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An Overview of What an ALTA Land Survey Is



An Overview of What an ALTA Land Survey Is

ALTA Land Survey

Have you ever heard of the ALTA land survey?

Buying or selling a home is one of the largest investments that you’ll make in your life. It’s one of the most complicated transactions you’ll enter. Adding a land survey is a fantastic way to feel secure within the transaction.

ALTA stands for American Land Title Association, Inc. They started in 1924, and since then, they’ve made it their mission to help the American public. Altas, in many ways, is opening its arms to buyers and sellers, giving them hope and reassurance.

Want to know more about land surveys? Then keep reading.

What Is ALTA Land Survey?

The ALTA Land Survey is a survey that is regulated and practiced by the American Land Title Association.

It is used for real estate transactions for commercial and high-value properties. This complies with the latest ALTA/ASCM surveying standards.

It includes boundary location, calculation of area, determination of rights-of-way, the establishment of easements, identifying any encroachments, existing improvements, various property features, and value-added items. This is designed to meet the needs of lenders and title insurers.

ALTA Surveys also comply with local zoning and ordinances to have an accurate view of their property. An ALTA Land Survey helps ensure that all parties involved in the transaction have an accurate understanding of the property rights, title, and liabilities.

Process for ALTA Land Survey

The ALTA survey process is lengthy and labor-intensive. Make sure that everyone can complete the process as smoothly and securely as possible.

The American Land Title Association must be used when a title insurer’s policy is being requested. The process of an ALTA Land Survey involves taking boundaries, measuring, mapping, and recording the data from the land survey.

Building locations and utility lines will be identified and noted on a map. It’s also necessary to check the existing land documents.

The information must also be gathered from the local jurisdiction.drury subdivision, make sure that the plans are up to date.

ALTA Survey Requirements

Specific ALTA survey requirements include levels of accuracy, location markers, and mapping details, as well as requirements for specific feature identifications. In addition, there are requirements for the size of the parcel or site, the types of improvements, the purpose of the survey, and the title insurance policy requested.

These ALTA requirements are used for the quality of information contained in the survey.

Importance of ALTA Survey

An ALTA Land Survey helps to determine the specific boundaries and features of the land and its associated improvements. The survey also provides information about any easements or rights of way that may be associated with the land, the underlying or site improvements, or the land by others.

The importance of an ALTA survey lies in its ability to give complete accuracy and detail of the subject land. This is to protect the interests of property owners and lenders.

It helps to protect the ownership rights of all involved parties by providing comprehensive information to check the legal aspects of a land transaction.

ALTA Land Survey: What Is It and How Is It Used

An ALTA land survey is an assurance that a new owner or lender is aware of any preexisting boundary encroachment or any other issue with a property. It provides an essential knowledge base for the buyer.

With this knowledge, the buyer can make an informed decision about the property. Call an experienced surveyor today to learn more about how an ALTA land survey can help you.

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