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7 Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Can Choose



7 Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Can Choose

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Recently, cosmetic dentistry has been increasing alarmingly. Also, reality shows have shown how dental specialists may transform your teeth, leaving you with a soothing smile that you have been dreaming of. If you are looking for a specialist who will assist you obtain your desired smile, Esther Oluwo DDS might be the answer. But before going for cosmetic dental treatments, you should know more about the option you can choose. The following are 7 cosmetic dental procedures you can choose from.

1.      Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that are manufactured from porcelain materials. Once you decide to get them, the dentist will cement them on the front side of the tooth. On several occasions, they will be used to treat different dental conditions such as crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth. 

2.      Teeth Whitening

This procedure will enable you to develop bright, white teeth from discoloration and staining. You can get the procedure done at home, although you can still receive the procedure at the dental offices. The only exception is that not everybody can receive this procedure; thus, it is advisable to first consult your dentist before implementing it.

3.      Dental Implants

Cosmetic dental implants are metal devices put in place to exchange a missing tooth. They are mainly made from titanium, and the dentist surgically places the device into the jawbone in the place where you have a missing tooth. It acts as the anchor to the tooth root and may anchor artificial teeth like bridges and crowns.

4.      Dental Crowns

Crowns also caps are custom-made devices designed to cover the whole of your teeth once your cosmetic dental specialist has prepared them. If you have an inappropriately shaped tooth, chipped, a large filling, or a broken tooth, a crown may be the best solution.

5.      Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

In most cases, you may be thinking orthodontics is meant for kids. However, even as an adult, you can still receive them. Since they serve different purposes, such as repairing crooked, stained, or buck teeth, you may try the procedure. But before going for it, you should consult your dentist to know if they can be of help to you.

6.      Clear Aligners and Braces

Although they are orthodontic treatments, braces and clear aligners are generally cosmetic in nature. This fact is because individuals that invest in them, like Invisalign, the main objective is to improve the patient’s teeth appearance. Thus, you can choose to go for them if you wish to enhance your teeth’ appearance.

7.      Bonding

During this process, the dentist uses tooth-colored components and bonds them to the tooth. The procedure is efficient and is applied to restore or enhance your tooth’s appearance if it has chipped, stained, or broken. You should choose this procedure as it is one of the easiest and cheap procedures.

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Having poor teeth appearance can lower your self-esteem and confidence when talking. If you are willing to tackle this issue, TLN Family Dental in Houston and Pearland, TX, is here for you. At the clinic, you will find Esther Oluwo DDS and her team, offering comprehensive and exceptional cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment by calling or booking online to solve your teeth issue.