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4 Fun Oyster Shell Crafts for Kids to Make and Play With



4 Fun Oyster Shell Crafts for Kids to Make and Play With

Are you looking for a fun arts and crafts activity to do with your kid? Perhaps you want to help bring out their inner creativity beyond pen and paper. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Oyster shell crafts are one way to make sure no part of an oyster goes to waste while giving your child a way to express through art. But besides drawing, you may want to consider other projects.

Here are four fun crafts you can try with your child using an oyster shell!

1. Oyster Shell Candle

Oyster shell candles can transform any room into a serene, beach-inspired oasis. It also serves an extra purpose since you can use it as light or turn it into a scented candle!

How to Make Them

To create them, gather clean oyster shells, candle wax, wicks, and a reliable heat source for melting the wax.

Delicately attach the wick to the oyster shell using a small amount of melted wax. Make sure you secure it at the center of the shell.

Next, carefully pour the remaining melted wax into the oyster shell. Be sure to fill it in until there’s no space left. Note that you can add natural oils to the wax if you want to give it a scent when you light it up.

Allow the wax to cool and solidify, making sure it’s solid enough before you proceed. Once it finishes, you can enjoy a result that captivates the natural beauty of the seashore!

You can use it as a piece in your bathroom or a centerpiece in the living room.

2. Oyster Shell Jewelry Dish

The oyster shell jewelry dish makes a great shell art project that kids can enjoy. Moreover, it gives your space an elegant touch and works as a practical piece. You can use it to store trinkets or other little objects on your desk.

How to Make Them

Begin by collecting a handful of clean oyster shells. You want to be sure they are unique in shape and texture. Next, gather an array of vibrant acrylic paints. Feel free to choose a vast array of colors to bring out your artistic expression.

Encourage your little ones to let their imagination run wild as they paint intricate designs on the inner side of each shell. This way, you can transform them into tiny canvases.

Once you finish, all you have to do is leave the paint dry! You can also consider adding extra decorations, like glitter and small sprinkles.

3. Oyster Shell Ornaments

If you’re considering kids’ activities for home decorations or holiday ornaments, consider an oyster shell accessory. This adds a unique and charming touch to your space, making room for creativity and self-expression.

Moreover, these can be used as memorabilia for the times you spend with your child. This way, you can look back at the little creative projects you made together.

How to Make Them

To create these lovely ornaments, you will need some oyster shells. You can find them at your local craft store or collect them during a fun beachcombing adventure. You’ll also need some twine or ribbon, craft glue for a secure hold, and various decorations. Consider options like glitter, sequins, beads, or even crushed oyster shells.

Start by securely gluing the twine or ribbon to the top of the shell, checking what it looks like when you hold it up. This way, you can ensure it will hang nicely once you finish.

Let your child’s creativity soar as you decorate the shells with your chosen decorations. Sprinkle some glitter for a touch of sparkle, add sequins for a touch of elegance, or even glue tiny beads to create intricate patterns. You can also hang crushed oyster shells to add more style to it.

Once you’ve added all the desired decorations, allow everything to dry thoroughly. This will ensure that your ornaments stay in place whether you put them in the room or at the front door!

4. Oyster Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you want to try fun crafts that also double as a functional project, consider making oyster shell salt and pepper shakers! This gives your kitchen countertop or dining table a unique touch and better visual appeal.

Additionally, it can serve as a delightful conversation starter during family meals and gatherings with friends. It also makes meal times a lot more fun when you’re with your little ones!

How to Make Them

For this project, you will need two oyster shells of similar size, two small plastic containers that fit perfectly inside the shells, and a drill to make precise holes. If you can find oyster shells that come intact, it would be easier to put them together.

Start by carefully securing the containers inside the shells using strong craft glue. Allow them to dry completely, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond.

Once the glue sets, you can add a touch of personalization. Grab your drill and create small, neat holes on the top of the shells. After this is the fun part, so you might want to let your child take the wheel!

Guide your child to help them fill the containers with salt and pepper. You’ll notice how the contrast of the white salt and black pepper against the natural colors of the shells adds a delightful visual appeal to these unique shakers.

You can also add extra decorations and embellishments using glue, then set it aside to give it enough time to dry.

When you’re finished, place these charming creations on your dining table or kitchen countertop. This way, they’re ready to add a sprinkle of flavor to your meals!

Get Creative With These Oyster Shell Crafts for Kids

Remember, shell art and other creative projects aren’t about coming up with the best results. It’s about spending time with your child to bring out their inner creativity.

With different oyster shell crafts, you can give your child a way to express themselves in art while creating a practical addition to your space!

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