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Brendon Shanil – Powerful Secrets Behind the Success of a Sri Lankan Young Millionaire



Brendon Shanil

Success is a combination of hard work, effort and sacrifice. It’s not something that we can achieve within a short period of time. It usually takes a long time to get better at something. An Entrepreneur is a challenger who is ready to take risks. A successful entrepreneur is constant and he doesn’t limit himself to one business. He often explores new opportunities and creates new brands.  

Brendon Shanil is a Sri Lankan Internet Entrepreneur who works hard to achieve his dreams. He knows that a traditional 9-5 job cannot take him to his dreams. So, he began to think of a way to convert his ideas into money. Brendon wanted to be independent because he knew that working under someone won’t let him try new things.

Brendon Shanil is the founder and owner of 6 famous brands including E! Online and Rich Kids Sri Lanka. He always tries to present something valuable to his audience and he never lets them down. That’s why he has come so far in his career.

Anyone can start a business but not everyone can become successful. It needs hard work and sacrifice. Today, Brendon is a successful entrepreneur because he perfectly managed his businesses and never gave up. He has the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and he is a good motivation for the present younger generation. 

While the youth is wasting their time on social media, Brendon used social media to promote his brands. It highlights a quality of a real entrepreneur. That’s is why he is special.

Every young boy or girl dreams to become a Millionaire one day. But, only a few of them work to achieve their dreams. Among them, only a handful of people constantly work for it. Others give up when they see no progress or they feel lazy doing the same thing every day. Brendon Shanil belongs to the group of people who constantly chase their dreams. That’s the secret behind his success.

If you want to become a Millionaire, don’t just lie on the bed wasting time on social media. Instead, make a plan, search for new opportunities, find your passion, keep up with the trends, start something new and be consistent. That’s how real entrepreneurs do it.