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5 Tips for Analysing News Sources For Reliability with Milan Kordestani of The Doe



5 Tips for Analysing News Sources For Reliability with Milan Kordestani of The Doe

You would imagine all news sources are reliable – well it’s not the case. Most news sources have a bias and as such aren’t to be trusted completely.

Milan Kordestani saw this and set up “The Doe” to counter this problem and provide a reliable news source. He went a step further too as The Doe is an anonymous source that provides verified and trustworthy news, allowing its writers to give an honest opinion without fear of reprisal. He knows what makes news reliable and has shared some of his tips to help you decipher if what you read is honest, below.

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News Source Analysis

Be sure not to get your news from sites ending in ‘lo,’ as these sources are misleading. What they do is take packaged news containing facts and twist them with false information to paint attention-grabbing headlines. They can even be satirical in nature.

You get the same thing with news sites that say, with the .co following right after what you would normally believe to be a reputable site. These sites provide fake news as well.

You can often tell that a news story is fake if it isn’t being widely reported by the major news outlets. Naturally, corporate media bias can produce the same result, so that can be a bit confusing. Yet if a news story is breaking, it should be reported by multiple sources.

Certain types of domain extensions were mentioned. You also need to consider odd domain names in general. If a domain name is odd, then you can likely expect the news to be untruthful and misleading. Many sites like this also end up showing little to no author attribution. This would mean that the story itself has no verified source.

You’re also going to notice that some of the major sites allow bloggers to provide additional content. Yet you have to understand that the content provided by these bloggers isn’t going through the same editorial process. An example of this type of site would be BuzzFeed. is a site for blogs to be posted anonymously allowing a platform for free speech.

Be sure to always look at the about us page for any news site that you’re familiar with. You can use Wikipedia or Snopes to look up a news site as well. Pay attention to the design of any site as well because poor site design is a huge red flag.

Let’s say you read a news story, and the dialogue angers you. If that’s the case, you might as well get more information about this news story from other sources. Why? The content was biased and purposefully driven to get you to think a certain way. There is potentially false information contained in the report, and you want the real news, not fake news.

You want to get your news from multiple sources. That way you are provided with variety when it comes to people’s viewpoints.