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All shapes have quality and square. But the difference is in the durability of each material: silicone is suitable for making plasterboard, for making large footage, and it is used to make cementitious plates made with half plaster and half cement, but it cannot be made only with sand, cement, and gravel, because it damages the shape. It does not need a release agent. ABS shapes are also resistant, but ABS is a reinforced plastic, but it is less than silicone and the amount to be produced will be less as well. If you are not careful and skillful, you may not be able to make the plates, and because of that you may feel that there is no quality, but the cost x benefit is worth it, and a lot, for those who know how to work with this material, because the raw material it is cheaper than silicone, hence the difference in values. ABS molds need a release agent, such as petroleum jelly or silicone spray. If you are unskilled, we recommend using silicone molds. In ABS you can also make cementitious pieces with half plaster and half cement, but not only with cement, sand, and pebbles because it damages the shape. Forma de gesso 3D plastic with EVA blanket is also a plastic of common material, and the blue EVA blanket serves as a release agent, but if you want to use only the white form, it is also possible, but you need to pass the release agent. It is also more fragile than the silicone and ABS form, but the cost-benefit pays off for those who want to make a small wall. As for cementitious parts, we do not recommend making any kind, because it damages the shape. Polyurethane forms are suitable for cementitious concrete slabs made of sand, cement, and gravel. This shape is super-resistant and has a much longer life than silicone, but the value reaches 130% more expensive.


We work with quality forms, which will indicate the best way for you based on the investment, given the difference of each material. But we can’t tell you how many plates you’ll be able to make because that’s tied to the way you’re going to work. See more in Warranty. What is the guarantee? ((source: All our shapes are square and we work with the best suppliers of the raw materials we use, available on the market today, from packaging to product final, to guarantee high-quality products. But we do not give warranty for misuse, because it is your responsibility to take care to unmold the plates. In an attempt to unmold the plates, many people end up imposing a lot of force and this ends up breaking the ways of ABS and Plastic with EVA because both ABS and ordinary Plastic are materials that can easily break if you are not careful. Understand: strength does not combine with unmolding, but be careful x way. We also cannot estimate the number of drawing boards, as it depends, to a great extent, on the way the customer will handle the form, as well as the type of material he will use. Remembering that corrosive materials, such as cement with sand, the bad plaster a stored or expired, poor quality or inadequate release agent, lack of care when unmolding, imposing too much force to extract the plate, and stretching the part too much, especially the silicone form, can damage the product and shorten its useful life. As we supply different types of materials, you, the customer, need to experiment and test which material is the most suitable for your use, as well as your investment availability. But if your order arrives with the damaged packaging, we ask that you refuse delivery to the postman, or if when you open the box to check for damage, immediately send us photos to send the post office to give a refund. Do not delay to open the box and check if everything is correct with the forms, as we have a period of 3 days, after receipt, to demand the Post Office. After that time, we can do anything.


We have all models, of all sizes, in ABS and in Plastic with EVA ready for delivery. The silicone molds, we also have some models ready for delivery, however, the production takes a maximum of 14 hours to be ready for shipment or for purchase in the physical store. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the availability of silicone molds for purchase in the physical store.


Whenever you finish a job, or if you are not going to use it for a few days or longer, wash it with water and neutral detergent, using your own hand or with the help of a yellow sponge without the abrasive side, under running water. Silicone form, after total drying, pass common talc or cornstarch, cornstarch type, and store in the same box as the packaging, on a straight surface, and sheltered from the sun. Form in ABS, after washing and drying, store them in a dry place and away from the sun. In the case of Plastic with EVA blanket, in the EVA blanket, you can wipe with a damp cloth, and store in the same box as the packaging and ventilated, protected from the sun.


EVA rubber is passive to changes, with the appearance of small holes, due to its chemical-manufacturing process, but nothing that compromises the manufacture of the plates, as these holes do not significantly interfere with the final quality. Consider that the manufacturing process of the plates is handmade, and there may be some holes, from the manufacturing itself. But below we talk about some tricks. The product is not exchanged for this reason.


Silicone shrinks over time and tends to shrink in size by 2.0% to 5%. This is because their physical-chemical compositions are active, even after their total vulcanization, which takes up to 7 days to fully cure the rubber. Temperature is one of the factors that contribute to this rate. New shapes may vary in size compared to old shapes, due to this reaction of the silicone itself.


Casting plaster, as it has the fastest drying.


To make plasterboard, in any shape, of any size, we recommend that you use the shape itself to measure the water and plaster. For cement lining, use half the amount of plaster and the other half with white cement. Do not make a cementitious plate in plastic forms with EVA. Example: If for a 3D Plasterboard made in the form Dunas 29 × 29, you will use 1 kilo of plaster and 700 ml of water, for a cementitious slab you must use 500 grams of plaster and 500 grams of white cement, and 700 ml of water.


The manufacturing process of the plates is handmade, manual, so it is normal for this to happen. But you can try some tricks: with the water in the bucket, put the plaster slowly, sprinkling, so that the plaster will be better accommodated. Stir slowly until the dough is uniform, for about 1 minute, 1:30 and a half minutes, with a wooden spoon, but do not use an electric mixer, as it can cause more holes. When pouring into the mold, put it slowly, so that the dough will occupy the entire shape, and at the same time will be tapping the sides of the shape to help the dough occupy the entire shape. But in any case, after the placement of the plates, and the Panel is ready, it will be necessary to grout with putty, or putty for Drywall, to make the appearance more uniform, as a single Decorative Panel. This process will help to remove the holes that ended up leaving. That done, just paint using any type of paint.


It can be glued with plaster or with mortar suitable for Drywall. Easy to find in any construction home.


Yes, but it is necessary to prick the wall, making small cuts, to give adhesion. In that case, we recommend that you use a mortar.


No, first you have to carry out the treatment of the wall because the plate can easily come off.


No. The plaster coating is not suitable for being exposed to the sun and rain, because it is easily released by infiltration.


Yes, you can paint it with any paint.


MercadoLivre informs the freight value at the time of purchase, just enter the destination zip code, and the system will inform you of the shipping cost, and will charge you along with the value of the piece.


We ship quickly after confirming the purchase, but we have a partnership with the Post Office and unfortunately, we are unable to interfere with their services. Once delivered to them, we can do nothing to advance delivery, or even avoid delay.


Please contact us, as we will verify what happened, and so we will proceed with the refund.


Not for now. Our contract with the Post Office is for delivery throughout the National Territory.


Yes, you can make the purchase with us at our physical store. We are at Av Paes de Barro, 1711, Mooca neighborhood, São Paulo / Capital. Come and have a coffee!


Yes, silicone has shrinkage/contraction over time because some substances tend to migrate and thus the shape decreases its size, therefore, old shapes are smaller than new ones. Silicone shrinks over time and tends to shrink in size from 2.8% to 5%. This is because their physical-chemical compositions are active, even after their total vulcanization, which takes up to 7 days to fully cure the rubber. Temperature is one of the factors that contribute to this rate. With the present study, it was possible to verify that different samples of silicone rubber have different shrinkage rates. The jewelry designer must be aware of these values ​​when determining the dimensions in the design of a piece. Among the tests performed, Rubbers 4 (43 Shore A hardness, produced by vulcanization) and 6 (40 Shore A hardness, produced by cold-curing) showed similar hardnesses coupled with the lowest shrinkage rate: 1.8%. However, in general, it was found that hardness, time, and temperature – in the case of samples produced by vulcanization – were not related to the shrinkage rate.

In this sense, the contraction can be attributed predominantly to physical-chemical reactions that occurred in the vulcanization and curing processes of silicone rubbers. Thus, it is proposed a more in-depth study in the characterization of the materials in order to elucidate the behavior of the samples in front of the vulcanization and cold curing processes. Average retraction of 2.0 to 5.0%


We work with quality molds, but they are delicate products that require certain care to work. We do not give warranty for misuse or estimate of the number of plates to be printed, as it depends a lot on the way the customer handles the form, as well as the type of material he uses. Bearing in mind that corrosive materials, material improperly stored, outside the acceptable temperature, poor quality or inadequate release agent, carelessness when pulling or stretching the form too much, especially the silicone form, can damage the part and reduce its useful life. As we supply different types of materials to produce 3D Plaster, your client will be able to experiment and test which is the most suitable for your use, as well as the availability of investment.

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Finding Luxury luxnd Watches At Affordable Prices

Umar Nisar



Luxury luxnd Watches At Affordable Prices

When it comes to finding luxury luxnd watches today at affordable prices, it has become a much easier task. For anyone who would like to have a watch in their possession that not only looks great but also lasts for many years to come – now is certainly an opportune time to get one.

So where would you look for these kinds of items? Let’s take a look at just a few of the options available for anyone who wants to buy a luxury watch for a price that is more than reasonable.

Option 1: Online Store Sale

Of all the places to look around for finding luxury luxnd watches at affordable prices, we consider this to be one of the very best options. There are plenty of stores online that sell such items and of course they could end up costing you as much as $6,000. However if you decide to wait until they have a sale, you may find that as they receive some new models in, they will drastically reduce the prices on their current ones to help make room for the new stock. In most cases, sales occur on a regular basis as they want to ensure that they reach as many customers as they possibly can.

Option 2: Second Hand StoreToday there are plenty of people who have set up stores both online and offline where they focus on selling second hand luxury luxnd watches. Aside from being much more affordable, when it comes to buying second hand models you are purchasing an authentic item that should be in excellent working order. However, if you do choose to buy an affordable luxury luxnd watch this way, make sure that you do buy from someone who offers some sort of guarantee with the watch.

Option 3: Trading Sites

For those who are searching around for luxury luxnd watches at affordable prices, they may find that trading sites are their best option. Again, you may discover that the items for sale here are second hand rather than new. But remember as with any purchase, it is important that you look very carefully into the background of the seller. Do check all feedback that they’ve received from previous customers and if you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to email them right away for a response. If they are unwilling to respond to your questions or provide a clear answer for you, then it is best to avoid purchasing anything from them and move on.

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Hair Regrowth and Essential Oils: The Complete Guide




Hair Regrowth and Essential Oils: The Complete Guide

Hair Regrowth

Male or female, we all appreciate great hair. Not only does it complement our looks and enhance our facial beauty, but it can also be a sign of good grooming and healthy living. Shiny, voluminous, and healthy-looking hair is the ultimate goal, and you should make it your personal goal too.

However, the bad news is that too many people try to attain this goal using the elimination method. Trying out too many hair products can be counterproductive and even cause massive hair loss. But there’s good news — you can regrow your hair and achieve the long, shiny, and voluminous hair you desire with essential oils. This article is an exposé on the best essential oils to use if you aim to regrow your hair.

The Best Essential Oils for Hair Regrowth  

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are the most significant ingredients in aromatherapy. Essential oils are volatile, organic, and concentrated. They can be used to treat various ailments, improve skin conditions, and stimulate hair growth. They help to heal damaged hair scalps and restore hair to areas that lack them. Here’s a breakdown of the best essential oils to use for hair regrowth 

1.Tea Tree Essential Oil  

You cannot ignore the benefits of tea tree oil for hair regrowth and rejuvenation. Tea tree oil contains potent antifungal and antimicrobial properties that treat itchy scalps, control dandruff, and encourages hair growth. It clears out clogged hair follicles and stimulates the production of long and voluminous hair. 

Application: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, any carrier oil, or minoxidil. Apply it to your scalp and massage gently. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

2. Lavender Essential Oil 

The lavender essential oil works wonders when it comes to hair growth. Like tea tree oil, lavender oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties necessary for a healthy hair scalp. It also helps to speed up hair growth and is believed to be an effective remedy for pattern baldness. 

Application: Add a few drops of lavender oil to any carrier oil. Apply to your scalp and massage gently. Rinse off with a good shampoo after 10 minutes.

3.Jojoba Essential Oil 

Long, voluminous and shiny hair can only be achieved on a healthy scalp. For this reason, hair growth products that focus on sustaining a healthy scalp usually produce the best results. While Jojoba essential oil isn’t necessarily directly associated with hair growth, it plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy scalp and providing nourishment for the hair. It also strengthens and thickens the hair while preventing hair loss.  

Application: Apply jojoba oil directly to your hair from the bottom to top. Avoid applying now on the hair scalp. Leave it to settle in for about 20 minutes and rinse off with good quality shampoo.

4. Rosemary Essential Oil 

Rosemary essential oil has terrific cellular generation and anti-inflammatory properties that fight hair loss and improved hair growth. It also improves circulation, ensuring that the hair receives all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair follicles. 

Application: Mix rosemary oil with olive oil and apply directly to your hair scalp. Allow the hair to absorb the oil for some minutes and rinse off with shampoo.

5. Cedarwood Essential Oil  

Cedarwood oil is a powerful remedy for dandruff and other hair conditions, thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial components. These components are also excellent remedies for hair loss and can improve hair growth. 

Application: Add some drops of cedarwood essential oil to carrier oil. Apply it on your scalp and rinse out with shampoo after 15 minutes.

Do You Want Faster Results? Try these 

The essential oils discussed above are potent remedies for hair loss and have proven to be great for hair regrowth. However, they may not produce speed results. For faster results, you can combine the use of essential oils with any of these methods:

1. Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap 

If you’re wondering whether laser hair growth caps help grow hair, you’re in for a treat. These FDA-cleared medical devices use low level light therapy treatment to stimulate hair growth on the scalps of men and women. This hair growth treatment is all natural, pain-free and non-invasive.

2. DHT blocking Hair Products (Shampoo & Conditioner) 

It would help if you stopped trying out different shampoos and conditioners. It would help if you stuck with one that is great for your hair. DHT blocking hair products aren’t only great for all hair types; they are strategically formulated to boost hair growth too. 

3. Hair Growth Supplements 

If your hair lacks adequate nutrients it needs to thrive, your hair care routine may yield no results. Since you may not always have the time to plan out your diet to include these nutrients, hair growth supplements would do the job for you. Your hair would thank you for it! 


No doubts, healthy hair is a goal for everyone. But you don’t have to go through so much stress attaining this goal. With regular application of essential oils, you can be sure to achieve healthy hair after a while. Laser hair growth caps, DHT hair blocking products, and hair supplements are your best bet for faster results.

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Atomee: Online Global Beauty Products




Atomee: Online Global Beauty Products

What is Atomee?

To make the world’s e-commerce store convenient for doing business with ease. Atomee has more than 1,000,000 online companies around the world, providing systematic services and strategic support to every seller. We help them reduce barriers to business to make e-commerce easier.

Surprisingly discover anything online and shop. Atomee makes searches full of surprises and makes shopping fun. Here you can explore anything wonderful around the world and spice up your life with ease, which means you can make your home, make your day, and make your life as you wish. atomee have global beauty products.

See Atomee

Search the world’s e-commerce store, where you can discover anything great and useful at a reasonable price.

How to get free traffic to my online store?

For an online store seller who runs an online store, the primary concern might be store creation, product, logistics, sales, and other issues. In fact, for online stores, no matter how much sales they achieve, the most important problems that need to be solved are how to find more promotion opportunities, get more exchange channels …

Most of you attract users and sell products through various social media and online advertising. But you may find that there is not a single website that provides search engine service and a one-stop brand shopping center solution for all online stores.

To help you understand it well, I have collected 4 Atome Highlights. And each has high impact tactics to get more free traffic to your online store.

Powerful search engine

All online sellers must have thought more than once about searching the Shopify store you want through Google for peer study or doing market research and analysis, but it always makes you feel helpless and complains that this process is too time consuming.

Because during this process, you need to confirm the keywords first, then judge the search results which are the correct URL for Shopify stores, and lastly to filter out valuable and useful peer stores. Moreover, you only have to open the text links one by one, there is no intuitive reference for the images and all results are not collected in one place.

Atomee supports a powerful search engine and can provide convenient and accurate search service like Google, you can use it to search for any product you want, just enter the keyword you want to search, it will respond quickly and provide relevant results based on a certain algorithm.

The difference between atomee and Google in terms of search results is that all of the results provided by atomee are images that match the keyword, and you just need to click on the “Shop Now” button, then you can directly access the Shopify store where the product is located. This means you can use its search engine to get all related stores online quickly and in a more intuitive way.

To a large extent, Atomee effectively solves this current problem that all online store sellers do not have a reliable channel or tool to search all e-commerce stores with ease, and now, all sellers can use it to analyze the peer market and adjust marketing strategies.

Publish your product

Atomee aims to provide an end-to-end branding aggregate solution to traditional manufacturing organizations, small and medium-sized Amazon sellers, and brand owners through SaaS and search engines.

Provides free access to corporate accounts for all online store sellers.

You can all get a free merchant account, when you want to upload and post product content in the background, you just need to enter your store URL, then Atome will automatically display all the products that you have in your account and list them in a store list. This means you can identify and post your product as user-presented content, including image, description, title, etc.

Well, Atomee also provides a range of standalone terminal solutions for merchant account users, from back-end SaaS web service to front-end single-menu content design, such as photos, copywriting, video, etc., so that your content posted will be more popular and ranked higher .

With the posting function, online sellers can easily complete the post and promote we can buy any lipstick from atomee in the form of images, then intuitively attract and motivate users to interact with the seller. The user and the seller can perceive the connection in a simpler way and the user can move the page to the online store with just one click to improve the conversion.

Social system (but not published)

Have you ever thought about interacting in real time with your users?

Have you ever thought you could run and store your brand on a single platform with all Shopify merchants around the world?

I want to say, this can be achieved in Atome.

“You can all get a free merchant account, when you want to upload product content and post it in the background, just enter your store’s URL, and then Atomee will automatically display all the products you have on your store. This means that you can identify and publish your product as content for users , Including photo, description, title, etc.

View page for atomee’s social content including photos (videos), likes, comments, and shares (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). After online sellers publish the content of their products, all users can see it including potential buyers and other peer store sellers online. This means if your content is designed in high quality, they can express their ideas directly. And this is exactly what I pointed out, content with higher quality content can set higher rankings, higher popularity, and higher aspect ratio.

Do you not think about Instagram?

This is exactly what Atomee wants to achieve – a social platform that only connects all Shopify sellers and buyers. It mainly solves the problem of community operation and narrowing the distance between customers.

More importantly, Atomee has reached the zero distance between merchants and merchants, which is further conducive to establishing competition in the market and promoting positive development of online stores.

Recommendations system

A recommendation system is a link between people and information, using existing communications to predict future communications between users and items. The recommendations system deals mainly with information, and its main role is to build a bridge between the information producer and the information consumer to attract human attention.

So that we can know how important the recommendation system is to the internet product. So here I’d like to say there’s another feature of Atomee, its recommendations system.

How many types of recommendation algorithms are there? The recommendation system can be roughly divided into three types: demographic-based recommendation, content-based recommendation, and collaborative nomination recommendation.

At this point, Atomee uses a content-based recommendation system to give users a better shopping experience. The content we recommend to users has two main aspects:

  • More popular product content
  • The content is filtered according to the user’s browsing and searching habits.

For online store sellers, what you should decide and care about is how to make the content created to get more attention and popularity. After that, Atomee will allow your content to get higher rankings and get more exposure according to the popularity of your content. Let us return to what we mentioned in the social system. As SGC’s social platform, the seller posted content is the content that is most accessible to potential buyers. The quality of the content largely determines the popularity, the popularity determines the high ranking, then the high ranking can determine the traffic.

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