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Campaigner Andy Horner (Anxious Andy) fights for change.



Campaigner Andy Horner (Anxious Andy) fights for change.

Andy Horner AKA AnxiousAndy
Is campaigning for mental health services to improve.
Andy has built up a huge following on social media
and is determined more than ever improve the service which Andy says are letting many people down in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and in the community.

Andy went on to say “Despite having made a number of complaints nothing seems to change, the level of care for people who have a mental illness is not good enough. Mental health awareness should be taught in schools and employers should have basic training as many employees don’t reach out to family and friends.

Many people who battle with their mental health don’t talk to employers due to fears of losing their job or being judged.
There are many changes and improvements to be made. It’s simply not good enough. I plan on organizing events in the Uk in the near future and fight for change.”