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5 Reasons That Show Crane Hire to be as Popular as Ever in 2024



5 Reasons That Show Crane Hire to be as Popular as Ever in 2024

With an increase in construction projects all over Australia, there’s also a higher demand for the heavy machinery used in these projects. While some construction company owners prefer to purchase these pieces of machinery, there are still a large number of people who enjoy the benefit of rental options.

Most construction projects include a significant amount of heavy lifting and transporting materials to and from the job site. This makes it easy to see why many project managers opt for the crane hire Melbourne companies rely on to get projects finalised on time.


Crane Hire is Still a Top Option

There are many advantages to opting for crane hire over purchase, especially if you have a bunch of different projects lined up with varying requirements. Our experts have compiled a list of reminders to highlight why crane hire is still a better option in 2024.

1.     Cost-Effective

No matter how big your construction project is, the number one goal after safety is always to save on expenses and, where possible, show a significant profit. One of the top ways to do this is to reduce the high cost associated with machinery purchase.

Machine hire allows you to acquire a machine only on the days that you actually need it. This means there won’t be days of downtime between projects or even during storm season when it’s difficult to get work done. While rental may require a deposit, this will be considerably cheaper than the amount you’ll have to fork out for a purchase deposit.

2.     Rental Enables You to Choose Different Cranes

Buying a specific crane often limits the work you can get done efficiently. This is especially true if you have opted for a unit with very unique technology and features.

Yes, the crane you purchase today may be excellent for the project you’re working on right now. However, have you given any thought to what you may need six months down the line? What if your next project is completely different from the ones you have done so far? Rental enables you to get the machine that you need at the time you need it. This can include choosing machinery for specific terrains and also machines with updated technology that will enable you to get the job done quicker.

Furthermore, some cranes can be fitted with various accessories, making it possible to perform a variety of different tasks. Since some models are mobile cranes, they can be utilised for different work and at the same time be easily transported between job sites.

3.     Limits the Licensing Process

When you buy new machinery, there are often certain licensing requirements that must be adhered to. Since these can be different in various states, it can be confusing and time-consuming to get this all sorted out before you can use your machinery.

Fortunately, with hiring, the rental company shoulders the responsibility for this. By the time you need to rent the crane, the licensing is already in place, at no additional cost to you. If you use a crane with an operator, you also aren’t responsible for the training or employment of an operator.

4.     Avoid Maintenance Costs

Whether you buy small pieces of equipment or larger machinery, you will need to factor in the maintenance costs. Remember that a faulty machine can not only be expensive to service and repair in case of normal wear and tear or damage but can also result in downtime. This issue gets worse if parts for the model you have are out of stock or need to be ordered.

Delays can be very costly in an industry where time is money. Rented machinery already has an existing service plan and won’t affect your time or budget, even if something needs to be repaired.

5.     Eliminates the Need for Storage

When you buy machinery, it’s important to have a storage facility in place. Depending on the current size of your workshop and the distance from your facility to the job site, it may be necessary to rent a space. This will not only increase your initial expenses but will also require you to invest in security.

With the rental option, all you have to have to do is pick a hiring agency that’s closest to your job site. This will reduce the costs of storage and transport. Depending on the arrangement you have with your rental agency, your machinery will be dropped off on-site when you need it. That means there is no need for storage, transportation, or even security costs.


Final Thought

Opting for machine rental is definitely one of the more cost-effective options for your construction business. Being able to use the right machine, with the best technology only on the days that you need it, will go a long way toward giving you the edge over your competitors.

Can you see why so many people still prioritise the rental approach in today’s business environment?