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All shapes have quality and square. But the difference is in the durability of each material: silicone is suitable for making plasterboard, for making large footage, and it is used to make cementitious plates made with half plaster and half cement, but it cannot be made only with sand, cement, and gravel, because it damages the shape. It does not need a release agent. ABS shapes are also resistant, but ABS is a reinforced plastic, but it is less than silicone and the amount to be produced will be less as well. If you are not careful and skillful, you may not be able to make the plates, and because of that you may feel that there is no quality, but the cost x benefit is worth it, and a lot, for those who know how to work with this material, because the raw material it is cheaper than silicone, hence the difference in values. ABS molds need a release agent, such as petroleum jelly or silicone spray. If you are unskilled, we recommend using silicone molds. In ABS you can also make cementitious pieces with half plaster and half cement, but not only with cement, sand, and pebbles because it damages the shape. Forma de gesso 3D plastic with EVA blanket is also a plastic of common material, and the blue EVA blanket serves as a release agent, but if you want to use only the white form, it is also possible, but you need to pass the release agent. It is also more fragile than the silicone and ABS form, but the cost-benefit pays off for those who want to make a small wall. As for cementitious parts, we do not recommend making any kind, because it damages the shape. Polyurethane forms are suitable for cementitious concrete slabs made of sand, cement, and gravel. This shape is super-resistant and has a much longer life than silicone, but the value reaches 130% more expensive.


We work with quality forms, which will indicate the best way for you based on the investment, given the difference of each material. But we can’t tell you how many plates you’ll be able to make because that’s tied to the way you’re going to work. See more in Warranty. What is the guarantee? ((source: All our shapes are square and we work with the best suppliers of the raw materials we use, available on the market today, from packaging to product final, to guarantee high-quality products. But we do not give warranty for misuse, because it is your responsibility to take care to unmold the plates. In an attempt to unmold the plates, many people end up imposing a lot of force and this ends up breaking the ways of ABS and Plastic with EVA because both ABS and ordinary Plastic are materials that can easily break if you are not careful. Understand: strength does not combine with unmolding, but be careful x way. We also cannot estimate the number of drawing boards, as it depends, to a great extent, on the way the customer will handle the form, as well as the type of material he will use. Remembering that corrosive materials, such as cement with sand, the bad plaster a stored or expired, poor quality or inadequate release agent, lack of care when unmolding, imposing too much force to extract the plate, and stretching the part too much, especially the silicone form, can damage the product and shorten its useful life. As we supply different types of materials, you, the customer, need to experiment and test which material is the most suitable for your use, as well as your investment availability. But if your order arrives with the damaged packaging, we ask that you refuse delivery to the postman, or if when you open the box to check for damage, immediately send us photos to send the post office to give a refund. Do not delay to open the box and check if everything is correct with the forms, as we have a period of 3 days, after receipt, to demand the Post Office. After that time, we can do anything.


We have all models, of all sizes, in ABS and in Plastic with EVA ready for delivery. The silicone molds, we also have some models ready for delivery, however, the production takes a maximum of 14 hours to be ready for shipment or for purchase in the physical store. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the availability of silicone molds for purchase in the physical store.


Whenever you finish a job, or if you are not going to use it for a few days or longer, wash it with water and neutral detergent, using your own hand or with the help of a yellow sponge without the abrasive side, under running water. Silicone form, after total drying, pass common talc or cornstarch, cornstarch type, and store in the same box as the packaging, on a straight surface, and sheltered from the sun. Form in ABS, after washing and drying, store them in a dry place and away from the sun. In the case of Plastic with EVA blanket, in the EVA blanket, you can wipe with a damp cloth, and store in the same box as the packaging and ventilated, protected from the sun.


EVA rubber is passive to changes, with the appearance of small holes, due to its chemical-manufacturing process, but nothing that compromises the manufacture of the plates, as these holes do not significantly interfere with the final quality. Consider that the manufacturing process of the plates is handmade, and there may be some holes, from the manufacturing itself. But below we talk about some tricks. The product is not exchanged for this reason.


Silicone shrinks over time and tends to shrink in size by 2.0% to 5%. This is because their physical-chemical compositions are active, even after their total vulcanization, which takes up to 7 days to fully cure the rubber. Temperature is one of the factors that contribute to this rate. New shapes may vary in size compared to old shapes, due to this reaction of the silicone itself.


Casting plaster, as it has the fastest drying.


To make plasterboard, in any shape, of any size, we recommend that you use the shape itself to measure the water and plaster. For cement lining, use half the amount of plaster and the other half with white cement. Do not make a cementitious plate in plastic forms with EVA. Example: If for a 3D Plasterboard made in the form Dunas 29 × 29, you will use 1 kilo of plaster and 700 ml of water, for a cementitious slab you must use 500 grams of plaster and 500 grams of white cement, and 700 ml of water.


The manufacturing process of the plates is handmade, manual, so it is normal for this to happen. But you can try some tricks: with the water in the bucket, put the plaster slowly, sprinkling, so that the plaster will be better accommodated. Stir slowly until the dough is uniform, for about 1 minute, 1:30 and a half minutes, with a wooden spoon, but do not use an electric mixer, as it can cause more holes. When pouring into the mold, put it slowly, so that the dough will occupy the entire shape, and at the same time will be tapping the sides of the shape to help the dough occupy the entire shape. But in any case, after the placement of the plates, and the Panel is ready, it will be necessary to grout with putty, or putty for Drywall, to make the appearance more uniform, as a single Decorative Panel. This process will help to remove the holes that ended up leaving. That done, just paint using any type of paint.


It can be glued with plaster or with mortar suitable for Drywall. Easy to find in any construction home.


Yes, but it is necessary to prick the wall, making small cuts, to give adhesion. In that case, we recommend that you use a mortar.


No, first you have to carry out the treatment of the wall because the plate can easily come off.


No. The plaster coating is not suitable for being exposed to the sun and rain, because it is easily released by infiltration.


Yes, you can paint it with any paint.


MercadoLivre informs the freight value at the time of purchase, just enter the destination zip code, and the system will inform you of the shipping cost, and will charge you along with the value of the piece.


We ship quickly after confirming the purchase, but we have a partnership with the Post Office and unfortunately, we are unable to interfere with their services. Once delivered to them, we can do nothing to advance delivery, or even avoid delay.


Please contact us, as we will verify what happened, and so we will proceed with the refund.


Not for now. Our contract with the Post Office is for delivery throughout the National Territory.


Yes, you can make the purchase with us at our physical store. We are at Av Paes de Barro, 1711, Mooca neighborhood, São Paulo / Capital. Come and have a coffee!


Yes, silicone has shrinkage/contraction over time because some substances tend to migrate and thus the shape decreases its size, therefore, old shapes are smaller than new ones. Silicone shrinks over time and tends to shrink in size from 2.8% to 5%. This is because their physical-chemical compositions are active, even after their total vulcanization, which takes up to 7 days to fully cure the rubber. Temperature is one of the factors that contribute to this rate. With the present study, it was possible to verify that different samples of silicone rubber have different shrinkage rates. The jewelry designer must be aware of these values ​​when determining the dimensions in the design of a piece. Among the tests performed, Rubbers 4 (43 Shore A hardness, produced by vulcanization) and 6 (40 Shore A hardness, produced by cold-curing) showed similar hardnesses coupled with the lowest shrinkage rate: 1.8%. However, in general, it was found that hardness, time, and temperature – in the case of samples produced by vulcanization – were not related to the shrinkage rate.

In this sense, the contraction can be attributed predominantly to physical-chemical reactions that occurred in the vulcanization and curing processes of silicone rubbers. Thus, it is proposed a more in-depth study in the characterization of the materials in order to elucidate the behavior of the samples in front of the vulcanization and cold curing processes. Average retraction of 2.0 to 5.0%


We work with quality molds, but they are delicate products that require certain care to work. We do not give warranty for misuse or estimate of the number of plates to be printed, as it depends a lot on the way the customer handles the form, as well as the type of material he uses. Bearing in mind that corrosive materials, material improperly stored, outside the acceptable temperature, poor quality or inadequate release agent, carelessness when pulling or stretching the form too much, especially the silicone form, can damage the part and reduce its useful life. As we supply different types of materials to produce 3D Plaster, your client will be able to experiment and test which is the most suitable for your use, as well as the availability of investment.



The Magnificent Italian Figaro Chain Design



The Magnificent Italian Figaro Chain Design

The Figaro chain is made differently compared to its fellow relative jewelry necklace pieces such as the Curb chain. The chain is designed with 3 circular combined metal miniature-sized links ending with a long oval-rounded link. This uniquely-made chain’s design is set apart from other similar predecessors that are popular in the industry. The diverse pattern created for the Figaro chain makes a fashionable statement that compliments other external fashion choices; clothing, shoes, hats, etc.

In the 18th century, the 2 plays called, “The Marriage of Figaro” and “The Barber of Seville” were a major site at the opera and prominent in Italy during that time. The leading personality in those acts was known as Figaro. The ideal construction, other than the composition of the chain may not be exclusive to Italy. However, the culture, bond, and favor have lingered for a very long time due to the popular presence within opera. Ultimately, the Figaro chain has been set in stone, embedded in Italian history, in fashion and jewelry within the country.  

The Differences and Similarities of The Figaro Chain & Others

A similar design that consists of the Figaro chain is grounded with other known jewelry pieces such as the Curb chain, or the Cuban Link Chain. How is this so? All three have a flow of links that curve in a twist motion and are evenly flat, but attractive, nonetheless, Figaro style has always kept its unique layout separate from other chains. The 3 oval links concept that exists on the Figaro chain could also be inspired by the creation of Belcher, Cuban, Cable, and Curb chain architecture. What makes the Figaro chain so diverse is the longer oval link that intercepts the 3 links. The chain has adopted and incorporated styles and involved something new.    

Other variations and formations of the chain mixed with a 3 cube-twist Cuban Link Chain style followed by the long link connection at the end per row. These methods can alternate dimensions and size dependent on design all together. Secondly, the feature most Figaro chain owners might not notice is the long oval link gives the appearance of the chain having extensive width, which is also a misconception with miniature sizes too. Last but not least, to identify a real Figaro chain is the set of 3 oval and the one elongated link set pattern that defines the design.   

Another word people describe the chain as being is “Alien” compared to many judging how the links connect in such a unique arbitrary way. If you carefully observe the design, it doesn’t mix each proportion but exposes a constant design flow that contributes to each section’s 3 links followed by one unique oval making the chain visually appealing. The diamond-cut Figaro style is most popular because it helps the oval links pop since they’re flat, not to mention how it gives the sense of opulence. Sometimes you’d find the 3 oval links replaced and customized with other shapes that are square, octagon-shaped, or full-circled links as the Figaro brand has changed due to international inception.       

Men are the main customer of the Figaro chain necklace currently. However, women have a keen interest in jewelry accessories as well. Its popularity with men of goes back to Italy when Italian men of high-class society would adorn the necklace during the Figaro character playing his part at the opera. Eventually, women began to find the chain to be a choice of fashion for themselves. Jewelers have made several versions of the chain to fit women or gender-neutral types. Today, you can purchase the iconic classical Figaro chain in diamond, gold, silver, or white gold stemming from several sizes.   

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Which Type Of Contact Lenses Should You Use?



Which Type Of Contact Lenses Should You Use?

You can now choose from a variety of contacts and trendy alternatives. When one day you stare into blue eyes, and then the next day you flash brown eyes, there is nothing better than that. Even these online contact lenses can be disposed of every night.

With regard to those with vision disorders, contact lenses remain an effective, nearly undetectable tool. This slim plastic lens is easy to use for correcting partial blindness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and to address corneal vision problems. Bifocals and presbyopia can both be corrected by wearing online contact lenses.

You can get any type of contact lenses online Hyderabad. All according to your condition and preference. By reading this article, you will learn what type of contact lenses you should use.

Lenses with a soft surface

They’re made using a special kind of plastic blended with water. The water content in your cornea allows oxygen to pass through to your eyes. This reduces dry eyes, keeps your cornea healthy, and makes the lenses more agreeable. If it has inadequate oxygen, it can expand, turn shady, and cause hazy vision or other problems.

Colored contacts

Adding shading to your contacts is fun, and you can even use them. Seeing color lenses have a sprinkling of shading, especially if you drop them. It doesn’t have enough effect to change the hue of your eyes.

You can boost your eye tone with color lenses. There is a slight difference between faint colors and perceivability colors. The shade of your eyes will change when wearing shading-color lenses. A strong tone comprises amethyst, violet, and green.

As with clear lenses, shaded contacts are a medical gadget. Do not get them from anywhere else but your eye doctor. Make sure not to pass them on to anyone. They need to be cleaned and cared for the same way as any other solution lenses.

Gaze-permeable lenses that don’t bend

In spite of the name, these contacts are more durable than soft contacts. This type of lens is made of silicone, and the glass allows oxygen to reach your cornea.

It is possible that you can see better with these lenses. They correct astigmatism to a large extent. You won’t have trouble dealing with them, and they’re dependable.

Contacts with bifocal lenses

A condition known as presbyopia occurs when the focal point in your eye loses the ability to focus near and far. When the text is hard to peruse up close, you know you have it.

The use of bifocal lenses may be helpful if you have trouble seeing distance and close up at the same time. Their solution combines your distance remedy with a close-to remedy under one umbrella. To find out which bifocal plan suits you best, you need to schedule an appointment with an optician.

Lenses for Astigmatism that are toric

If you wear online contact lenses and have astigmatism, you will need a toric lens. They’re made of similar materials to different contacts, but they don’t fit perfectly on your eyeball since it isn’t round. Toric lenses work in a similar way to bifocal lenses: one side corrects your astigmatism, the other side corrects for partial blindness or farsightedness.

For more information please visit Know About The Best Eyeglasses, Lenses, And Frames For Men And Women

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How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?



How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?

There is one point in everyone’s life where they have had a partner that has gifted them a piece of jewelry only to find out later once the waters have turned cold that in fact, it was not what you initially thought it was.

Sure we believe that love is not defined by material things, but if you are going to give a gift that you lead everyone to believe is a genuine article then surely you should have the decency to make sure that it is, correct?

Would you not want your ‘soulmate’ to have the very best of everything in life, why would the ‘rock’ that symbolizes your decision to together forever be one based on essentially a lie.  Yikes.

Finding out the truth.

So the relationship has gone sour, although amicable, there is a niggling feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. You have read one too many articles on social media and various platforms of betrayed men and women claiming that what they originally thought to be a real diamond or precious gemstone, one that could financially be sold to get them out of a situation, ended up being a fake. Much to their horror and disgust. But they also say that if you have any doubts at all, that this is the first indication that something might not be what it seems.

We have all had that ‘gut feeling’ (read about it here and on more occasions than we would like to admit the truth eventually came out. And we knew it all along. So what do we do? Should we ask them, go behind their back to check its authenticity, or should we trust that what they say it is, actually is?

It can be a tricky situation to find yourself in, and even now on reading this article, you are thinking about the jewelry in your bedroom or cabinet. Past flames that claim to have spent their life savings on that one particular piece of sparkle, or you’re simply looking down at your hand and hoping that you won’t one day wake up to a green ring on your finger where your band sits.

Either way that feeling won’t go away, it might be pushed down, subdued to a box in your mind that you dare not open for fear of breaking down, but it will always be there until you do something about it.

What to do.

The answer is simple, take it into a reputable and reliable jeweler to have it certified and authenticated. You may get the answer you were hoping for or the other side of the coin, the main objective is that you will get a result to that nagging that’s been on your mind for months or even worse, years.

Be sure that the company you take your piece to is qualified to carry out the assessment, to begin with, stores such as Mimi’s Jewelry understand that customer service is a key priority, but also confidentiality. You may feel terrible taking in your wedding ring, but could it be worse than the conversation of asking your husband, no thank you.

You need to do your homework when selecting which boutique to go to, with a few pointers to guide you you’ll be able to find the right fit for your needs and that makes you feel comfortable.

How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?

To trust or not to trust.

The right company could be the first result in the search engine or the last, but having your fundamentals in place on which to base your decision will help you narrow your search and pick the best option. Let’s take a look at the top 5 criteria a quality jeweler or jewelry shop should offer.

  • Member. Is your jeweler option part of a trusted and reliable organization recognized worldwide, this will be proudly displayed on their webpage as well as on a plaque in their shop. If you can’t see any information don’t hesitate to enquire on this fact, they should be more than happy to assist and answer this question.
  • Experience. Do they have the qualifications and certifications to perform the repair or custom design, the last thing you want is to hand over your family heirloom to an untrained workman who could end up damaging the piece altogether.
  • Quality. Do they pride themselves in their work and a job well done, do they offer a warranty or return service? This will not only indicate their level of professionalism but how they perceive customer satisfaction.

While design and aesthetics are major factors to choosing a ring or piece of jewelry, the craftsmanship, and work that went into making it can tell a lot about a company. If you have any doubts then don’t rush into any purchases, you are not alone in this thinking, others who you can read about in this link have had the same feelings, and reading what they went through will help navigate for a better experience on your journey.

  • Price. Sometimes what seems too good to be true is simply that, don’t fall for flashy gimmicks and clever advertising, what looks like a great discount or promotion could essentially be the average price for that particular ring or service at other venues. Do your homework and research before jumping in with both feet.
  • Knowledgeable. Are they trained in not only the repair or certification side of things but can they answer questions or queries with ease and confidence. Can they offer alternatives or solutions to your problems, and are they well-versed in the book-smart side of fine jewelry.

With so many questions and concerns you need to take your search one step at a time, this will help you make calculated and accurate decisions based on facts and figures as opposed to your emotions which we all know can certainly take us for a ride when it has time.

Who knows, the ring and stone may well be genuine and all tension in your shoulders can be released, do you decide to tell him that you went to the shop just to check, I’d advise not.

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