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Burlington County, N.J., has reached a high-water mark in the recent housing surge that few counties in the state have experienced



Burlington County, N.J., has reached a high-water mark

Burlington County is the hottest housing market around these parts, and a small part of that county, sits Willingboro Township, with a population of 32,000, has reaped what I believe areundue rewards. Out-of-state property buyers with suitcases of ready cash have flooded Willingboro, snatching up houses that couldn’t sell in the pre-Covid era but are now selling for ludicrous amounts of money.Many of these houses are disastrously dilapidated and uninhabitable.

Of course, the property prices have been artificially inflated to satisfy the demands of the current buying frenzy in the housing market.When a $190,000 house that was so broken down it could not sell for even 50% of the market value a couple of years ago is suddenly sold for $325,000, you have to ask a few questions.

It seems that you can sell a house in any condition in Willingboro. These land-grabbers are snapping up junk houses , some houses are abandoned drug dens.Find out what’s happening in Moorestownwith free, real-time updates from Patch.
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some are houses with the walls literally falling down, and some are missing their pipes which were torn out by copper thieves.

Of course, the new property owner is responsible for bringing the home up to the
standards of today .But often unbeknownst to the buyer, City officials and Code Enforcement officials — and by proxy their inspectors – appear to have an agenda that could cost the buyer thousands of dollars. Most observers are calling it a “stall tactic.”In Willingboro, how Code Enforcement operates depends on who you ask , the answers run the gamut. The flip-flopping of Code enforcement is a serious flaw, and one of the officials at the helm of Code Enforcement is Ted Evans, a Building and Zoning Official with a huge ego who has not figured out yet that his job is the people of Willingboro.As residents tolerate the blatant disrespect from code officials . Looking past one of the worst school districts around , and a few murders thrown in for good measure .Do your diligence before you buy regardless of where you land .It might be time for some house cleaning at the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement in Willingboro. …