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5 Signs Your Refrigerator Filter Needs to Be Replaced



5 Signs Your Refrigerator Filter Needs to Be Replaced

Are you aware that the average American adult drinks around 6 cups of water per day?

Staying hydrated is crucial for our physical and mental health. Taking steps to increase your water intake could boost your energy, clear mental fog, and so much more.

One of the most convenient ways to drink water is by using a refrigerator filter. It’s important to install a new fridge filter on a regular basis to keep your water clean and refreshing. Read on so you can understand the top five signs that it’s time to swap yours out.

1. The Fridge Filter Has Slowed Down

Have you ever noticed that refrigerator filters release water super fast when you replace them? The reason why they slow down over time is that there aren’t as many filtering resources to get the job done.

Filling up your cup shouldn’t take an entire minute. Replacing your filter will get your fridge back up to speed.

2. Your Water or Ice Has an Odd Smell

An old water filter is one of the main causes of water or ice having a funny smell. You shouldn’t be able to detect any scent after you replace your filter.

If you still notice a strange smell after you replace your filter, it’s best to get your water tested to rule out more serious issues with your water supply.

3. The Taste Is Different

Some people who already have access to clean water still prefer to use a fridge filter to make their water taste better. Once that less likable taste starts creeping back, it’s time to replace the filter.

You should click here to explore filter options that will make your water taste delightful.

4. You Spot Debris in Your Water or Ice

Lots of fridge filters on the market nowadays rely on charcoal or similar substances to purify water. It’s normal to see little black specks when you first replace your filter, but they should go away after a few uses.

If you’re starting to spot black specks in your water or ice well after you’ve last replaced your filter, it’s likely time to install a new one again.

5. Your Refrigerator Filter Light Turned On

Some people don’t want to wait until their water tastes funky or they experience other unpleasant effects of an old filter. This is why many fridges come equipped with a handy light that turns on whenever it’s time to replace your filter.

This tool is one of the most accurate ways to gauge how often you should be replacing your fridge filter.

It’s Important to Understand Your Refrigerator Filter Options

Installing a new refrigerator filter on a regular basis will ensure that your water stays safe and tasty. After reading about the top signs of an old filter, you’ll never have to second-guess again.

Staying hydrated is just one of the many important ways you can look after your health. If you’d like more wellness advice, cruise around the rest of our blog.