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Why Your Business Needs Social Distancing Signage



Social Distancing

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a global challenge that the whole world is fighting together. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear. Most of the businesses have closed down their operations; few businesses which have chosen to stay open are also struggling to operate.

The Government has laid down safety guidelines for businesses that wish to remain open and continue their operations. Customers and employees need to be informed and constantly reminded of the safety measures and guidelines that need to be followed.

In the times of zero face to face contact and social distancing, the biggest struggle faced by most of the businesses is that they are unable to effectively communicate with their customers.

If your business is also struggling to operate in these pandemic times due to ineffective communication, you need to invest in social distancing signage to get your communication flowing.

What is the purpose of social and physical distancing as defined by the World Health Organization? How can physical distancing help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Today the goal of each country across the globe is to control the spread of Coronavirus. Physical distancing helps in limiting the spread of COVID-19, it is important to keep a distance of 6 feet and avoid being in crowded places. World Health Organization has been issuing guidelines and measures which need to be taken to limit the spread of the virus.

Maintaining social and physical distancing helps in slowing down the spread of the virus, it helps in stopping the chains of transmission of COVID-19 and averting the emergence of new ones.

The measures defined by WHO help in securing a physical distance of at least 6 feet between people, reducing contact with contaminated surfaces. The measures encourage avoiding direct contact and sustaining virtual social connections within families and communities.

Why your Business needs social distancing signage?

Using safety signs in the workplace is a great way to establish for business-customer communication during these times of the pandemic when the customers would want to know about your services, products, delivery options, safety measures are taken, etc.

Safety signage or coronavirus stickers can be customized and printed to communicate crucial information with the customers. The safety signage or coronavirus stickers can be used for updating customers about the changed business hours, compliance policies, revised safety measures, creating awareness, and informing about the COVID-19 guidelines.

These safety signages are very useful in informing and educating the visitors about the disease and how to help stop its spread. Listed below are a few reasons why your business needs social distancing signage.

  • For highlighting the working hours, shipping/delivery guidelines, pickup details, etc.
  • For reinforcing the COVID-19 prevention tips with the employees, customers, and business associates. This helps in minimizing the risk exposure.
  • For informing the customers and people in the community that your business/company is following all the current city or state mandates.

 Which are the different social distancing signage options?

Each business has a different way of operating hence each business will need different types of social distancing signage which can meet their unique requirements.  The main aim of using these signs or stickers is to remind customers and employees to practice social distancing.

Social distancing signage should be placed in highly visible areas of your business. You can place them at the entrance or front door, so everyone entering can see them. Safety signage or safety stickers can be placed at common locations like the checkout counter or near the washroom. Place the signs at several places in the office or store so that they keep reminding everyone about the precautions they need to take.

Few of the commonly used social distancing signage options are:

  1. Window stickers:

Businesses who are planning to reopen post lockdown or who have continued their operations even during the lockdown can use customized social distancing window stickers to inform the onlookers. Window stickers are informative and can be used for informing the passersby or customers about the health and safety regulations set by the government.

Social distancing window stickers can be used for announcing to the public that the office or store is now open and safety regulations like Face masks are compulsory or Use hand sanitizer at the entrance or Maintain a distance of 6 feet from other customers and staff can be printed on them.

  1. Barrier stands and banners

Barrier stands or banners can be very useful during the pandemic, especially in the retail business or hospitality sector. The barriers help manage the crowds and restrict the number of customers in the store.

The barrier stands or banners can be used for managing the queues and the safety regulations or guidelines printed on them will help remind the customers about the social distancing rules required to be followed while in the store.

  1. Pull-up stands

Pull up stands can be used in working environments like offices, banks, schools etc. Pull up stands can be easily placed at prominent places in the store or office, places where people cannot avoid reading them, reminding them constantly about the social distancing norms.

Pull- up stands can be used for informing the staff or customers to maintain 6 feet distance or you to depict the steps for washing hands correctly etc.

  1. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are very easy to apply and remove; they can be easily cleaned and repositioned.  Social distancing wall stickers can be pasted on several places in the store or office, informing the customers or staff about the safety regulations which need to be followed during the pandemic.

Wall stickers can be easily applied on any smooth surfaces like walls, counters, plastic, or glass. They can be easily customized as per your requirements and the space available.

  1. Floor Decals

Floor decals are stickers that are pasted on the floor. The use of social distancing floor decals in your store or office will remind the staff and customers to practice social distancing, indicating where they should stand.

They are very useful in grocery stores, malls, restaurants, amusement parks, etc. as these places require their customers to line up and come in close proximity.

Social distancing floor decals are available in a variety of styles, some remind customers to practice social distancing, others mark the position where customers should wait or stand.

  1. Table Tents

Social distancing table tents can be very useful in restaurants, fast food joints, or waiting areas of offices and stores. Small table tents can be placed on tables or countertops informing customers that the table or seating area is closed to enforce social distancing.

They can be used in theatres to indicate the seats which are closed and cannot be used. Businesses that have a lobby or waiting room place can place these table tents on chairs to enforce social distancing.

During this pandemic situation, social distancing signage can reassure that the customers are taking all the required safety measures. QuickChilli is a designing, printing and branding company in Surrey, which has been providing various design and branding solutions to the local businesses over the last 20 years. Quickchilli can help you to print creative social distancing signage at affordable prices.