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Common Questions You May Be Asked Before Trial in a Car Accident



Common Questions You May Be Asked Before Trial in a Car Accident

After you file a car accident claim, the defendant is going to ask you specific questions during the discovery phase. The Discovery phase refers to a formal procedure where both the parties involved in a car accident can ask each other questions to learn more about each other. 

Additionally, you will be asked to provide the insurance company with documents, facts, and needed questions. Moreover, you may be asked to provide answers in a written format to be more clear about the answers. Remember, you should be very careful while answering these questions. One wrong sentence or word will be used against you, reducing your chance of getting compensation. Therefore, you should speak to a Philadelphia car accident attorney who can assist you with the dos and don’ts. 

What are interrogatories?

The questions the defendant and the victim send to ask each other are known as interrogatories. Both the parties should answer all the questions correctly and truthfully. Wrong answers or exaggerating your responses can create severe consequences for both parties. 

Common questions you may be asked. 

Each state has different laws, and each case varies from one to another. Therefore, the questions asked in each case can vary. Besides asking you questions, you may be requested to submit your medical records, employment history, other documents, and more. However, there are a few common questions that you may be asked. 

  1. How and where did the accident occur?
  2. Did you seek medical treatment after the accident?
  3. What are the injuries you incurred from the accident?
  4. Were you intoxicated while driving?
  5. Do you wear contacts or specs while driving?
  6. Did you take any medications before driving?
  7. What was your driving speed during the accident?
  8. Did you miss your work due to an accident?
  9. What are the different damages you incurred due to your accident?
  10. Did you have insurance when you got into the accident?
  11. What were your pain and sufferings?

Speak to a car accident attorney 

You must be extra careful while answering all the questions. Sometimes answering each question with accuracy can be overwhelming. Plus, one wrong answer can possibly hurt your claim. Therefore, it would be in your best interest if you speak to a car accident attorney who can handle your claim and ensure you get successful compensation for all your injuries and damages. Moreover, the attorney will also help you answer each question correctly.