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5 Cool Tips and Tricks for Mini Fridge Repair



5 Cool Tips and Tricks for Mini Fridge Repair

You open your mini fridge door, and a wave of panic sets in. Not only was the cold air absent, but your expensive carton of milk just rolled off and smashed on the floor.

Guess you’re heading to the store to buy new groceries and a new fridge! Not so fast. There’s a decent chance you can save a few bucks by doing your own DIY fridge repair.

Curious? Here are cool tips you need to know for your mini fridge repair. Keep reading!

1. Check Air Vents and Clean Them

Dust and debris can clog a mini fridge’s air vents. This reduces airflow from the compressor and fans.

So regularly check the air vents and ensure that they are free of debris. If necessary, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris.

If the air vents are too deeply recessed, use an old toothbrush or other small brush to reach into the nooks and crannies. After removing the dust and dirt, make sure the ventilation openings provide adequate space for airflow.

If this trick doesn’t work, it may be time to contact dishwasher, dryer and refrigerator repair services. They will help you identify the problem and promptly fix them.

2. Replace the Power Cord

If you find yourself in need of replacing the power cord of your mini fridge, make sure to unplug the unit first and remove the screws from the back panel to gain access to the wiring inside. Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from possible electric shock. Then disconnect the existing power cord from the power terminals.

Take the old power cord to a hardware store to purchase a new one of the same length and amperage. Then reattach the power cord to the power terminals.

Securely tighten all connections and screws and reattach the back panel. Plug in the unit to test it for proper operation.

3. Replace the Interior Bulbs

Start by unplugging your fridge and use a tape measure to locate the exact location of the bulbs. Once you know the position of the old bulbs, you can go ahead and purchase new bulbs of the same size as the old ones.

When changing the bulbs, be sure to wear protective gloves and glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shards if the bulbs are broken.

4. Store a Shallow Bowl of Ice Water Inside the Minifridge Overnight

Place bowls of ice water on each shelf of the minifridge for best results. Leave it overnight, and you’ll be amazed to see a noticeable difference.

This cool tip and trick is a great way to kick-start your minifridge’s cooling.

5. Don’t Leave the Door Open for Too Long

Don’t leave the door of your mini fridge open for too long. If the door remains open for too long, compartment temperatures and energy consumption will increase.

Try These Cool Tips and Tricks for Your Mini Fridge Repair Now

Mini fridge repair does not have to be intimidating or costly. With the right knowledge, tools, and persistence, you can have your mini fridge running like new again in no time.

Go ahead and give these tips and tricks a try. See for yourself how much of a difference it can make. And if you need help, contact a fridge repair expert as soon as possible!

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