseware.

Exam and Eligibility:

  • Exam conducted across 160+ countries
  • AI proctored with smoothly seriated procedures
  • Undergoing or completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in STEM subjects

Format and Duration:

  • 45-minute duration scholarship exam
  • Multiple-choice computer-based assessment
  • 35 Knowledge and competence-based questions
  • Scholarship eligibility- Earn over 95 percentiles
  • Pick any exam date and time slot as per your availability

Scholarship Exam Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Essential Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computer Vision

ISE 2023 Registration, Fees, and Cancellation norms:

  • Easy registration procedures through the USAII™ website or the university link
  • Candidates from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc), and the Middle East are eligible to pay a nominal fee of USD 29 (all inclusive)
  • In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the exam date, the candidate must write to [email protected] and [email protected] at least 3 working days prior to the exam date

Exam Day Requisites:

  • USAII™ strictly commits itself to a ‘zero tolerance policy’ toward any misconduct in its ecosystem, attempting to mess up the computer or any other unacceptable behavior
  • The invigilator or the proctor reserves the right to terminate any candidate from the test on valid expulsion grounds
  • It is highly recommended that you adhere to the norms of the preferred exam location
  • You will not be allowed to take any breaks in between the exam
  • Carry two valid ID proofs for smooth conduct
  • Computer settings must be kept strictly as per USAII™ guidelines

Results Announcements:

  • You stand a chance to win a 100% paid scholarship for CAIE™ on earning 95 percentile and above in the exam
  • You may earn a discount for AI engineering courses if you do not fall in the top 5 percentile
  • Results would be communicated through your registered emails after April 17, 2023; and the enrolment procedures would follow thereafter

If you’re overwhelmed with the massive information, this is just the beginning mind you! Isn’t it always a great idea to begin informed, then why not begin with the pioneers in the AI industry- USAII™? Target the best recruiters around the world with CAIE™ certification garnering your AI portfolio. Enroll today!



8 Basics Of Medical School Applications



8 Basics Of Medical School Applications

Becoming a fully trained and practicing medical professional is one of the world’s most demanding and challenging careers today. Not only do you need to be academically gifted, but you also need to pass a series of rigorous physical and mental exams. That said, with determination, tenacity, and passion, becoming a professional in the medical field is within your reach.

The application process for medical school is lengthy. You must be aware of the application commencement date, deadline, and eligibility requirements. Knowing the best time to apply is also important. If you want to know more about the best time to apply, find out here.

Medical School Application Requirements

As a prospective medical student, the medical school requires you to fulfill some requirements before applying for admission. These include the following:

  1. Earn an Undergraduate Degree in Medicine

Applying to medical school shows that you can pursue a degree in medicine. Thus, you must first get your undergraduate degree before applying for medical school. Moreover, the degree must be earned from a reputable, recognized, and accredited university or college.

The benefit of having this degree is to show you’re not starting from scratch, as you must have already gotten some background knowledge of the course you want to pursue. Courses like biology, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics are essential. Also, language courses like English are necessary to help you communicate better.

  • Pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

As the name implies, this is the test you must pass to get admission into a medical school. The test is mainly based on your knowledge of the natural sciences—such as biology, chemistry, and physics—critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

So, you should study well and consider taking a preparatory course to help you pass the exam. MCAT is a critical part of the application process, and it’s essential to aim for the best score.

  • Submit Your Transcript

A transcript is an integral part of a successful application to medical school. A transcript is essential because it shows all the courses you took during your undergraduate and your grades in each course. It also helps indicate if you make an excellent grading point average (GPA), which determines your qualification for medical school.

The authority responsible for uploading it to the medical school portal you’re applying to is the institution where it’s earned. The stamp on the transcript guarantees that it’s authentic and original. Therefore, you must prepare to meet the registrar of the institution you attended as part of your application process.

  • Write a Grand Personal Statement

A personal statement reflects why the school must consider your application among the pool of students that applied for medical school. Be very committed when writing it. Make it compelling, unique, and convincing.

For instance, highlighting the location of your internship to demonstrate your relevant experience can make your personal statement more distinctive. This approach not only meets the medical school’s selection criteria and mission but also increases the chances of a successful application. By using this method, you can ensure that the information presented is exceptional and aligns with the standards that the medical school is looking for.

  • Secure Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are important because they give insight into your personality and character. Most schools, including medical schools, will expect you to provide a list of at least three references who will write letters on your behalf. Every school has its criteria, but most will request at least two references from your lecturers.

It’d help if you secured these letters early because most schools have an application deadline for you to submit all of your materials. Your efforts will be wasted if you or your references cannot forward these letters on time.

  • Complete Your Primary Application

You can apply to multiple schools without changing much of the information on your application. This is because it provides a comprehensive overview of your academic, professional, and personal qualifications for pursuing a medical career.

Presenting a solid primary application showcases your commitment to medicine, intellectual aptitude, and well-roundedness. It, of course, also increases your chances of being invited to submit a secondary application.

  • Complete Your Secondary Application

The secondary application consists of a standardized set of questions each medical school uses to evaluate applicants. The questions are designed to get information about your academic background, extracurricular activities, and other relevant information that may not have been included in your primary application.

  • Ace the Interview

This stage comes after your application is successfully reviewed and accepted. You’ll need to prepare for the interview by practicing common interview questions and researching each medical school’s mission, values, and curriculum.

Final Thoughts

Applying to medical school can be challenging and time-consuming. Nonetheless, by following this guide, you can stand out from the crowd and have a better chance of getting accepted.

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