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Bio Lab Exotique helps me with my eczema and acne




Bio Lab Exotique

Bio Lab Exotique helps me with my eczema and acne -We are so excited to bring you genuinely great news. This is not an ad or promo material this is something that is coming from the place of wanting to help our readers.

So raise your hand if you suffer from acne or skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema? As a long time sufferer, I have personally tried numerous products to relieve or at least if not to cure then help the symptoms. My sister works at a glossy magazine where she is a beauty editor so she gets sent a ton of beauty products and samples to try and then write about. Well, one of those samples that landed on her desk was a new organic brand Bio Lab Exotique which is a joint venture between Ollia Tzarina and Asghar Akhtar Khan who is an heir to Pepsi for your information. Ollia is known for being in the A-List in Los Angeles and rubbing shoulders with Beyonce.

 What caught my sister’s eye about Bio Lab Exotique is the packaging.

It’s very luxurious, very Tom Ford-esque! But the price tag is just 37 euros! And the ingredients are all about cold-pressed rare oils such as prickly pear and marula. One product that has really stood out when she started testing was the brand’s ‘ Clear Skin’, its a mix of zinc and chamomile powder that you rub on a pimple, and it literally disappears overnight!!! And naturally! No harsh chemicals, no side effects. Bio Lab Exotique produces all of their products in Morocco in a high tech lab near the Atlas Mountains. The products are all tested personally by miss Tzarina, and in her own words ‘ there is no difference between luxury products that cost 400 dollars and Bio Lab Exotique, in fact, I can see the effects, not just pretend as I have them so I don’t feel guilty of spending so much on a beauty product!’

The next product my sister tried was Bio Lab Exotique ‘ YOUTH’ potion. The brand promises to deliver visible results within 48 h and my sister said she could literally see her skin looking more plumper, and having that healthy glow about it that you get by using Instagram filters! And all that for 40 bucks and no chemicals. This was enough for me to be sold on the brand. As I said I have a little bit of eczema that has been bothering me since I was a kid.

So I started using Bio Lab Exotique oils on my flair ups, and it definitely absolutely certainly keeps the flair ups at bay and soothes skin in a very potent way, there is no redness, no itching, no unsightly marks that have been leaving me self conscious for years. As soon as I see my eczema coming through I put Bio Lab Exotique and it all gets better in a day or two. Thank me later!

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10 effective beauty treatments for women




Cosmetics are not cheap, but there are treatments for beauty treatments all budgets (and, above all, with visible effects in the short term).

Let’s not fool ourselves, cosmetics are not cheap. Nor affordable, in most cases. However, the increase in demand for facial, body, or hair care, both by women and men, has meant that the offer has multiplied in recent years, and there are products and treatments for all budgets thanks to beauty fix medspa.

In this selection of treatments, rejuvenation techniques, exhaustive cleanings, hydration, or anti-acne treatments are included, as well as others focused on neck, hair, and even foot care. A whim for the body with effects, yes, visible in the short term.

  1. MICRONEEDLING Beauty Treatments:

Microneedling is a treatment used for the elimination of marks, stretch marks, or scars on the skin whose effectiveness is quite high. To achieve the elimination of these marks, a small instrument with multiple needles is used; these penetrate the skin and slide through it, penetrating into the depths and eliminating the marks in their path.

According to the expert, Paloma Cornejo, the treatment works thanks to the stimulation of the needle itself, which causes a repair in the skin. In addition, in the following minutes, active ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, depigmenting … are applied, which penetrate through the previously created micro-holes.

The result is a revitalized, luminous skin with an improved texture.


The neck and décolleté area are usually one of the least attention we pay in our daily care, and yet one of the first to suffer the effects of age. This treatment is indicated to prevent and delay the appearance of the signs of the passage of time and combat the first symptoms of sagging, dehydration, and unevenness in skin tone.

It is a neck and neckline retention with SynAke (analog of snake venom). The treatment includes nourishing cleansing, dermal activation and energization, double repairing and stimulating peeling, reaffirmation and definition of contours, application of masks, and nutrition with a final anti-aging relax touch.



Radiofrequency is a facial rejuvenation technique that achieves similar results to the well-known facelift, but without having to undergo surgery. In this way, the skin recovers its elasticity and luminosity from the first session.

Sagging skin is one of the main concerns of women when they are years old, but through the heat generated by the radio frequency on the treated area, it manages to stimulate blood circulation and thus recover the formation of elastin, a substance necessary to preserve the smooth and youthful skin.

This technique is completely painless and safe, experienced in thousands of patients. In addition, being a non-surgical technique, it does not produce bruises or scars.


It is a facial rejuvenation treatment through the effects of cold light enhanced with pure oxygen treatment of the stars (with followers such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham or Cindy Crawford) and consists of the combination of cold LED light with pure oxygen and active ingredients that penetrate the inner layer of the skin, the epicenter of its health and luminosity.

This emitted light manages to activate the photoreceptors, inducing a series of biological reparative responses to the skin. Pure oxygen provides the energy necessary to complete this cellular regeneration process.

The treatment smoothes wrinkles, marks and smooth lines revitalizes the skin and accelerates cell renewal.


Specially created to address facial tone and invigorate the skin, Facial Shiatsu restores harmony and balance to the skin muscles, in addition to stimulating the acupuncture channels on the face and relieving blockages and worries.

This treatment uses Chinese therapeutic medicinal plants. Accompanied by cutting-edge western assets and science, they form a powerful formulation: the Age Adapt® concept. Thus achieving unmatched effectiveness in its preventive and protective formulas (in women over 25) and anti-aging, repairing, and regenerating formulas (in those over 35).

beauty treatments


Although the sun is one of the biggest generators of vitamins for our skin, its UV rays are very harmful elements for it. To alleviate the harmful effects of the sun and also achieve a homogeneous tan, we propose the IML Anti-Ox Mesotherapy treatment.


Administered transcutaneously through microinjections, Anti-Ox Mesotherapy deposits in the dermis an individualized cocktail of vitamins and trace elements, which are selected to prevent or specifically treat skin aging caused by the sun. The master formula is composed of vitamins A, E, C, and group B, as well as silicon and hyaluronic acid, which act in synergy multiplying their respective activity. Although there is no age limit, it is done from the age of 30.


Younger skin also suffers, and unlike older skin, it is usually due to excess fat. To treat acne breakouts, the exfoliating-purifying treatment of Slow Life House is one of the most effective (in addition to one of the star treatments at the center).

It is ideal for oily skin and leaves the skin clean, soft, and fresh. The strong point is a peeling that eliminates dead cells, activates circulation, and allows better oxygenation of the skin.

The protocol begins with a deep exfoliation of the skin based on assets such as fruit acid that softens, recovers the tissue and defames, then performs a deep extraction if necessary and analyzes it with a cooling mask with a soothing effect that closes pores and deflates tissue.


We often neglect our feet, which are, however, one of the parts of the body that suffer the most in our day today. This innovative and exclusive foot treatment offers incomparable, long-lasting, and effective results; 70 minutes of luxury and relaxation to reduce tension and improve the appearance and well-being of the feet.

During treatment Fabulous Feet by Margaret Dabbs London products are used, all with anti-aging properties and exquisite textures. Emu Oil is the main ingredient, with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which reduces tension and significantly improves blood circulation while hydrating and brightening the skin.

At the end of this treatment, the feet will be completely transformed, rejuvenated, lighter, and with a pleasant feeling of well-being.


Keeping hair clean for longer is one of our biggest concerns on a daily basis. Do we wash it daily? Do we stop doing it to try to take longer to grease? According to the experts at Espacio Q, one of the keys is not to forget about treating the scalp. It is essential to oxygenating it to remove dead cells and excess sebum.

For this, we propose the Pramasana de Aveda treatment, a 100% natural detox treatment that deconstructs the pores and oxygenates the head skin, while taking care of the natural protective barrier.

Start with an exfoliating brush that reduces impurities and dead cells and continues with the application of a cleanser that refreshes and balances.


To finish, we wanted to propose a treatment designed especially for those who have little time for facial care. Lack of time is usually one of the big problems in daily care, which means that we cannot carry out our routines completely. This is an express protocol that revives dull skin and provides great luminosity.

This treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the face through an extreme peeling, so that the products have the desired effect. The key to the lighting effect is in the application of an ultra-active pure vitamin C filling serum. The high concentration of active vitamin C of this serum, which is applied by influencing wrinkles and expression lines, stimulates the production of collagen, attenuates blemishes and has a micro-exfoliating effect, in addition to providing immediate luminosity.

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How to enhance beauty of dining table?




dining table

Draping your dining table with tablecloths plays a vital role in enhancing the appearance of your table and contributing to the elegance of your dining room. There are various things you may do to decorate your table, and choosing the proper linen tablecloth is your nice guess closer to adding beauty to the dinner table. Having quality dinnerware and proper silverware is all properly and top. but you furthermore might want to enhance the table with first-class linen to make meal instances more enjoyable, and to offer your dining room stylish. this can be your device if you need to electrify your guests at your dinner party. assume the food is virtually accurate, and all of us is having an amazing time, but your table is looking like a multitude. To avoid that embarrassment, what you will want is proper tablecloths, napkins, or skirts to decorate your eating desk.

Buying linen tablecloth is easy. They are extensively to be had on-line via stores and outlets. You may shop round for the linen tablecloths for sale that fits the entire style of your table. Linen tablecloths serve one motive: to make the table appearance easy and appealing. It is a fact the general public chooses to dine out, but the purpose for that surpasses simply the meals and goes all of the way to the general surroundings.

Having an attractive table will clearly bring all members together at meal instances. They’ll need to sit and chat around the dining table. You should sincerely check out purchasing a few traditional and modern styles or styles for tablecloths. Additionally, buy a few napkins and skirts so one can praise the entire dinner table’s installation. If you’re thinking where to shop for these, you may find the pleasant patterns and designs with a click on of a button. The world wide web can save you the hassle to using all the way down to the branch store to purchase your linen. There are deals and discounts all around the internet for linen, but you need to do some little bit of looking.

Putting in place your dining table must begin with excellent linen. Do not compromise at the first-rate. Consequently, search for something to be able to last longer and is durable. Plus, in case you comply with the care commands nicely, your desk linen will come out as appropriate as new after each wash. Locating the right nice would not suggest that you need to pay greater, you may always discover pinnacle quality objects online. They have got a description of the product and it enables you pick out the nice.

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Most Asked Questions about Ceramic Coating: Answered




ceramic coating

With this new trend popping up and everyone is curious, a lot of question arises. What is ceramic car coating? How much does it cost? Where can we get one? How long will it last? This can be overwhelming so we have gathered up all information about ceramic car coating and we have answered them. Below are the most asked questions and the answers we gathered.

  1. What is ceramic car coating?

This coating is like ceramic paint that binds with the car’s original body paint. When these two binds, it creates a protective layer against rust, dirt, mud, and stains.

  1. How long does this last?

Depending on the preparations like cleaning before applying the coat, most DIYs can last up to three years, five years for those high end brands that costs more. Either of the two, or even getting a professional to apply the coat, is worth every penny you spend because it lasts long.

  1. How do you maintain the ceramic coating?

Just like any other coating, the best way to maintain it is to do regular hand washing, not machines or equipments, with the use of a pH neutral soap. You should not use car wax or sealants for it may affect the coating.

  1. Do you need multiple layers of ceramic coating?

You need only one coat of ceramic coating on your car. For some, they might apply a second layer but it is only to ensure that every surface is well coated. Some auto shops might recommend a second coating but one layer coat is more than enough.

  1. Can you use wax?

Car waxes can dull your ceramic coating although it does not do any other damage than that. If you want your car to stay shiny and flashy, then avoid applying wax over to your coated car.

With this said, you can now decide whether or not your car needs a coating or not. It is entirely up to you but ceramic coating is widely recommended especially to people living in areas which changing weathers. Make sure you do your research and only buy the most authentic ceramic coat products there is. It may be pricey but it will last up to five years if carefully applied and maintained regularly. Your car will now be protected and looking good everyday even with minimal efforts in cleaning.


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