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Billy Gro – Thoughts on Less Love, the music industry, and Snow White Trash




Billy Gro – Thoughts on Less Love, the music industry, and Snow White Trash

The single Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) by the Oklahoma Rock band LESS LOVE is angry and it is loud. With a uniquely strange video that has been nominated for a Los Angeles Music Video award and a growing range of airplay interest in the “censored for your protection,” radio-edit version of the very explicit song it is beginning to appear this might be the breaking point for a band that has just spent 14 years in artist development.

Enlightening us on his own personal experience with the band Billy Gro took the time to speak candidly in a recent letter to the editor.

Billy: Any time I am called upon to discuss music, or the industry built to sell it, I feel like I am discussing a beloved relative that has died. Sorrow, difficulty in forming cogent thoughts about the matter, and memory probably clouded by nostalgia muddle my attempts at discussing it.

I joined Less Love many years back [2006] initially as a way to assist Sky with some recording, arrangement, and sometimes songwriting. Intermittent meetings slowly evolved into a full-on band experience, complete with Less Love, and my passion project Wondernaut, sharing studio space, practice space, members, and more. Sky always had a nascent vision for what he wanted, and I tried to always help bring it forth. I often felt like that while he heard a symphony in his head, I was transposing nursery rhymes on a baby’s first keyboard. While I think Sky was often satisfied, I often felt adrift trying to help craft songs.

This is one of many things where Sky and I think differently. I always relied on manic inspiration, perhaps too heavily. Sky had a more workaday approach. “Inspiration is for amateurs,” said Chuck Close. Sky said treat it like a full-time job. And it worked for a while. We produced some good stuff. One of the overarching problems was that of finding a reliable singer.

In my formative years, I developed a worldview about so many facets of life that turned out to be just plain wrong. Among them, the average person was a passionate connoisseur of music, and that musicians strongly desired to play in bands for a living. Neither of these is true. Tied into this is that Less Love had difficulty keeping singers around. Sky had always gravitated to wanting a female singer, and a lot of them came and went. Dilletantes that liked the idea of singing in a band, but no real interest in the practical reality of it. I was trying somewhat hard to get Wondernaut off the ground, so I didn’t really want to be Less Love’s main singer. Sky had his own reservations.

In the middle of all of this, the music industry and music fandom were changing. People stopped buying music. People stopped caring about music. But then again, I don’t think they ever cared about it in the first place. To the average person, “Let it Be” is no more profound than “Shake It Off”. Music was something to simply be enjoyed in a cursory manner, not pondered upon. I had for most of my life mistakenly thought differently. Despite that, people came to care even less for music when it all became free on YouTube and streaming platforms. Simple economics. Unlimited supply equates to less demand and less value. Quality control plummets. “Paper plates vs. china” to paraphrase Dave Pensado.

This shift in the music industry was a little soul-crushing to me. I am something of a dreamer and my dreamworld came crashing down. A lie I told myself. A reality I turned a blind eye to. A cultural shift that saw rock music become virtually ignored, and music, in general, become homogenous and generic. I find it ironic that in an era when people are rabidly clamoring for diversity, that there are fewer songwriters contributing to Top 40 music than at any time I can remember. And the millions of other songwriters out there clamoring for attention are all stymied by cultural groupthink.

Around the time that Spotify became free on phones and my blossoming realization flowered, Sky was trying to write music and prepare for the next phase of Less Love. In my self-imposed grief, I lost the will to contribute anymore. The music industry was dying. Rock was dead. Maybe I was a bit too needy for validation from the world. What was the point of writing music anymore?

While I helped out in the studio as much as I could, I couldn’t really summon the desire to do it anymore. Touring, press, performances? I lost my desire. Even for my own project. But I gave my best effort at the time. I think?! Despite it all, I still cared about music and trying to help my friend and bandmate.

I remember working on “Snow White Trash” in this period. Sky had a vision for the song. I tried to help facilitate it. A particular drum beat. Guitar tone. Solo. I tried to help with vocal exercises and harmonies. I feel like it came together pretty well. I loved the offensive lyrics and how it would make people squirm when they heard them or when we discussed them out loud. Puritanism runs deep in America regardless of your political bent. We brought in several musicians to try to lend a voice to particular parts. A few different drummers if I remember correctly. I think I played the bass. Sky had long before had most of the guitar parts hashed out. It was just a matter of guitar tones and overall vibe. Making sure we didn’t let it devolve into the pitch-perfect nonsense that dominates earbuds these days.

And when Sky showed me his idea for the video, I heartily laughed out loud. We seldom see eye to eye on many things, but we definitely share a love of particular kinds of humor. The subtext of the chameleon and the subtle movements in the video relating to the music. The idea of people having to look at a near stationary image for several minutes in an age when attention spans are ridiculously stunted. Goddamn, it made me laugh!

Eventually, I grieved enough, but both Sky and I gravitated towards new phases in life. Around the same time, we both decided to leave America for more foreign locales. Sky to the Philippines, me to Russia. And we arrived at our destinations to learn that people outside of America still seem to care about rock music. So, while we are separated by thousands of miles, I still feel a part of Less Love. And I will always try to contribute if I can. I will do what I can in Russia, he in the Philippines, and maybe we can find that audience that the numbed-up, dumbed-down masses of America couldn’t provide.


Famous hip-hop artist Fa’shotime

Umar Nisar



Famous hip-hop artist Fa'shotime

Whenever success is achieved, it almost seems like it is overnight, at least for outsiders. But those who have scaled that mountain, making their way into a highly competitive industry, know otherwise.

Fa’shotime is a future hip-hop artist, leaving no stones unturned in his quest to dominate the music scene. Fa’shotime is not just an artist, but an inspiration for the new generation. His music has been able to cut through a wide selection of a group of people in society. His work exposes the characteristics of an incredibly talented individual who offers greatness in his creativity.

Fa’shotime not only embodies the indomitable spirit of modern music, but also the perseverance of talent and its triumph. From his first time in a studio to his music career now, he has never forgotten who he is and who he wants to be.

Fa’shotime, a heartfelt greatest artist to come out of the USA, certainly has a great implementation. He has so many talents and millions of followers that many well-known brands seek his help in promoting their products and services. One of the reasons it gained such a following is its ability to engage and captivate social media users with stunning images, videos, and songs.

Once you read their posts, you will find many images and videos that can attract you. This is worth following, whether you are a brand or a content creator. So take a look at this top artist you might want to follow this year.

Fa’shotime is an up-and-coming USA artist working to break the stereotype of mental health through music. He is a happy, energetic, and contagious person. He chose to use his art to break down barriers, tell stories, and keep quiet to please others. Trey uses his platform to showcase a number of topics that he considers important, such as family, positivity, gratitude, and generosity, as well as his personality.

He has done justice to several remixes, including Eminem’s “Godzilla,” and his remix of that track gained notoriety locally and across multiple social media platforms.

He also remixed the popular Dax song “Faster” with his own “Even Faster” to show off his impressive fast rap skills. His fans were absolutely captivated and impressed with his performance on this remix. With many of them sidestepping the fact that their remix was better than the original track.

On his Instagram account, viewers can immediately see who is behind Fa’shotime, the mood cycle, personal struggles, and how he uses his platform to reach the world.

Fa’shotime works hard to participate in major music events in his community and around the world. The year 2020 has been an exciting one for his fans and has helped him grow in his career. The best is yet to come with all it has to offer the world of music. We are only looking at the tip of his musical talents and abilities.

Mic check

Fa’shotime’s debut single “Mic check” portrays his skill with metaphors and puns, it also portrays his belief that he will succeed without question! Your goal is to get potential listeners to hear this track and give them that boost as they go to pursue their life goals. “Mic check” is a song with a forceful rhythm and the time of Fa’shotime with an unorthodox and incomparable rhythm. Spitting nothing but bars with a style that beats talent.

The composer and music claimer known as Fa’shotime has released his latest official single, “Pouring from an empty cup” is a soft song that many things can relate to, especially when it says in its lyrics “I can’t love you until I love myself, if I don’t love myself, that’s how I understand that you won’t either. The single has been proudly released as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Innovative, socially conscientious, and with the label Hallmark of a subculture pioneer, “Pouring from an empty cup” Fa’shotime “is billed as one of the most intriguing artists of the year so far and promises it has many more where it came from.

Get ya money

Get ya money is a club banger with Fa’shotime going crazy with the flow on a dance hard-hitting beat!

Fa’shotime asked to describe the overall meaning of “Fa’shotime,”  writes: “It is super hard to break through any industry at a high level, and the music industry can be so cutthroat. I want to inspire others to simply keep grinding and never stop visualizing their end goal. There will be many hurdles and people who doubt along the way, but the reward is so sweet at the end! As a voice for young people, I want to use my platform to encourage others not to fall silent and speak up! Especially with all that is going on right now. We need to stay vocal and make the change as much as possible, but most importantly, be consistent with it!”

Media Contact
Company: Fashotimeproductions
Contact Person: Christopher Williamson aka Fa’shotime
Phone: 3219606850

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How is the DJ a full-fledged musician?

Umar Nisar



How is the DJ a full-fledged musician?

The translation of the acronym “DJ” is true “Disc Jockey “. In other words, we chain records without “actually playing an instrument”. But that was especially true before! I agree, some DJs today just string together records (and more or less at tempo for the worst of them). But you will see that the profession of DJ has evolved a lot since then and that musical instruments are invited to the party or what is called the “live act” (I explain what it is a little lower) is growing more and more.

DJ Deeptation just as passionate about music

As with any self-respecting musician, music is first and foremost a passion.  I don’t know any DJ who does this job without loving music. The reasons are the same as for all musicians: we listen to a lot of music (all day) and very varied styles. We also listen to our fellow DJs to discover new songs, their new musical productions or even new mixing techniques.
Deeptation or known as DJ Deeptation is a male DJ/Music Producer in House Genre. He was born in Melbourne, Australia in June of 1986. He found his passion for music growing up in Europe and started working towards his passion as a DJ in 2005. He performed in the various night clubs and islands all across Europe. After getting back to his home country Australia, he headed towards the advancement and step further towards his passion in the music industry. He started his music production in 2020 and released his first song, “You make me feel”, a new deep house vibe that would definitely move anyone and established himself as a promising producer.

At one time (not so long ago), the job of a DJ was mainly to “play and string records”. Some, really really good ones, also scratched and played with the vinyl a bit, but the technology imposed certain limits. Also, the public consumed music differently.

Today, in a society where the speed continues to accelerate and where everything must go faster, clubbers consume music in “express “. That is to say that after a verse and a chorus, you have to move on to the next music. Fortunately, to help us, the new technology allows us to play and completely deconstruct the music to “shape” it to measure. Effects can be added ( phaser, echo, flanger … There are a multitude), loop times to infinity, add musical elements, etc. You can also connect” pads ” to create live titles (I will talk about it again in the chapter on live acta little lower). The DJ ends up being limited only by his imagination.

The other very important part of the job is to feel the atmosphere that prevails in the evening. Unlike a group of musicians that we come to see on stage for their songs (and who partly choose their playlist depending on the place where they will play), the DJ – him – must adapt to the track in time real. It’s a slightly more original facet of the profession as a musician. Except for the superstar DJs that we come to see for their titles, the average DJ does not plan the order of his playlist. At the risk of losing people if he does not adjust according to the public reaction.

DJ Producers

I’m not going to dwell on DJ Producers here, but a little word all the same to “connect” once again the profession of DJ to that of a musician. The DJ Producer is the DJ who – logically – produces titles. He must, therefore, touch a minimum of the piano/synthesizer, the guitar, possibly a little drum. Even if everything else is then managed by the computer. DJ Deeptation is the promising producer in this regard.

When you produce pieces, you have to know a minimum of your scales, harmony, music theory. so that the result is pleasant to listen to. In this way, we are at the heart of the profession of a musician.

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How Trendsetta is dominating the music industry with his brand Trendsettalifestyle

Umar Nisar



How Trendsetta is dominating the music industry with his brand Trendsettalifestyle

Trendsetta is an artist manager and social media influencer. After starting associating himself with the music industry at the age of 17, Trendsetta hasn’t stopped growing and improving himself along the way.


His Twitter, drthesetta, and Instagram account, trendsettalifestyle, are receiving a great deal of attention. In fact, he has more than 50K followers on social media with a very active and engaging follower base.

He only started officially doing music last year, but his footsteps show a very promising future. He is working with great names in the industry, including the artist ZlittyZ amongst others, while his social media outreach is growing by each passing day.

Being an expert in artist management and A&R records, Trendsetta enjoys collaborating with many artists because this gives him the opportunity to meet new people and create new opportunities. And although music has had its ups and downs, Trendsetta seems to not regret his decision at all.

He just began formally doing music a year ago, yet his strides show an exceptionally encouraging future. He is working with incredible names in the business, including the craftsman ZlittyZ among others, while his web-based social networking effort is developing by each spending day.

Being a specialist in craftsman the board and A&R records, Trendsetta appreciates teaming up with numerous craftsmen in light of the fact that this offers him the chance to meet new individuals and make new chances. What’s more, despite the fact that music has had its high points and low points, Trendsetta appears to not lament his choice by any stretch of the imagination.

Trendsetta Clothing eShop

He has his own distribution company and label, Trendsetta Records LLC, while his accomplishments have led him to create his newly established clothing line and e-shop. At Trendsetta Clothing you can find a variety of t-shirts and branded merchandise that fit any taste.

Looking at the future, Trendsetta has many upcoming plans and projects and he is eager to share all of these with the world. Until then you can listen to his new release “Gucci flip flops” on Spotify.

Get connected with Trendsetta by following him on his Instagram and Twitter account.



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