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Interview with Cambodia Entrepreneur and Social Media Guru Chansanith Um



Interview with Cambodia Entrepreneur and Social Media Guru Chansanith Um

Cambodia Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They are thrill-seeking and risk-taking human beings.

They are different.

Most importantly, they are hustlers. They pounce on opportunities, learn from their mistakes. They keep going regardless of the obstacles.

Aspiring digital marketer Chansanith Um, based in Cambodia is one such hustler. At 25, he is taking the digital marketing industry by storm.

Today the world is trending towards digital. Everyone wants in on the digital revolution. Chansanith was revolutionary in the digital industry.

He was one of the first to the industry and was able to emerge as a top digital marketer in the country.

We had the fortune of speaking to Chansanith to discover more about being the youngest digital marketing entrepreneur in Cambodia.

Q: Tell us how it all started?

A: I was always an entrepreneur from my high school days. I started as a digital marketer while I was still studying. During that time, social media was just getting started. I helped out a lot of companies to establish their campaigns on Facebook.

That was the start!

Q: Where are you from?

 A: I was born and raised in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I lived in a simple life with a happy family. Also, I graduated at Life University in Cambodia.

 Q: How did you grow to become a full-time entrepreneur?

A: While I was studying at Life University, I was already working with a few companies on their digital campaigns. I started to learn on the job and acquire new skills. Soon after my university qualification, I decided that I will do this for a living.

That didn’t mean I stopped learning.

I continued to learn and acquire new skills. That’s how I became proficient in areas like SEO and web development.

I now operate and manage a portfolio of brands and clients working worldwide.

Q: What are the obstacles that came in your way?

A: At the start, nobody saw the potential for digital marketing. It was a challenge for me when I got started. I took a risk and went through with it. I was one of the first to bring in the digital change in Cambodia.

Nobody believed in digital too much. Businesses didn’t think there was potential in it.

But I didn’t stop what I was doing. Now, everyone wants to use social media for their business. I am happy to serve all these clients.

Looking back, I am glad that I took the risk.

Q: Tell us about a few accomplishments down the line?

A: Over the years, I was able to build a massive following behind me. I manage 20+ successful Facebook pages. My most popular page has a following of 1.6 million.

Also, I have provided my services to about 200+ businesses for their digital campaigns.

What I feel is my biggest accomplishment as a Digitial Marketer is that the companies that I built from scratch when I was starting.

They are now high revenue-generating businesses thanks to the digital initiative.

Q: How did you handle failure?

A: Entrepreneurs will always have failures in their path to success. They are normal. There were occasions where nothing went to plan.

I felt disappointed and demotivated. But, even today I will tell that it was the best thing that happened to me.

I learned where I went wrong, making sure I made sure I don’t let it happen again.

If you think about it and keep worrying, nothing is going to work right. You’ll end up burning out.

It’s best to carry yourself on to the next!

Q: What is your long term plan?

A: In this short time, I achieved several goals in my entrepreneur life. But I know there is a lot more for me to accomplish. The digital world is changing. For my long term plan, I also need to change.

My goal is to expand my services worldwide and take my firm to become one of the top 5 digital marketing firms in the world.

I know it’s a tough challenge, but I am willing to give my 200% to achieve this!

Q: Any advice to someone willing to take on an entrepreneur journey?

A: Firstly, stop telling people about your idea and start taking action. Most of us, especially millennials keep talking about ideas and never put them to work.

Entrepreneurs are people who do the work. 

If you want to become an entrepreneur, make sure you commit to free up time in your schedule.

To be successful an entrepreneur might have to sacrifice a few parties and cut down on your Netflix time.

If you follow these two bits of advice to get started, you will automatically get the entrepreneurial spirit inside you.

Q: Where can we keep up with your daily activities?