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Demi Dahmer the most hated or loved?



Demi Dahmer

Demi Dahmer is more of a Dark musical and visual artist than a band. In his past time, young artists Cyle Hoffman dreamed of shocking people with fear, hate and discust. It’s all in the art and the act he says. Back in Demi Dahmers high-school years he created a punk band named bloodshot and evreything changed.

Working together they cobbled together the earliest formation of what will later on become the monster that is Demi Dahmer , a band that ultimately became a heavy metal evil composed of demonic hatred with a dash of tormenting the living Christian society. The Demi Dahmer band has already gained backlash from a Christian news website for his Image and lyerics. Despite going against if not outright mocking every trend the ’90s. Now today that has produced love and hate in the marilyn manson community.

Demi has stated ” it’s funny I get lots of love on instagram and Twitter and other media platforms. on the others like the mairlyn manson reddit, forget it! I love having my fans go in there and just post my stuff without saying a word and watch the hate mail roll in” Demi Dahmer is becoming one of the biggest underground bands of his time and in 2020 is still going strong despite the untimely hate of most listeners.

Demi Dahmer is a band formed in Western New York , United States in 2019. Demi Dahmer composes songs about serial killers, school shootings, demons killing bullies, mass murderers and other controversial topics, some are even humorous

Cyle Gary Hoffman (born November 25, 1988), known professionally as Demi Dahmer, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, visual artist, director, producer, and Tattoo artist. He is known for his controversial personality and image as the lead singer of the band of the same name and will remain the only constant member. , his stage name was formed by combining the names of two opposing American cultural icons: a sex symbol Demi Lovato and the serial killer; Jeffrey Dahmer
His recent top world released songs are.
2020: drowning in maggots (Melting Face records)
2020: psychic vampire E.P (Dexter & Dahmer )
2020: gore machine (self-released)
2028: Rose Black. (self-released)