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5 Ways to Keep Your Building’s Fire Services Operational Throughout the Year



5 Ways to Keep Your Building’s Fire Services Operational Throughout the Year

The installation of fire services is the responsibility of all Australian building owners. This applies to commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Property owners have a responsibility to not only install these services but to keep them operational at all times.

To find the right fire services Melbourne building owners and managers need to do their research before installing hydrants and hose reels. Regulations stipulate that accredited specialists need to install, maintain and test fire services for the protection of your building and its occupants.

Keep reading for tips on how to keep your building’s fire system in good nick and ready to handle any emergency.

5 Ways to Keep Your Building’s Fire Services Operational All Year Round

1. Understand What the Law Says About Passive Fire Protection

Property owners need to stay updated with the latest changes in fire protection systems for buildings. Reviewing the National Construction Code is a good place to start if you’re in the process of constructing a new commercial, industrial or residential building.

From 1 September 2022, it became obligatory that all buildings in Australia become fitted with passive fire services that are tested to ensure they align with requirements. This means your passive fire protection system for new buildings needs to comply with the Australian fire test standards – AS1530 Part 4 – 2014.

Furthermore, every Australian building owner needs to have their items such as hydrants and hose reels installed and tested annually. When testing has been completed, you’re given a pink slip that verifies your fire services are compliant.

2. Use Accredited Plumbers to Install Your Fire Services

To meet legal requirements, you must hire accredited plumbing or fire specialists to design, install, maintain and test your fire services. These fully-trained experts are qualified to install items such as hose reels and fire hydrants so that they’re compliant with the stringent Australian standards.

Building owners need to adhere to the safety standards stipulated above when hiring technicians for fire hydrant and hose reel installation. When supplying and installing these products, the plumbers need to do water meter setups and tappings that incorporate the fire service booster assembly.

By working with a team of accredited plumbers you can rest assured your fire protection systems are operational and will help you handle hazardous situations before the emergency services arrive.

3. Perform Annual Testing

According to Australia’s strict building and fire regulations, all these services need to be tested every 12 months. On completion of the test, the property owner (or designated building manager) is given a pink slip verifying that your fire services are fully operational.

Regulations regarding who can perform these annual tests vary from one state to another, but Melbourne building owners can use accredited plumbers to test their hydrants and hose reels. Maintenance and repair work can also be performed by accredited plumbers throughout the year. 

4. Request a Consultation With the Experts

If you’re looking to install new fire services in your existing building, book consultations with various experts in the industry. This allows you to discuss your specific needs and ask for advice before deciding which company to use for your fire services.

Many accredited plumbing companies in Melbourne have specialists on their team specifically dealing with fire services installation, maintenance, repairs and testing. This team will assess your building’s fire protection requirements before designing a plan tailored to your property’s needs. 

5. Complete the Essential Safety Measures Report

Melbourne building owners are required by law to complete an annual essential safety measures report. If you fail to comply with this regulation, you run the risk of putting your building’s occupants and its assets plus passers-by and nearby buildings in danger should a fire break out.

The list of essential safety measures is extensive and includes some of the following:

  • Hydrants
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire-isolated stairs
  • Fire windows
  • Your fire curtains and doors

Building owners are responsible for the maintenance of these essential safety measures to ensure they’re fully operational at all times. Forms related to maintenance checks and repair work need to be kept on hand as evidence that your fire services are being taken care of by accredited specialists.

By completing and submitting this annual report, you have peace of mind your fire services are in good working order. Hiring the services of an agent

Final Thoughts

The upkeep of your building’s fire services is every owner’s responsibility and stringent safety standards must be complied with. Knowing the law and using the services of accredited fire or plumbing specialists helps to keep you within the law while protecting occupants, contents and neighbouring properties.

Abiding by these regulations ensures you keep your fire hydrants and hose reels plus other essential safety systems fully operational so they do their job in the event of an emergency.

Remember, a fully functioning fire service safeguards you from unexpected and expensive litigation cases while protecting your valuable assets from serious damage as well.